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December 2013

Happy new year from Mondoweiss

Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth and Philip Weiss on

Thank you for another wonderful year of Mondoweiss. In what has become somewhat of a yearly tradition around these parts, here is a rundown of some of our site stats from the past year.

Infiltrating the New Year

Marc H. Ellis on

Not long ago, Jews were seen as infiltrators. Jews were the prototypical fifth column, Marc Ellis writes at Mondo. Now it’s critics of Israel who are infiltrating

Low turnout for Palestinian prisoner release as negotiations slump

Allison Deger on

In a scaled back ceremony early Tuesday morning 18 Palestinians returned to the West Back in the third round of prisoners released by Israel during the U.S.-backed direct negotiations. Families of the released prisoners still gathered to welcome loved ones home, but perhaps reflecting the malaise towards the ongoing negotiations the crowd was noticeably smaller than past releases.

The importance of Susan Abulhawa’s poetry

Philip Weiss on

Susan Abulhawa evokes the condition of el-ghorba or exile, in a poetry collection about the conflict in a Palestinian’s soul between the tradition she has lost and the western conditions that have been forced on her

Israeli ministers committee votes to annex Jordan Valley

Annie Robbins on

Afraid that Netanyahu will agree to a John Kerry proposal that might some day give Palestinians sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, an Israeli governmental ministers’ committee voted today to annex the occupied land on the border of the West Bank with Jordan.

African refugees hold up i.d. numbers, recalling Holocaust tattoos

Ira Glunts on

Thousands of African asylum-seekers, joined by Israeli supporters, held a silent march through Tel Aviv last night. Many carried signs with immigration ID number in an effort to remind Israelis of Jewish suffering during the Holocaust. And one sign quoted from Exodus in Hebrew, “…ye were strangers in the Land of Egypt.”

Guilty on Christmas

Philip Weiss on

Ari Shavit says that progressive American Jews need Israel like “oxygen” so as not to assimilate. His is a culturally-conservative argument

Gaza is the only place the world forgets about (or pretends to forget about)

Hana Alyaqubi on

‘Look where the world is and where we are!’ an exclamation I very frequently heard at home, and even expressed myself at some points. Going out to this world though, makes this thought invalid. It is a world where a major concern is offering dogs a better life, healthier food and softer napkins because humans do not have problems to worry about. In this world, brains are squeezed to figure out what problems may occur in 2050, and how they can be solved because there is nothing to solve at the moment other than the fact that there aren’t comfortable couches and free Wi-Fi in shopping centres. People are not worried about water supply or power cuts, when to do the laundry or how to charge the laptop. All the basics are available, and what is sought is only to better the quality of life.

Unintended consequences

Marc H. Ellis on

oday mainstream Christian denominational support is for various forms of BDS. This shift has to do with the unintended consequences of Israel’s military success. Large parts of the Christian world have undergone a de-colonial shift precisely at the time that Israel has become a major colonial power.

Stanley Fish and the violence of neutrality

Steven Salaita on

By examining the language and assumptions of the backlash against the American Studies Association boycott vote we acquire greater understanding of how Zionism functions in the institutional spaces that both inform and comprise state power. Stanley Fish in particular exemplifies the problems of liberal authority vis-à-vis boycott of Israel.

New York Senate leader wants to cut off cash to colleges involved in American Studies Association

Alex Kane on

Two New York Democrats are planning to introduce legislation early next year that would cut off state aid to schools that retain membership in the ASA. Dov Hikind, a right-wing Orthodox power broker, and Jeffrey Klein, the State Senate co-leader, plan to introduce the bill early next year. The measure would give schools a month to withdraw their membership from groups like the ASA–or else lose funding.