Andrea Mitchell asks Michael Oren 7 questions. How many mention Palestinians?

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Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC hosted Israeli ambassador Michael Oren, who grew up in New Jersey, for over five-and-a-half minutes on Friday, and couldn’t ask one question about Palestinians, the occupation, the settlements, the alleged peace process. OK, the interview was all about Syria. But this guy is the ambassador for an occupier state whose actions are losing legitimacy around the world. Lesson: Palestinians just don’t exist for our mainstream media.

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Here’s the rundown of Mitchell’s questions:

“Ambassador Welcome.”

First question: Do you think the red line on Syrian chemical weapons has been crossed?

Second question: What’s Israeli military intelligence’s assessment.

Third question: I’m inferring from what you’re saying, we don’t have the hard evidence, about this being the time to act?

Fourth question: Are there good military options?

Fifth question: A drone was shot down yesterday near Israel. Tell us about it.

Sixth question: Do we know where it was coming from?

Seventh question: Finally, everyone is sharing intelligence. Is there a way to get better intelligence?

“Thank you very much, Ambassador Michael Oren.”

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“Lesson: Palestinians just don’t exist for our mainstream media It’s not that Palestinians don’t exist for our mainstream media – it’s just that Jewish/Israeli Lobby shills like Andrea Mitchell or David Gregory function to actively try to ERASE Palestine from the national discourse, rather than it being a matter that ‘Palestine doesn’t exist’, that they ‘forgot’ or that the dog ate their homework. It’s the difference between active propaganda that they participate in rather than… Read more »

“Ambassador Welcome.” ( –did you bring the list of questions inaudible).

Sort of funny: In response to a post Phil made just the other day optimistically saying that maybe the Boston thing would jostle the nation into talking about “why they hate us,” I responded that it essentially wasn’t going to happen because you couldn’t find any figure in the mainstream media to diligently pursue the question. Moreover I said that lots came down to the choke-point of the Sunday talk show people, ending by saying… Read more »

i have not watched the segment yet but my first thought was ‘why is the ‘go to’ person on syria the ambassador of israel?’

An obvious question Andrea Mitchell should have asked: If Bashar al-Assad is overthrown, what are the chances of sustained chaos and civil war in Syria? And what are the chances an al-Qaeda affiliate will emerge in control of the country?