Media are feeding Americans WMD ‘propaganda’ again to lead us into war with Iran– Amber Lyon, former CNN investigative journalist

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Amber Lyon, Brian Redban from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

Who is Amber Lyon you might ask? She’s a gutsy three time Emmy Award-winning journalist, photographer and filmmaker who’s creating quite a storm by not backing down or shutting up. Faced with the option to keep her mouth shut about main stream media censorship or putting her career on the line, she’s grabbing the bull by the horns.

I’d never heard her or Joe Rogan or his radio show The Joe Rogan Experience until intercepting his video. Not sure who his audience is or how political they are generally, but this is an incredible show. She tackles the media obsession with Iran.  Israel, propaganda, the lobby, false flags:

The same people behind Iraq, the same forces are behind this push to get us in Iran.

Lyon produced the Bahrain segment of an expensive award winning documentary iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring for CNN. But after only one limited domestic broadcast the network is now refusing to broadcast the documentary which threatens to expose the brutality of Bahrain’s regime.

Glenn Greenwald explains in last month’s  Why didn’t CNN’s international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain’s Arab Spring repression? (read the full report):

CNNi’s decision not to broadcast “iRevolution” was extremely unusual. Both CNN and CNNi have had severe budget constraints imposed on them over the last several years. One long-time CNN employee (to whom I have granted anonymity to avoid repercussions for negative statements about CNN’s management) described “iRevolution” as an “expensive, highly produced international story about the Arab Spring”. Because the documentary was already paid for by CNN, it would have been “free programming” for CNNi to broadcast, making it “highly unusual not to air it”. The documentary “was made with an international audience as our target”, said Lyon. None of it was produced on US soil. And its subject matter was squarely within the crux of CNN International’s brand.

CNNi’s refusal to broadcast “iRevolution” soon took on the status of a mini-scandal among its producers and reporters, who began pushing Lyon to speak up about this decision.

And speaking out she is, and not just about Bahrain but about the condition of the mainstream media and its impact on the American public. Here she is on Russia Today with Liz Wahl:

Why do you think this is happening?

Well, I think it’s a use of propaganda and this is something that goes back to the term ‘weapons of mass destruction’. The American public was fed that phrase over and over and over leading into the Iraq war and now we’re starting to see it as far as nuclear weapons and Iran … in the US, Liz, and I just fear the public is continuing to be fed propaganda that unassuming Americans don’t realize they’re being fed to lead us into another conflict……

Above all Liz I feel that the American public is not being fed the true story of what’s going on in this region and it’s very dangerous because when the public is constantly fed messages that are potentially leading us into a war that may not be necessary it’s not fair to the American people and it’s not fair to journalism because the truth isn’t being told here what’s being told here is the way these networks want to spin the truth and that’s leading us into another potential conflict with Iran…

[O]pen your eyes because once you notice and start to, you take the blindfold off, you start to see all this anti Iran propaganda floating thru the American main stream media and it’s symbolic of exactly what was going on before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Liz.

Lyon has a message for us: “F— NDAA.”

The National Defense Authorization Act has the power to kill investigative journalism, dissent, free speech. Don’t know what it is? U should.

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She’s a […] journalist, photographer and filmmaker whose creating quite a storm by not backing down or shutting up.
Shouldn’t it be “who’s” or “who is”?

Anyway, I watched a German documentary about espionage yesterday. The narrator seriously claimed that “Iran wants to extinguish Israel” and that “Iran wants a nuclear bomb and retaliation”.

Joe Rogan was in the sitcom Newsradio, with Dave Foley, Stephen Root (stapler guy from Office Space), Andy Dick, Maura Tierney, Phil Hartman and Khandi Alexander. One of the greatest sitcoms of all time IMO. Rogan also does standup, but not very well…

“The same people behind Iraq, the same forces are behind this push to get us in Iran.”

The same people = Israel-centric neoconservatives and Christian Zionists. But on this go-around, the Israeli connections are much more obvious.

Don’t forget about Syria, it is not just Iran that empire is after. While Russia and China may be blocking UN complicity, there is always NATO coming to the ‘aid’ of NATO member Turkey defending itself against Syrian ‘aggression.’ Bad joke? Bad yes, joke no. A link to Rick Rozoff discussing this possibility.