Send in the clowns

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This is tragic. It appears that the 92d Street Y in New York is having an event on May 16 called “Time to Lead: A Blueprint for … the peace process”– featuring Jason Alexander, the loser character on Seinfeld, and Dennis Ross, the loser character in the peace process.

92d Street Y event May 16
92d Street Y event May 16 will feature (l to r) Jason Alexander, Dennis Ross, Daniel Lubetzky

Tickets, $29 on up. Promotion for the event: 

Join OneVoice [group headed by Daniel Lubetzky] and a panel of leaders from the diplomatic, religious, entertainment, business and civic sectors for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing the peace process, and how collaboration between these sectors can provide new opportunities to move the Israeli-Palestinian process forward.

This is further proof that Zionism has destroyed Jewish intelligence. At a time when Henry Siegman is explaining to a Capitol Hill audience that even a 6-year-old could conclude that the peace process was a scam, and when Ben Ehrenreich is reporting to New York Times Magazine readers on the noble resistance movement in Nabi Saleh, a leading institution of Jewish intellectual life in New York stages a travesty featuring a Seinfeld actor as an expert on the Middle East.

And as for Dennis Ross, Rashid Khalidi reports in his new book that during the Clinton era, Ross pushed the Palestinians to accept “sovereignty” on the West Bank without “control” — which Israel would continue to maintain. How can we have sovereignty without control? Palestinians asked. No wonder Ross produced nothing but more Israeli settlements.

Remember that the 92d Street Y has in the last year or so canceled two events featuring a Palestinian and a leader in the Palestinian solidarity movement: Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, who lost three daughters to Israeli ordnance, and Roger Waters. Tragic.

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Good sense of humor, Phil. What makes you think they “lost” the “peace process” though? To make peace in the normal sense of the word, naturally one has to have someone from the “other side”. So which one of the three primary speakers on the panel is Palestinian? The announcement says: “Join… a panel of leaders from the diplomatic, religious, entertainment, business and civic sectors for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing the… Read more »

Q: Tragic.

R: Under normal circumstances I Would fully agree with that sentiment, but given what has been going on over the past 6 or 7 years, this ‘act’ will only help in accelerating the disengagement of the rest of the world’s ‘guilt’ from this apartheid monster and reinstate the actuality of Israel’s real and lifetime actions.

Yes… one cringes on their behalf… it’s incredibly embarrassing. I wonder if they will ever understand how embarrassing they are.

If a tree humiliates himself in a forest and no one ever calls him on it, was he really humiliated?

Jason Alexander expert on the middle east….tragic.

Of course everyone knows that the US and Israel could conclude a peace agreement easily if the Palestinians are kept out of it. even a TV character a Israeli apologist and a gadfly can solve it at the Y in NY…as long as there isn’t a Palestinian in the room to gum things up