Ancient olive trees, stolen from Palestinian lands, now decorate Israeli settlement

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olive tree
Olive tree, said to be several hundred years old, transplanted to Israeli settlement 

A week or so back I toured the sprawling Israeli settlement of Ma’ale Adumim with Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. And he pointed out several ancient olive trees that he said had been taken by Israelis from Palestinian lands and transplanted to this new “Israeli” city inside occupied Palestine.

In this video below, Halper points out several olive trees, some over 400 years, that he believes were stolen from Palestinians. The trees would never grow here ordinarily. And he says that in other cases Israeli soldiers who have removed the trees from Palestinian villages have sold the trees to the nouveau riche in north Tel Aviv. 

These trees were in Palestinian families for 400 years, Halper says, and provided generations with sustenance. Their removal and transplanting are part of the “banal” humiliation of Palestinians.

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When is a crime not a crime?

Trees that massive you don’t just pluck out of the ground, toss into your pick-up truck and drive off with. I imagine that digging them up and relocating them would be a fairly substantial and costly undertaking.

Does the oppressive, colonialist and supremacist “Jewish State” not have better things to do with its money within its 1948 1967 borders lands – such as, say, look after [“Remember the] Holocaust[!”] survivors?

Phil, I’m really glad you made this video with Jeff Halper. It accurately depicts the Orwellian contradictions he referred to and what I couldn’t wrap my head around when I was in Israel until I got back to the states. The Zionist state doesn’t know what century it lives in. It’s a modern highly developed country that enjoys the perks of a 21 century lifestyle ( chain coffee shops like Aromah), but whose political system… Read more »

So basically, this guy is just seeing some olive trees and guessing they were transplanted from Palestinians. Any what do you call that, oh, yeah, evidence? Apart from some bizarre assertion that “olive trees wouldn’t grow there”. Why not?

So that’s the superior culture the Romney-bot was referring to?