ADL rebukes Kerry, and — Ambassador Power embraces ADL

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(Photo: Charles Dharapak)
(Photo: Charles Dharapak)

The other day the Anti-Defamation League rebuked Secretary of State John Kerry for implying that Netanyahu is using “fear tactics” to muscle the United States to act against Iran. The ADL’s director said that it was inappropriate for Kerry to be criticizing Netanyahu publicly– even though Kerry never mentioned Netanyahu’s name. That’s a rule, Israel must never be criticized by the US government.

Well, today Samantha Power, who works in the State Department under Kerry, is putting her arms around…  the Anti Defamation League. Two tweets:

— Samantha Power (@AmbassadorPower) October 31, 2013
And this:

Yes and what about Islamophobia? Power is being justly criticized by Jamil Dakwar and Ali Abunimah. Dakwar says that the ADL’s dark side is spying on groups and stifling speech that is critical of Israel, and cites Jeff Blankford and Grant Smith’s work exposing the group. Abunimah says that Power is abasing herself by sucking up to an anti-Palestinian group. Remember that Power’s rabbi/ambassador to the Jewish community, rightwinger Shmuley Boteach, said nothing last week as Sheldon Adelson urged Obama to nuke Iran rather than talk to Iran. Power has been silent on that score too. That’s the nature of the Israel lobby. You have to be on its side, no matter what.

(Alas, she has not been silent on the Red Sox. This is going to be a long cold winter.)

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Well to be fair, you’re trying to smudge what she wrote into somekind of endorsement to what Foxman said to Kerry. That isn’t what her tweets are about. (If you disagree, well, re-read the first two paragraphs and tell me how you’re not trying to set the case up that way). That being said, Ms. Power does sell out tremendously. It’s truly sad to see her grovel the way she has done. It used to… Read more »

ADL having a ‘dark side’ would imply it has a light side too. The ADL is a pro-Israel advocacy group. They could care less about combating bigotry and racism. Their concern is first and foremost maintaining Zionist hegemony. If some form of prejudice undermines their Zionist politics then they either ignore said prejudice or whitewash it. They are a propaganda organization and function to police the views of non-Jews in America through scare/fear/hate-mongering (against Arabs… Read more »

ADL’s entire backstory, like AIPAC’s, is rather shaky. In it’s official history, ADL was born of B’nai B’rith’s (a Jewish fraternal organization’s) horror about the unjust conviction of Leo Frank and his lynching by an anti-semitic mob. The documentary record seems to reveal that Leo Frank murdered his employee Mary Phagen, tried to frame a worker at his factory, and at the time of the lynching was the beneficiary of behind-the-scenes manipulations of the judiciary… Read more »

She’s a typical bought-and-paid-for lick spittle. Nothing new here.

Powers is really as weak as she looks like. And she is a cult follower obviously.