Who knew! Donkey fellator is anti-Semitic trope

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This was inevitable. Lloyd Grove at the Daily Beast reports on the Anti Defamation League’s letter of outrage to NBC over the Israel lobby skit that Saturday Night Live recorded but did not televise Saturday night, and that was then broadcast on the internet, featuring the immortal question: Would you fellate a donkey for Israel? So once again, a criticism of the Israel lobby is halfway suppressed (as when Walt and Mearsheimer had to go to England to publish their paper 7 years ago)– and ends up getting a ton of attention. Progress. From the Daily Beast (thanks to Kathleen): 

“[T]here inevitably will be those who say, ‘Yeah, it’s funny, but there’s some truth to all of this,’” [ADL’s Abe] Foxman wrote in a letter Monday to SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels. “And for a smaller minority among those individuals, elements of the skit could play into the worst kind of ideas, even reinforcing pernicious notions of Jewish control of government in the vein of those routinely espoused by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites by suggesting that U.S. officials would even engage in public sex acts if asked to do so by Israel.”

…Foxman was far blunter in an interview with The Daily Beast, calling the sketch “overdone and overdone and overdone. It focuses on the issue of Israel to such a ridiculous extreme that we do become concerned because there is a claim out there that America’s a tool of the Israelis.” He added: “It sort of reinforces the pernicious notion of Jewish control over this government … that Israel controls the Senate.”…

Foxman—who in January raised concerns about Hagel’s past reference to “the Jewish lobby” and his positions on Israel and Iran—insisted: “We have a sense of humor and we understand that classic satire is where you poke fun.” But he suggested that SNL’s Hagel sketch should never have been staged—“How did it get this far?”—nor should it have been posted on the Internet.

It makes no difference, he said, that Michaels and many of the show’s writers and staffers happen to be Jewish. “That doesn’t excuse their insensitivity and their playing on stereotypes and selling stereotypes and forcing stereotypes,” he said.
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I thought there was going to be some reference to Balaam and the talking donkey.


Now I am going to HAVE to watch the video. This would explain the stretch-marks around the mouths of most of the “elected representatives”.

“It focuses on the issue of Israel to such a ridiculous extreme” Honest Abe.

Yeah Foxman,it reminds us of the Senate Hagel Hearings that focused on the Issue of Israel to such a ridiculous extreme.

Or are only zionist propagandists allowed the priveledge of Extremism.

Foxman, hypocrite supreme.

Lighten up Abe. Lorne (Michaels) Lipowitz was born in Israel. Funny how he can’t even get an Israeli-born to comply with his requests. Are American Jews one day going to look at Abe Foxman and see him as a kook – living in another dimension from current day? Sort of… Read more »