Targeting talent

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“Everyday Nakba” is an award winning documentary about water, filmed and directed by Mohammad al-Azza, the cameraman an Israeli soldier deliberately targeted and shot in the face 4 days ago during a raid in the West Bank, fracturing al-Azza’s skull.

pnn image
Cameraman Mohammad al-Azza (photo: PNN)

Set in Aida refugee camp, it opens with the sound of dripping water.  The narrators explain how Palestinian water is redirected to Israel and the illegal settlements. A man examining an empty, dry n’ rusted storage tank  swears to God his main concern is “the water and the water, every night…. Yesterday we commemorated the Nakba, everyday we have the Nakba, this is the biggest Nakba…. ”

(7:36) “Uncle, the water has come!” And the action begins; percussion instruments accompany the man chasing time down a well trodden path for the water in the brief opportunity he has to collect it. This is art demonstrating how even Palestinian thirst is manipulated in the cruel “philosophy of ‘maintained uncertainty’”— Palestinian endurance as a way of life under an occupation dominating every aspect of their lives thru permanent temporariness.

20130409 palestine 0019
Mohammad Al-Azza

(photo:Ryan Roderick Beiler/Activestills)

This is Al-Azza’s second award winning documentary. His first, Ali Wall (featured below), won the Global Jury Prize of the 2010 “It Is Apartheid” Film Contest. Mohammad Al-Azza is the director of the Arts & Media at the Lajee Center in Aida, teaching kids photography and video. Al-Azza grew up in the refugee camp and is a refugee from the village of Bayt Jibrin, ethnically-cleansed on October 29, 1948.

All the reports I read about al-Azza state that he is a photographer and works at the the Lajee Center. But like other young talented artists targeted by Israel, he is Palestine’s future, and that seems to represent a threat to Israel’s national security. There’s no reason why their art should not be about their lives, the lives Israel targets and incarcerates. Watch Ali Wall to witness the beauty of another youth Israel incarcerated. Sumud:

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Thank you Annie Robbins. I have spread your word.
This is just heart-breaking. Such a “light to the world,” eh?

“Whatever you do, I will climb up that wall.” Imagine (Beatles) a POTUS saying to Israel, “Tear down that wall!” Unfortunately, our current American messiah Obama won’t do this. So how likely is the next POTUS to do it? Depressing. There’s something really sleazy about how AIPAC gets to determine US future–in the interest of a tiny foreign state that is a religio-ethnic state, and so, totally contrary to what I was taught was America’s… Read more »

Citizen, we are agreed, around here, about the marvelousness of this claimer-to-be-a-light-unto-the-world. The more deeply unpleasant thing (except perhaps for any Jews who find it particularly horrible to contemplate THIS Israel, the Israel-on-the-ground, the Israel-in-fact) is the fact that the WORLD knows all this, or could know it all, and does nothing about it. The world’s capacity to stand idly by Israel/Palestine is matched only by its capacity to stand idle as climate change marches… Read more »

All criminals operate in the dark. Sunshine is the great disinfectant. But with todays internet and technology, its difficult to keep atrocities in the dark. So they have to try and intimidate with violence and lawfare. these brave people cannot be silenced and for that we owe them support

Thanks, Annie.