Israeli minister: Google decision to recognize Palestine ‘pushes peace further away’

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The Israeli government has responded to Google’s decision to recognize Palestine. From Reuters:

Following the U.N. lead, Google’s Palestinian homepage and other products previously labelled “Palestinian Territories” were changed on May 1 to read “Palestine”.

“I think that the Google decision from the last few days is very, very problematic,” said Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin, a confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“When a company like Google comes along and supports this line, it actually pushes peace further away, pushes away negotiations, and creates among the Palestinian leadership the illusion that in this manner they can achieve the result,” he told Israel’s Army Radio.

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How disappointing – with Israel about to withdraw to the 67 borders, evacuate the settlements and pay every refugee a final settlement of 2 million dollars each – Google has come along and wrecked it all!

No excuse is too small or ridiculous to make Zio-supremacists cry “victim” even as they and their supremacist “Jewish State” continue to oppress, terrorize, steal, colonize, destroy, kill and hate.

Isn’t it amazing how the closer we get to a possible Palestinian state – which Israel claims it supports – the more disgruntled Israel gets.

So 80% of the world population have recognized Palestine.
Israel have not.
But Google is the problem.

How ridiculous can you get? The moment is not far away when journalists start laughing to their faces when they come up with crap like this.