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What Comes Next: A new generation will rise to inspire, unify and liberate

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This post is part of “What Comes Next?: A forum on the end of the two-state paradigm.” This series was initiated by Jewish Voice for Peace as an investigation into the current state of thinking about one state and two state solutions, and the collection has been further expanded by Mondoweiss to mark 20 years since the Oslo process. The entire series can be found here.

Those of us who oppose the Oslo Agreement and the farce of negotiations or the two state solution, are often faced with the question: “what is your alternative?” The answer: Liberation. Many Palestinians will then follow up with, “liberation in the most hopeless era in the history of Palestinian struggle?” Yes. The necessity to envision solutions and strategies becomes bigger when we see a blocked road. This may be the best time to envision liberation, and with liberation,  I mean the decolonization of Palestine.

whatcomesnextverticalFew years ago I got engaged in discussions about the “one state” solution as an alternative to the already dead two states solution (a privilege reserved to the intellectual elite). Soon enough, I realized that more attention should be given to the liberation process, rather than a political solution that will come after liberation.

Living in Ramallah for some years, helped me widen my perspective. As an “Israeli” citizen, I am not allowed to do so according to military order. It was an act of defying the division between us Palestinians living in lands occupied in 1948, and those occupied in 1967. This move enabled me to draw clear lines between Israel’s policy in 1948 and in 1967, understanding better how the colonialist machinery interacted with the different parts of the Palestinian people.

It was only then that I was able to fully understand the disastrous implications of the “Oslo Agreement” on Palestinian society, in particular in the West Bank and Gaza. Understanding how Oslo was engineered to destroy Palestinian resistance and protect the interests of the colonizers, shaped in large my ability to see challenges for liberation.

The challenges, and their solutions, facing Palestinians are immense:

1.) Need for a return to a liberation movement and a move away from the current development project;
2.) The creation of a unifying body that will translate the aspirations of our nation to a resistance project with fitting movement ethics;
3.) Defying divisions among Palestinians and the creation of a unified, anti-colonialist, struggle discourse;
4.) Liberation from the full reliance on international aid and the creation of a self-sustaining economy;
5.) Re-producing values of solidarity and social connectedness (currently interrupted by the neoliberal Palestinian Authority and donor aid economic policies);
6.) The need to reclaim our public sphere for producing political culture and engagement.

This is how I envision the liberation process.

The international donor community, the World Bank, United States and the Israeli government, will form “special forces” to fight this. The Palestinian economic and political elite will also join them in the fighting. The elite of the NGO’s, who are enjoying the donor industry and its benefits, will be left fearful of any change in the status quo.

Despite that and perhaps as a result of that, a new leadership will emerge and rise beyond the faction-led power struggle, beyond geography. It will be a generation that has learned enough about our history, our struggle and from other struggles around the world. It will be transparent, principled, progressive, and socially responsible. It will rise and inspire. It will unify. It will liberate.

Abir Kopty
About Abir Kopty

Abir Kopty is a Palestinian activist and writer. Among her former positions was the spokesperson for the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, and a city council member in Nazareth. She is currently working on her PHD in Media and communication at the Free University of Berlin. She tweets at @AbirKopty.

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5 Responses

  1. mondonut
    October 23, 2013, 10:09 am

    So you think the 2ss is unfair, impossible, etc… Fair enough.

    Yet somehow a full on fantasy alternative makes perfect sense. Liberation driven by yet to be born super politicians who will magically transform the Palestinians and their economy into a unified and progressive force for good. And thereby defeat the evil Zionists.

    You should sell the story to Marvel or DC comics because it has no place in the real world.

    • annie
      October 23, 2013, 3:14 pm

      you’re not listening nut. instead, you choose to pour on the hyperbolic vitrol.

      more attention should be given to the liberation process, rather than a political solution that will come after liberation.

      i completely agree with this. it sounds from your whining you do not want the palestinian people to be liberated.

  2. pabelmont
    October 23, 2013, 12:11 pm

    The Palestinians have no military or economic power. All they have is whatever moral power they can generate in the souls of the people of the world. This means EDUCATION is the key to whatever progress is possible.

    Education is not an easy task (in the USA anyhow) because the media and politicians have been subverted to silence on Israel’s crimes and on the undemocratic and fully-discriminatory regimes both within green-line Israel and within greater Israel.

    BDS seeks to correct this discrimination, but to do so depends on education.

    All efforts to correct the situation depend on an EDUCATED and an ENGAGED and ENRAGED world populace, because the world’s governments have also been bought off by pressures they see no reason to overcome — and are anyhow subject to the inertia which says “why bother, there is nothing in opposing USA/Israel for us”. Only the peoples of the world, influencing their governments as they can, can bring about change.

    Even many of the best (morally, and as to clear sightedness) Jews in the USA are moving with ABYSMAL SLOWNESS and CAUTION to correct American Jewish tendencies toward Israel — it is as if they’ve bought the “Jewish People are one people and each Jew must support all other Jews no matter how evil” propaganda (or belief). It is very sad. However, young American Jews are moving away from support of Israel and from support of the occupation. Perhaps, in a very slow way, education is working.

  3. smithgp
    October 23, 2013, 1:39 pm

    “The creation of a unifying body that will translate the aspirations of our nation to a resistance project with fitting movement ethics” –Abir Kopty

    This is indeed an urgent need, but to be successful and ethical it must be a movement of “co-resistance,” meaning that it must incorporate Jews, including Israeli Jews. The liberated Palestine to come will be half Jewish in terms of population, and at the moment of liberation overwhelmingly Jewish in terms of wealth and political power. Whatever the crimes of Zionism, the Jews as individuals are Palestinians too.

  4. W.Jones
    October 24, 2013, 9:13 pm

    Speaking of inspiring, would you say George Galloway’s speech saying that people do not have to support Apartheid in the Holy Land is inspiring?

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