Israeli strategy is unsuccessful, just foments hostility by oppressed — Piers Morgan

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Further evidence that the Israeli narrative is falling apart in the U.S. mainstream. Last night CNN’s Piers Morgan hosted Israeli president Shimon Peres, and made Peres look a lot older than his 89 years by repeatedly questioning Peres’s storyline. The clip above contains just one of two or three sallies by Morgan. Here’s that one:

I think the critics would say that this particular strategy has proven over the last few years to be an unsuccessful one, and in fact all it achieves, because of the densely populated nature of the Gaza Strip in particular, it just foments more hostility among the people toward Israel and that in the long term cannot be good for Israel, and that what needs to happen is some way to make to make the people of Gaza feel less oppressed.

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Dump Likud-Beiteinu. Save Israel. Save the Middle East. Save America.

“Gaza is open” for “producers of death?” President Peres either has trouble staying on message — mixing contrasting talking points — or he is showing signs of dementia.

“We try really not to make their lives difficult”. This old guy thinks hes fooling people? Your “try” is not good enough. Get out of the occupation and oppression business, and stick to good business practices. There should be no such thing as “TRYING” not to make anyones life difficult.… Read more »

Isn’t this whole thing a side show from the issue of resources and who owns what? Think the large gas field right off Gaza. Think how British Gas has been negotiating with Tel Aviv on these gas fields. The issue of sovereignty over Gaza’s gas fields is crucial. From a… Read more »

Something like a 100:1 kill ratio (Israel vs Gazans) with Cast Lead, but the Palestinians are ‘Producers of Death’. You can’t make this stuff up!