Glad tidings from NY: Power gets wise counsel from her hero Wiesel

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Samantha PowerUN ambassador Samantha Power now has a twitter feed and 160-odd followers. She has three images in her library: a photo of her swearing in, a video of John Kerry, and the image above, taken in New York, two weeks ago, demonstrating that she is a friend of Israel. (Thanks to Angry Arab). Power’s caption:

Got very wise counsel from my friend and hero Elie Wiesel today. He has a unique take on what really matters here.

P.S. Reminds me of Power’s countryman Van Morrison’s ironical song about New York, which I gather even Sopranos used savagely:

And we’ll send you glad tidings from New York
Open up your eyes so you may see
Ask you not to read between the lines
Hope that you will come right in on time…

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I guess that she could not find an Irish or American hero.

Oh well.

In the background “Retail space available”. Does Powell hint that the “unique take” of Elie Wiesel has some commercial motivation?

I took the trouble to read some of Samantha Power’s writings, which I discovered are mediocre and second-rate. She is easy prey for the clever neocons — not particularly bright — and eager to please, stroke and fawn over those who can boost her career. Compare the quality of her… Read more »

Eli Wiesel is the American Shimon Peres. Sanctimonious and hypocritical, and elevated on to a pedestal. They never go away. They just get older and older and go on droning on..

Elliot For You and Phil Eli Wiesel, symbolizes something you try to escape from something that shocks your mental stability, that’s why I figured out you are going to response as he is a prisoner in the Auschwitz, Buna, and Buchenwald concentration camps and he never forgets, for persons like… Read more »