Visualizing Palestine: Imagine if you were born at an Israeli checkpoint

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Births at Checkpoints
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Imagine if you believed that forcing women to give birth in the dust at checkpoints outside Jerusalem would bring your people closer to God.

It is a symbol of everything Israel has come to embody: a visceral hatred of the Other, to the extent that they force them to give birth in the most barbaric of surroundings, the message being “don’t procreate here, this is what we think of your babies, in the hope that some will not survive, because there is no place for them in this Jewish-only utopia”. Contempt for human life doesn’t come much baser.

I can not read the source for this report. What are the statistics for subsequent years? Where can these be located?

More bad news—or good news depending on how you look at it. In one way, more of these crazies in the Israeli government might be good…..they could bring the Israel problem to a head and force the world to finally deal with it. Obviously Israel’s past and current craziness hasn’t been severe enough for the world to actually ‘do’ anything about it except go tisk, tisk. If Caroline Glick approves this crowd you can be… Read more »

Thanks for your reporting, once again, Mondoweiss.