Cartoon mocks Obama’s struggle with ‘foreign policy impotence’

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Fireagra, for foreign policy impotence from MarkFiore on Vimeo.

Fantastic cartoon. Fiore’s website is here.

(Hat tip phylliprezzel)

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Man, did Fiore nail that!

It is so freaking true that I didn’t even giggle at all. Art imitates life again.

Mr. Obama will speak @ 1315 re Syria, according to the news….UN spokesman Nesirky on the tube right now in a news conference…….. “Obama to seek authorisation from Congress on Syria air strikes There will be a debate and a vote “as soon as Congress comes back into session”, Obama says. He says he is “confident” that he has the authority to launch strikes without that authorisation, but says the decision will… Read more »

Thanks. I was happy to share that across cyberspace.

RE: “Cartoon mocks Obama’s struggle with ‘foreign policy impotence’” MY COMMENT: A very witty cartoon, but I’m not really certain whether it is a case of ‘foreign policy impotence’ or ‘foreign policy incontinence’. Ergo, it might call for DeHepends® über-macho, camouflage diapers rather than Fireagra®. TAKE ACTION! ! ! TAKE… Read more »