Where’s the debate?

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A friend sends along the graphic above, which asks a good question (click on it to view it larger). The presidential foreign policy debate is next week, in Florida. Maybe the issue will come up then? And the presidential candidates will battle one another to get closer to Israel? Surely no one will address the American collateral costs, from the deaths of Rachel Corrie, Furkan Dogan and Bobby Kennedy to the attack of 9/11. The issue won’t go away, but it cannot be openly debated…

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most used on monday night; “no daylight” or “unshakeable ally”. any wagers?

This is a great graphic that would fit nicely in all those subway and train stations and would work well as a full page ad in NYT and WaPo.

It “can’t be openly debated” because the two big political parties have identical stances. Who’s going to do the debating, Phil? Are you saying Barack Obama wants to have the debate?

97bn would have paid for a lot of medical coverage for the 46 million who have no insurance

I expect israel to dominate the debate Monday night … during this past Tuesday’s debate I kept saying to myself here comes the israel question and was truly shocked when we got through the entire 90 minutes with ZERO mentions of that tiny, troublesome country !! Victory in our time. But the victory is short-lived … the slavish and disgusting kowtowing to israel will return with a vengeance during the last debate – but fortunately… Read more »