Israeli embassy is now BuzzFeed contributor, posting alarmist map of threats to Jewish state

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The Israeli Embassy is now a “community” contributor to the popular website BuzzFeed.  Tweets Rosie Gray of BuzzFeed:

As a community member, Israel-in-the-US has posted a map of the threats faced by Israel:

(Image: BuzzFeed)
(Image: BuzzFeed)

And, of course, the accompanying text hectors us about Iran:

And, as attention in the Middle East jumps from one hotspot to another, the public is losing sight of the greatest threat to international peace and security: Iran’s military nuclear program. Iran is developing its breakout capacity by stockpiling large quantities of low enriched uranium, expanding its ability to swiftly enrich uranium, and advancing a parallel plutonium track.

Some may say the map is alarmist. Undeniably, the map is our geopolitical reality, and we will be vigilant in protecting our people and our borders.

Here are the rules for getting into the BuzzFeed community. Apparently the British Embassy is a member of the community. Most BuzzFeed Community posts seem to be cultural trivia and funny lists and videos.

Some of the commenters who have tweeted Rosie Gray don’t like Israel’s contribution:

Matthew Niles: very innovative/disruptive for a ‘news’ outlet to give feature space to PR machines and hardline-right think tanks

Rayan al Qab: this is disgusting propaganda. I can’t believe Buzzfeed would be so blind and stupid.

Debra Murphy: If disgusting revolting propaganda is the new cool – then yes.

The Israeli Embassy has responded to these tweets: “Are you challenging that peace is not important? That Hamas and Hezbollah have not targeted civilians?”

Thanks to Max Blumenthal– “desert bloom denier”–whose new book Goliath will be out soon…

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“the greatest threat to international peace and security: Iran’s military nuclear program.”

Such a parody . The West has attacked 9 Middle East and North African countries in the last 15 years. International peace is for OECD countries only.

What “military nuclear program” ???

(And the bs continues.)

Is the Israeli government capable of any honest introspection? Even an eensy- weensy, itty- bitty bit would be welcome.

Hmm lets see, Israel have attacked EVERY one of these states past year, some multiple times (Syria, Gaza, Lebanon).
How could anyone hate Israel mr ambassador? Oh how could that be?!

Shame on Buzzfeed for spreading Hasbara.

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