New School discussion on American Jewish relationship with Israel

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The New School has posted this full recording of the discussion on Saturday afternoon. (h/t Alex Kane).

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Carefully chosen freeze, video frame?

NF says a lot of things here that make me a lot happier with him in terms of his relationship with other Palestinian solidarity activism, particularly the line about wanting to persuade and not being enemies etc. This is what I want to see – that we as activists and supporters of Palestinians can disagree without the name calling and demonising each other. That said, I still have a huge problem with NF”s notion of… Read more »

As you can see in the recording Norman does not at any point say that BDS is against International Law. In fact, he was involved in BDS before there was a BDS movement.

Will you now retract your assertion that Norman claimed BDS was against the law, Philip?

Anna was glorious especially at minute 39. Every Jewish activist should listen to minutes 39 to 45.

I didn’t watch the entire debate, but skipped forward to the interchange between Baltzer and Finklestein. I don’t know why Finklestein is being considered fringe of late. His two state arguments are sound and realistic. One striking point was that Israel’s occupation is cost free. Pressure on the US veto at the UN and the $3bn could easily tip the balance here. Anna’s arguments I found were great, but somewhat idealistic. One state could easily… Read more »