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We’ve always depended on readers to support our work, and this winter our pitch could not be more direct. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is again on American front pages, but the story remains the same. Palestinians have gained enhanced status at the United Nations, the Israeli assault on Gaza has brought world attention to Palestinian conditions, Israeli settlement policy is spurring rage in Europe, and the death rattle of the two-state solution is being heard across the world but the American understanding of the conflict remains (almost) as blind as ever.

Politically, Obama and his rival tried to out-Israel one another in their foreign policy debate and most recently Susan Rice lectured the Palestinians for daring to try and exercise self-determination. In the media, a New York Times correspondent informs us that Palestinians are “ho-hum” about their children’s deaths and in academia the incoming chancellor at the University of California renounces his signature on a ten-year-old petition calling for divestment from the Israeli military in order to put on his new robe.

Invention land of Israel
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The American discourse continues to be the playground of Israel’s friends, and the damage to Palestinians and to the American image overseas continues apace. And we’re optimistic? Yes. The mainstream is dug in on this issue now because they know how much is at stake: All the traditional understandings of the conflict are collapsing, and Palestinians are at last getting a hearing on the world stage as alternative media fills the gap where traditional gatekeepers have fallen down on the job. Please help Mondoweiss continue to push the envelope by making a tax deductible contribution to our year end fundraising drive now.

This site has been an important force for change in the American understanding along with many other groups and individuals who are our friends. Through our relentlessness and focus and passion we have been pushing the story in new ways in the last six months. We have had reporters on the ground in Palestine, we have driven stories picked up by mainstream news outlets and forced accountability for media bias. Our traffic continues to grow, to close to 5 million individual visitors this year, we are publishing a wider array of voices than ever before. Lately we have strengthened our foundation with the naming of a publisher, Scott Roth, and we expect more exciting changes in the new year. We will only be able to continue to grow with your help – please help us reach our goal of raising $40,000 by the end of the year with a tax-deductible donation today.

We need your help and now is the time. For all contributions over $60 we will send you an exciting gift – Shlomo Sand’s brand new book The Invention of the Land of Israel. Sand’s last book was the controversial bestseller The Invention of the Jewish People, and his follow up is sure to spark conversation as well. Mondoweiss continues to tell the story others refuse to tell, and push the issues others shy away from — help us be even louder in 2013.

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A book I can get. I just want my star back which disappeared even though I re-upped last time! I disagree with 50% of the editor’s opinions and 75% of comments but I don’t think people should hang out at sites where they don’t contribute. MW has been a place where I have had my basic assumptions regularly challenged and also re-confirmed. Lastly, I am glad that the editors have never allowed themselves to be… Read more »

Donation made. Thank you to everyone at Mondoweiss for their good work. :-)

According to Tablet Magazine, in his 2009 book Shlomo Sands disagrees with the “key assumption” that “Forced from Jerusalem into exile, the Jews dispersed throughout the world”. Actually I think this assumption is true for part of the people, but generalizing the idea misses what that is left unsaid in the sentence: That people were not forced out from the rest of the Holy Land besides Jerusalem, that those in Jerusalem could naturally move… Read more »

When people complain about our media being under the thumb of Zionists, they tend to think broadcast media. Print media is not different, such as the refusal to run an ad for a new book by former Congressman Paul Findley in any of the company’s 11 history magazines.

December 06, 2012

The Empire Behind World’s Largest History Magazine Chain
How American History Magazine Censored Palestine


I’d be more inclined to donate again if I’d received the two books I was supposed to get the last time I sent my check :).