Moe Diab: Prawer Plan recalls historical atrocity of Native American ethnic cleansing

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Excellent RealNews Network interview about the Prawer Plan with Palestinian American human rights activist Moe Diab.

There’s a transcript at the RealNews link but I caught up Moe and asked if he had anything additional to say. Never at a loss for words he added:

This is among the greatest crimes against humanity. This is not so much a political issue, as it is a pending human rights catastrophe, which will affect up to 70,000 more Palestinians, if the plan proceeds uninterrupted. If Israel were truly a democratic state that upholds fundamental democratic principles, such as equal rights for all citizens, they would have come to the “unrecognized” villages to consult with the citizens to understand how they can resolve the issue democratically and humanely to actually plan a promising future for the impoverished and intentionally strangled Palestinian-Bedouin Israeli citizens on their own historical land and provide them with basic living services such as running water, electricity and sewage services. The international community must increase pressure on the government of Israel to reverse this racial discriminatory plan, which violates International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law, before its too late and this goes down as another Native American-like tragedy in history. We must stop it now before, our kids are reading about the ethnic cleansing and destruction of a native population and their once preserved culture and unique traditions.

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Mmmmm, nothing at all about Prawer on the US TV news/infotainment channels. This not happening in the 19th Century. It’s happening after two directly related world wars, and post Nuremberg 1945, and it’s Geneva type prodigies. I wonder if the native Americans left have anything to say about Prawer?

I am surprised that the plan elicits yawns. sad.

I was unable to find any reference in European MSM to this modern day effort to ethnically cleanse tens of thousands of human beings. What has the world come to.Imagine if someone tried to relocate one Jewish family , the world media would leap into action instantly and the cries… Read more »

Most Americans don’t give a rat’s ass about history (including the horrors visited upon Native Americans). Sad to say, but the odious Prawer plan even if publicized, would probably elicit a shrug at most. Most folks would probably say that “it’s for their own good”. “Maybe the US TV news/information… Read more »