JVP: It is unseemly for Operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ to invoke biblical passage from Exodus when Israel is dominant military power in the region

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Jewish Voice for Peace released the following statement today:

As Israel launches operation “Pillar of Defense” in Gaza, Jewish
Voice for Peace (JVP) calls for an immediate cessation of the air
strikes and naval bombardment into Gaza and an end to the ongoing
siege of Gaza. JVP urges Israel not to exploit its asymmetric power to
exacerbate the instability in the region. We urge President Obama to
take a stand against these attacks and to use the power of the United
States to insist that Israel pursue all diplomatic measures possible
for the sake of life, safety and security on all sides. JVP opposes
all attacks on civilians, and urges the end of rocket attacks from
Gaza into civilian communities in Israel, which only serve to derail
efforts for a just resolution to the conflict.

This operation is named in reference to a biblical passage in which a
pillar of cloud protects the Israelites as they wandered in the desert
after leaving bondage in Egypt.

And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud, to lead
them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light;
that they might go by day and by night. Exodus 13:21

It is unseemly to invoke the protection afforded the Israelites
wandering in the desert when Israel is the dominant military power in
the region. JVP rejects the possibility that such a military operation
and escalation of violence will be of any protection for Israelis or
Palestinians. As Israel continues to control Gaza by air, land and
sea, Israel holds responsibility for the well-being and safety of
Palestinian civilians in Gaza who will be traumatized, injured and
killed through this escalation of violence.

JVP calls on our chapters, members, and supporters to join us in
redoubling our efforts to advocate for an end to the U.S.’s
unconditional military aid to Israel and to intensify our calls for
divestment from all companies that profit from this escalation of
violence and Israel’s ongoing siege of Gaza.

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Many thanks, JVP!

This reminded me of a point Uri Avnery back in 2001; “World public opinion is always on the side of the underdog. In this fight, we are Goliath and they are David. In the eyes of the world, the Palestinians are fighting a war of liberation against a foreign occupation. We are in their territory, not they in ours. We settle on their land, not they on ours. We are the occupiers, they are the… Read more »

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This is a typical, anodyne, minimal, despicable stmt from JVP. It refers to “the Israelites wandering in the desert” as if they were a historical fact, while the Bible is used like Aryan myth was in Nazism. The rest of it is dutiful, minimal, bland and colorless. There is no anger, no passion, no conviction, only left Jewish cool. Anger and passion and conviction are reserved for the filthy gentiles, in JVP’s anti-anti-Semitism manifesto. Gentile… Read more »

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