AP and Time magazine annex the West Bank to Israel

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Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo of the Associated Press, published by Time Magazine, “NYPD designates mosques as terrorist organizations.”

“I have never felt free in the United States. The documents tell me I am right,” Zein Rimawi, one of the Bay Ridge mosque’s leaders, said after reviewing an NYPD document describing his mosque as a terrorist enterprise.

Rimawi, 59, came to the U.S. decades ago from Israel’s West Bank.

“Ray Kelly, shame on him,” he said. “I am American.”

Later AP corrected its earlier report.

Rimawi, 59, came to the U.S. decades ago from the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

But it’s still up at Time.

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Isn’t the West Bank “disputed”, something the Palestinians “claim” ?
I’m off for a lie down.

The West Bank is disputed territory, just like Charles Manson disputes his jail sentence. Come to think of it didn’t he say God made him do it also.

Always interesting how the US mainstream media misleads the US public in behalf Israel. Nothing else comes even slightly close except for its avoidance of the class issue in US domestic politics.

How long does Time magazine usually need to make corrections of this sort?