Why do US media insist that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Gulf states oppose Iran deal?

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Everything I’ve read talks about all Gulf states being happy that the deal was signed and that there was a bit of hesitation from Saudia. The government of Lebanon has been following Saudia’s lead for obvious reasons. I also heard that even Qatar had been secretly helping in the negotiations since a few months.

FWIW, I’d say there may be a fair bit of sour grapes in Saudis approval of the deal. They probably don’t actually like it but they are smart enough to know that they can’t stop it and if they try they will simply be regarded as throwback sectarian bigots and ignored. Better to cut your losses and smile than be regarded as an obstacle in the way of all the great powers. Turkey is probably… Read more »

Good article. Looks like the Lobby is running out of invented/self-invited groupings to mask its machinations. Please keep peeling back the onion. I guess my question is, as Walid just showed with four quick links to four separate Gulf countries, what drives people like Lehrer and Kaplan to just make stuff up? Can’t they help themselves? Is support for Israel just that ingrained? They were not able to separate reality from fantasy on this deal/matters… Read more »

Although the Saudis have officially welcomed the deal, I doubt they’re particularly happy about it in private. It’s just that, unlike Bibi, they do know the art of diplomacy and are aware that throwing tantrums in front of the world’s press isn’t how you win friends and influence people. That said, while the Gulf States won’t be happy about a rapprochement between Iran and the US, it’s nowhere near as big a deal for them… Read more »

I wish this article, and its author Phil Weiss could get on US main TV news media. No matter which channel U watch, they all trot out neocons and Zionist “experts” to tell John Q Public what’s wrong with the Iran deal. Nobody is discussing the Israel Lobby’s hand in jeering the Iran deal. Never has reality been less represented than on the US mainstream media when it comes to anything impacting Israel. JFK was… Read more »