Video: ‘The real truth about the West Bank’ offers rejoinder to Danny Ayalon’s hasbara lies

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Lara Sawalha and Dana Dajani set the record straight in Visualizing Palestine‘s new video debunking Danny Ayalon’s lies in Shlomo Blass‘s 2011 hasbara production created for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

(Hat tip Refaat Alareer)

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Nice movie. Cartoons and useful quotes and attractive women, way to go.


The Danny Ayalon video was flawed. But so is this video. When Rome re-captured Jerusalem in 69AD, they minted coins saying Iudaea capta. (Judah captured). Prior to 69 AD, it was called Iudae (Judah) nor Palestine by the Romans. Only after the enforced diaspora did the Romans rename it Palestine.… Read more »


Bravo girls. This was a long time in coming, but late is better than never.


I wish it weren’t annoying, but it is. Like should be met with like: take a serious tone! (She *is* very beautiful, but still.)


Great work by the 2 Palestinian ladies. Ayalon is the creep who, along with Livni a couple of years back proposed transfering Palestinian-Israeli towns to a new Palestine on the WB in exchange for the settlements that would be incorporated into Israel. Looking forward to the same 2 Palestinians tearing… Read more »