Israel lobby group counters Palestinian dispossession with– Jewish creationism

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Seriously now, this is not the Onion:

Stand With US
Stand With US

We don’t make this stuff up. When I first saw this I thought it was a spoof ad– of the famous images of Palestinians’ loss of land.

But it’s no spoof. The ad above is a response from the Israel lobby group StandWithUs to a “Disappearing Palestine” poster campaign in Vancouver. That campaign is now taking the city by storm–see the image below. Launched by a group of seven solidarity groups calling themselves the Palestine Awareness Coalition, they have spent $15,000 to put posters on 15 buses, and to place a mural in Vancouver’s central SkyTrain station.

Hence– Stand With US:

[This graphic] depicts Jewish loss of land from Biblical times to the present by juxtaposing a map of the ancient Jewish kingdom circa 1000 BCE, a map of the land designated as the Jewish homeland by the League of Nations in 1920, and a map of the much smaller Israel of today


Never mind the League of Nations never designated the whole region from the Jordan river to the sea for a Jewish homeland, never mind that Zionist propagandists have always complained that the British and the League of Nations “arbitrarily severed Transjordan from the mandate”. A new legal theory was originally put forth by Canada’s own Howard Grief, who passed away last June. Grief copyrighted his theory in 2008. Grief, speaking here at a settler conference in 2011, which declared the “establishment of The Jewish Authority in Eretz Yisrael”,  argues that the 1920 San Remo conference gave Jews sovereignty over all of historical Palestine.

Extremist Zionist groups are now embracing Grief’s theory, as well as a Jewish biblical connection to Palestine, to justify… the Jewish claim to all of historical Palestine, or Eretz Yisrael.

I’d say that this looney tunes ad is asking a lot of ordinary folks who don’t regard bible stories as real estate titles. Here is a modern logic people can relate to, and it makes sense:

(Photo: Noor Kesbeh, Palestine Awareness Coalition)
(Photo: Noor Kesbeh, Palestine Awareness Coalition)

Updated to reflect commenters’ point regarding Transjordan.  I apologize for the error. Hostage supplied this explanation:

The territory in the Arabian interior east of the river Jordan and the line drawn from Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Allepo had been repeatedly pledged to the Hashemites for an Arab State or Confederation of Arabs States in line with the McMahon-Huessein Correspondence, the Sykes Picot Agreement, and the “Aide-memoire in regard to the occupation of Syria, Palestine and Mesopotamia pending the decision in regard to Mandates”, dated 13 September 1919. The Zionists concluded the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement, because the Hashemites were one of the Allied Powers granted the discretion under the agreements to delineate the boundaries of the new Arab state(s).

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How clever of the Zionists.

This is soooo funny. I am on my knees laughing. Now throwing up. Now laughing again. I hope King Abdullah II is reading this.

I live outside Vancouver. I gotta’ go downtown and see this for myself.

I just love SWU. Their Captain Israel comic book. Their getting their butts kicked by the Olympia Coop. It’s always something funny with them.

1000 BC (make that BCE, sorry) to 2013 — still laughing . . .

Thanks Annie.

And I thought revisionist Zionism couldn’t get any worse, well guess I was proved wrong on that one.

Even if that whole ‘ancient Israeli kingdom’ was founded in reality/history, do they realise that the Iranians can claim the entire region (including Israel) on those grounds? So can the Greeks and Italians and the Turks.

It’s from MAD magazine…..

(oh poop– the Z liars are getting so very desperate!)