Truth hurts: 25 Palestinian social media activists detained for ‘incitement’

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Last Thursday Israel rounded up 25 Palestinian activists because of their social media postings on Facebook, and it didn’t warrant a blurp in the mainstream press. The activists were  hauled off after their homes were raided in East Jerusalem, due to their Facebook postings.

Nasser Qous, head of Jerusalem’s Palestinian Prisoner Club said the activists  were charged with “incitement“. Fifteen were let go. The other 10, not so lucky.

Ma’an News:

Nasser Qous, head of the Jerusalem branch of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, told official news agency Wafa that Israeli forces raided the homes of 25 Palestinian activists and detained them on charges of “incitement” due to their posts on Facebook.

Israeli police also seized their computers.

Fifteen of the activists were later released and 10 will be brought before an Israeli court, Qous said.

In October, Haifa resident Razi al-Nabulsi, 23, was arrested and kept under house arrest for a week as a result of Facebook posts Israeli authorities argued constituted “incitement.”

Lawyer Aram Mahameed explained that the charges stemmed from “a number of comments on al-Nabulsi’s Facebook page concerning issues like normalization (with the State of Israel), as well as the Prawer Plan,” a proposed Israeli plan that if carried out with displace 40,000 Bedouins from the southern Negev.

This is info warfare, and the truth hurts Israel, because hasbara can’t fight descriptions of the unending occupation. The internet is the one battlefield where Israel’s brand is sinking like a stone.

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israel is a state in demise, like all previous barbaric powers, except that israel is deteriorating at a much, much faster pace!

This is the ugly face of the Israel that Mahane Y loves so much.

“I love you Israel!!! I love you, the people of Israel!!!”mahane

Come on mahane , give us your pitch on this.

Israel destroys itself.

Shell- Don Adelson is allowed to call for genocide with impunity and Palestinians condemning Ethnic Cleansing are accused of incitement.

Yes , Israel is beautiful if you are a blind brainwashed lobotomized zio freak.

To normal humans Israel is the devil incarnate.

Apologies to the devil.

The same could happen in a European democratic state, e.g. Belorus. Perhaps also in Russia and Ukraine, but actually I do not recall any similar incident. But in the region, such detentions are quite the norm. Are they following Israel’s beacon to nations, or Israel harmonizes her norms with Egypt and states of Persian Gulf?