Updated: Elliott Abrams tries to sound like… a liberal Zionist

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The neocons are scurrying left, because they realize that their little platform on the right is dissolving. Last week Chuck Schumer condemned the neocons— his former buddies on Iraq, he threw them under the bus. So is it any surprise that Elliott Abrams is praising Yair Lapid’s centrist surge in Israel, speaking on New York’s public radio station? And distancing himself from the settler movement that he stood up for again and again under George W. Bush.

Updated: I got the rest of this post wrong. The author of the Financial Times review of Shani Boianjiu’s book was not Elliott Abrams’s wife Rachel Abrams, but Rebecca Abrams. I guess I should have read the byline? Apologies to Rachel and Rebecca. Original language by me:

And no wonder that his wife, Rachel Abrams, who formerly called Palestinian children “devils’ spawn” and screamed expletives at Arabs after visiting a settlement in the “Judean hills,” is now describing “human rights abuses” by Israeli soldiers in her effusive review of the shoot-and-cry novel by former Israeli soldier Shani Boianjiu in the Financial Times. Rachel Abrams comes off as a liberal Zionist..

Thanks to Ofer and Annie.

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Liberal Zionist is an oxymoron. Reminds me of someone who lived next door to a Klansman. He said he was a good neighbor and that his kids played with their kids.

reminding us that there are heart-rending casualties on both sides of the divide

bwwwwah..from a writer who avoids heart-rending palestinian casualties like the plague.

You mis read her conversion. She is not suddenly concerned about Palestininas, shes just concerned what the effect of brutalizing palestinians has on those poor Israeli soldiers

Phil, they don’t “try to sound like liberal Zionists”, they are liberal Zionists, too. Like all leading Zionists, they must adapt to the day’s weather and say whatever fits it. They will be cavemen, refined and cultured gentlemen, punk music fans, whatever it takes at the moment. Even worse: as recent events have shown, they will also become Beinarts and even “Anti-Zionist” boycott groupies. There is no difference: anything that floats their boat of “Jewish”… Read more »

For me to believe bad Rachel is sincere I insist she felleate a donkey for Palestines on prime time cable news.