NY state senator puts on Israeli uniform to play soldier on Syrian border

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Storobin and his chief of staff
NY State Senator Storobin (l) with an Israeli general, center, and the senator’s chief of staff (r)

The office of NY state senator David Storobin, a Republican running for reelection, sent out the above photograph today of the senator in the occupied Golan Heights, on the Syrian border.

The photo came with the following release from aide Steven Stites:

Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn, on the left) today visited with General Shmulik Olansky (center), a 3-star general in charge of the Golan Heights Armor Division, directly on the Syrian border in a hostile region. The Senator is on an official state visit approved by the Defense Minister of Israel. To the right is the Senator’s Chief of Staff, Paul Gullo.

“Israel shares a border and a region with multiple dangerous countries,” Storobin said. “Thank G-d for the brave men and women in the Israeli armed services that stare down this danger to protect Israel every day.”

  If you need a high-res image sent as an attachment, please email me.


State Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) represents the 27th Senate District, which includes the neighborhoods of Bergen Beach, Brighton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, Homecrest, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Midwood and Sheepshead Bay.

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And this will not bring his US citizenship into question?

From Glenn Greenwald’s last post at Salon today: “The sham “terrorism expert” industry” “Terrorism” itself is not an objective term or legitimate object of study, but was conceived of as a highly politicized instrument and has been used that way ever since. The best scholarship on this issue, in my view, comes from Remi Brulin, who teaches at NYU and wrote his PhD dissertation at the Sorbonne in Paris on the discourse of Terrorism.… Read more »

Reminds me of poor Mike Dukakis in his helmet peeking out from a tank.

This Storobin is the guy involved in trying to get a mosque in Sheepshead Bay deep-sixed. Now, it’s “fight ’em in the Golan before they take over Canarsie”, I guess.

GI Shmoe.

I don’t know why the good senator bothered to put on an IDF uniform when he could have just hung a sign around his neck reading: “Israel is the most important nation in the world. I humble pledge to follow her lead in every matter. As for my American constituents, there is only one master race in the universe and you aren’t it.”

Oh for crying out LOUD!

Give him a codpiece and call him Dubya.