How Israelis imagine their future

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Border Police pregnancy
Israeli government Border Police website image

From Ofer Neiman: A photo of body painting on a pregnant woman (one hopes not a tattoo) published on the official Israeli Border Police Facebook page. The baby/foetus in the image is sleeping under a blanket with the Border Police’s logo. The caption– לוחם נוסף בדרך — means: ‘Another fighter on the way..'”

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The demographic threat, the ideological threat and the military technology threat, all three will see the end of the apartheid regime, in Iraq and Afghanistan the greatest armed force the world has ever seen, has been defeated by a rag tag insurgency armed with small arms and fertilizer based IED’s. The Zionists will be sorry they spurned the Arab peace initiative in 2002.

Ironically similar to the Third Reich’s program late in the maelstrom of WWII encouraging fertile German females to embraces impregnation as a means towards replacing the decimated ranks of it armed forces. One wonders if such hubris is to be rewarded in like fashion?

I’m speechless. This is shocking on so many levels.

Odd thing to wish for any baby

Low-rent. Crude. Typical. What else is new?