‘Crisis initiation is really tough’: WINEP Director of Research suggests a covert attack to get a war on with Iran

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I’m flabberghasted. Speaking at a Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) forum Patrick Clawson Director of Research at Institute suggests initiating a war with Iran thru implementation of a covert attack.

I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough.


I mentioned that explosion on August 17th, we could step up the pressure. I mean look people Iranian submarines periodically go down, some day one of them might not come up, who would know why? We can do a variety of things if we wish to to increase the pressure, I’m not advocating that but i’m just suggesting this is not an either or proposition (just sanctions have to succeed or other things), we are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get nastier then.

Presumably, this is from a WINEP forum held on September 24 titled ‘How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout’.

(Hat tip MW commenter xanadou)

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Clawson isn’t a Jewish name, he looks Irish. This proves that the people inside the Israel Lobby are not all Jews. Some of the biggest higher-ups are WASPs, others are anti-Islamic Arabs(some of whom are atheists, others are Coptic Christians etc) as well as a plethora of other people. The lobby works only for Israel, it employs people from all backgrounds and faiths. Finally, I remember seeing another clip from another WINEP guy (WINEP is… Read more »

“[C]risis initiation is really tough.” What a striking comment. Of course, the US has done a lot of crisis initiation. The Bush administration initiated the post-9/11 crisis with Iraq. I’ve often thought that the cruel sanctions regimes, previously imposed on Iraq and now on Iran, are calculated to provoke the victim. When I saw the headline here, I thought that “covert attack” war’s idolaters might have in mind would be more in the vein of… Read more »

Great post, Annie. Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex, with only dark hints as to what they were up to. Operation Northwoods declassification gave some insight. Now we get to watch video on Mondoweiss. My favorite line, “I don’t think the President can get the job [starting a war with Iran] done.” Worst historical reference: Lincoln got the war he wanted by ordering the outpost at Ft. Sumter to do exactly what the rebels said… Read more »

Yesterday I listened to the entire Shindig. These people are going to make certain that War Happens. We are screwed – again.

smoking gun time, but so what, PNAC called for a “new Pearl Harbor” and got it with zero consequences