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April 2013

Shareholders respond to TIAA-CREF refusal on divestment vote

Annie Robbins on

(Ed. note: On background read TIAA-CREF asks feds for OK to dodge Israeli divestment vote at annual meeting) Press Release:   Yesterday, lawyers for the We Divest Coalition filed two letters (see here and here) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in response to retirement fund giant TIAA-CREFF’s continued refusal to allow a shareholder […]

Treatment of Boston suspect exposes ‘Muslim exception’ to Constitution

Alex Kane on

Islamophobia has reared its ugly head post-Boston bombings. This time, though, the major purveyors of it aren’t right-wing bigots. Instead, it’s the U.S. government and a general tolerance for the violation of Muslims’ civil rights. The treatment of Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the main suspect in the Boston bombings, is a case study in how there’s a “Muslim exception” to the U.S. Constitution. This “Muslim exception” is rooted in Islamophobia.

Ezra Nawi needs a truck

Allison Deger on

Noted Israeli activist Ezra Nawi faces a struggle to continue protesting in the West Bank. He needs a new truck.

An interview with Ben Ehrenreich, author of ‘extraordinary’ Nabi Saleh piece in ‘NYT Magazine’

Philip Weiss on

On March 15, The New York Times Magazine broke important ground in the mainstream by publishing Ben Ehrenreich’s long and often-thrilling account of resistance in occupied Nabi Saleh. While the Forward and Haaretz were quick to attack Ehrenreich for his failure to believe in Zionism, there has been surprisingly little media followup to this important article. Phil Weiss talks to Ehrenreich about his article, the reaction it received and the media landscape for discussing Israel/Palestine.

Israel demolishes home in East Jerusalem and forces Silwan resident to demolish their own home

Kate on

Video: Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished a house and a building in al-Tur village – Jerusalem 24 April Video: East Jerusalem resident demolished a room in his house with his own hands Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) 2 Apr — Jerusalem citizen Taysir Abu al Hawa demolished a room in his house in al Sawane, East […]

‘I know you have another email address, give it to me’ (Deported at Ben Gurion)

Frank Barat on

Yet another Palestinian solidarity activist is questioned for hours on entering Israel and refused entry to the occupied territories. Frank Barat, a coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, had wanted to visit friends in the West Bank. But Israeli security officials demanded he open his email account, so they could see whom he was in touch with. Barat gave a second email account. His story follows

Send in the clowns

Philip Weiss on

May 16 event at 92d St Y called “A Time to Lead: Blueprint for… the peace process” features Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander and Dennis Ross, the peace processor who served as Israel’s lawyer

A Catholic heritage community is next on the occupation’s chopping block

Allison Deger on

On Wednesday an Israeli court ordered an expansion of the separation barrier into the Cremisan Valley. The wall will now envelop a Catholic monastery and school on three sides, and confiscate precious wine-producing lands. Will this landgrab awaken the world to the plunders of Greater Jerusalem?