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April 2013

Shareholders respond to TIAA-CREF refusal on divestment vote

Annie Robbins on

(Ed. note: On background read TIAA-CREF asks feds for OK to dodge Israeli divestment vote at annual meeting) Press Release:   Yesterday, lawyers for the We Divest Coalition filed two letters (see here and here) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in response to retirement fund giant TIAA-CREFF’s continued refusal to allow a shareholder […]

6 facts you should know about the Guantanamo Bay hunger strike

Alex Kane on

The Guantanamo Bay prison camp (Photo via Reuters) The hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay continues to grow. The U.S. recently forced many prisoners into solitary confinement. The military now admits that 100 prisoners at the camp are refusing to eat. But lawyers for Guantanamo detainees say that more than 130 detainees are on hunger strike. […]

Treatment of Boston suspect exposes ‘Muslim exception’ to Constitution

Alex Kane on

Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston bombings  (Photo: Voice of America/Wikimedia Commons) In the wake of the Boston bombings, some commentators are congratulating the U.S. for being free of Muslim-bashing ideology. “Where is this Islamophobic mob? Where are these marauding Muslim-haters undergoing a post-Boston freakout?” asked Brendan O’Neill, a writer for The Telegraph, in […]

‘Zionism’s bad conscience’ (Kovel’s first anti-Zionist piece, in 2002)

Joel Kovel on

The Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism, or CODZI, has been posting articles from its scholars, including Joel Kovel’s 2002 piece on Zionism’s bad conscience. Kovel says: “It was my first publicly anti-Zionist article and appeared in Tikkun. About 3 – 4 weeks after its publication my Alger Hiss Chair of Social Studies at Bard College […]

Exile and the prophetic: Hiding in plain sight

Marc H. Ellis on

As a wannabe psychologist, I’m not trying to out Noam Shpancer on his Israeli background.  His novel, The Good Psychologist, is all the rage.  By all accounts it’s a good read.  I’m not so much into novels these days, though.  Reality is way too interesting.  Making it up isn’t half as interesting as history in […]

Shulman moves from ‘Israel in peril’ to no possibility of a two-state solution

Philip Weiss on

A year ago in the New York Review of Books, in “Israel in Peril,” David Shulman was still holding on to the ideal of a Jewish state and seeking to convince American readers that dramatic action was needed to preserve a Palestinian state. But Shulman, who moved to Israel from the U.S. as a young […]

Rightwing Israel discourse makes even Dershowitz and Foxman look… moderate

Philip Weiss on

One of the fascinating things about Israel is that as the Jewish state produces a more and more rightwing and intolerant discourse over there– inevitably, in an embattled ethnocracy– even staunch Zionists in the U.S. are beginning to feel they’ve broken off on an ice floe. Abe Foxman complained of this to Haaretz two days […]

Ezra Nawi needs a truck

Allison Deger on

Ezra Nawi. (Photo: Ezra Nawi Truck Campaign) Ezra Nawi needs a truck. He is a plumber by trade, but most of his time is spent driving to the South Hebron hills for direct actions. He is an Israeli activist of Iraqi descent, fluent Arabic speaker and gay—making him a person of reverence for everyone from […]

In photos: Greek Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday in Gaza

Joe Catron on

  Gaza, Palestine, Palm Sunday procession at Gaza’s Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrius April 28, 2013 (Photo: Joe Catron) Greek Orthodox Christians at Gaza’s Church of Saint Porphyrius, which recently commemorated its 1,606th anniversary, celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday according to the Eastern church calendar. (Photo: Joe Catron) (Photo: Joe Catron) The liturgy and procession […]

Lesson from Samer Issawi – The collective fight against oppression is really about the essential, personal fight for human dignity

Ahmed Moor on

Annie reported the happy news that Samer Al-Issawi succeeded in his fight against his unjust incarceration. His eight-month fast ended after he secured an agreement that he would be released later this year. The deal reportedly includes a presidential pardon (issued by Shimon Peres? By his office? What were those conversations like?) that offers Al-Issawi further […]

Video: Olmert booed in NYC for saying Israel should re-engage in the ‘peace process’

Adam Horowitz on

Over the weekend former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke at a conference organized by the Jerusalem Post in New York City. As the the video above shows the crowd did not support his argument that a Palestinian state is in Israeli self-interest. From the settler-affiliated news service Arutz Sheva: Speaking to an audience of […]

Israel demolishes home in East Jerusalem and forces Silwan resident to demolish their own home

Kate on

Video: Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished a house and a building in al-Tur village – Jerusalem 24 April Video: East Jerusalem resident demolished a room in his house with his own hands Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) 2 Apr — Jerusalem citizen Taysir Abu al Hawa demolished a room in his house in al Sawane, East […]

Exile and the prophetic: Psychologist Shpancer leaves out Palestinian trauma

Marc H. Ellis on

The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, once commented, “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”   What his words mean beyond a popular refrain, I’ll leave for Nietzsche’s devoted followers to sort out.  Nonetheless, Nietzsche’s words ring a bell.  Trauma as strength has become our collective mantra.  What if our mantra is a sign of weakness?   […]

For backing ‘5 Broken Cameras,’ ‘Jewish Press’ smears Dustin Hoffman as has-been ‘figleaf’ with ‘Semitic nose’

Philip Weiss on

What an ongoing calamity Zionism is for the American Jewish community. On Saturday night in LA, Dustin Hoffman was to present a Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) award to Emad Burnat, the Palestinian co-director of the brilliant documentary “5 Broken Cameras” about resistance in occupied Bil’in. A disturbing article in the Jewish Press vilifies both […]

Exile and the prophetic: Phantom pain and the cycle of atrocity

Marc H. Ellis on

“Phantom pain” is a phenomenon that some amputee victims of the Boston Marathon bombing are experiencing.  Medically – psychologically – phantom-pain feels as if it is coming from a body part that is no longer there.  Is such pain real?  The patients feel it.  Doctors can’t explain it. I wonder if those who are not […]

Andrea Mitchell asks Michael Oren 7 questions. How many mention Palestinians?

Philip Weiss on

Zero. Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC hosted Israeli ambassador Michael Oren, who grew up in New Jersey, for over five-and-a-half minutes on Friday, and couldn’t ask one question about Palestinians, the occupation, the settlements, the alleged peace process. OK, the interview was all about Syria. But this guy is the ambassador for an occupier state whose […]

Our deadly democracy: 225,000 killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan

Philip Weiss on

Brown University has released a new study: The cost of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan are estimated at 225,000 lives and up to $4 trillion in U.S. spending, in a new report by scholars with the Eisenhower Research Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies. The group’s “Costs of War” project has […]

‘I know you have another email address, give it to me’ (Deported at Ben Gurion)

Frank Barat on

ben gurion airport “Write your email addresses, your mobile phone number, your house phone, the name of your father and the name of your grandfather on this piece of paper” were the first words the Shabak officer told me when I sat in front of him in his office. As anyone involved in solidarity work […]

Send in the clowns

Philip Weiss on

This is tragic. It appears that the 92d Street Y in New York is having an event on May 16 called “Time to Lead: A Blueprint for … the peace process”– featuring Jason Alexander, the loser character on Seinfeld, and Dennis Ross, the loser character in the peace process. Maybe the best comedy sketch @ijasonalexander […]

A Catholic heritage community is next on the occupation’s chopping block

Allison Deger on

Outdoor service conducted by the Salesian convent in the Cremisan Valley, a Palestinian hamlet ordered to be carved up with the separation wall  by an Israeli court. (Photo: Catholic Philly) Alcohol drinkers in the West Bank know the Cremisan Valley as the agricultural lands where sacramental wine, as well as Merlot, Chardonnay, Vermouth and Brandy […]