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December 2013

A Palestinian messenger

Marc H. Ellis on

If John Kerry’s latest reported proposal to truncate Palestinian freedom doesn’t cause the Palestinian Authority negotiators to walk, well not even Jesus can save them, the man Mahmoud Abbas has called “a Palestinian messenger”

Modern Language Association convention to feature academic boycott panel and resolution slamming Israeli denial of entries

Alex Kane on

The Modern Language Association’s convention, set to be held January 9-12 in Chicago, will play host to a panel on the academic boycott of Israel and will consider a resolution condemning Israel’s denial of entries to academics invited to Palestinian universities. While no measure to endorse boycotting Israel is currently on the table, the panel on BDS and the denial of entry resolution could lay the groundwork for a future academic boycott resolution.

Kerry wants to imprison West Bank with massive security fence along Jordanian border

Ira Glunts on

According to a widely quoted report from Israeli Army Radio, on Tuesday John Kerry will offer a draft proposal to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority outlining the outstanding issues to be addressed in any peace agreement. Kerry is proposing a massive security fence on the Jordanian border, which would imprison the West Bank between the present separation barrier and the border, and an ongoing Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley.

Snowden’s Christmas address

Marc H. Ellis on

I just couldn’t resist, after my own Jewish Christmas message, another unexpected Christian message – from Edward Snowden no less.

‘Time is running out’: The peace process and the fierce urgency of never

Max Blumenthal on

Since the dawn of the peace process, serious men and women have warned that time was running out on a two state solution, and yet there has been so little progress. Max Blumenthal has compiled news clippings from the last three decades illustrating the fierce urgency of never when it comes to negotiations in Israel/Palestine.

A visit from the NSA (for Christmas)

Helena Pylvainen on

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land,
Not a hacker was hacking along the broadband.
The laptops were plugged by the chimney with care
With hopes that the outlets would work over there.

The children were nestled with their iPhones 4S
While visions of Candy Crush danced in their heads
And I, Edward Snowden, with a sense of foreboding,
Had just settled down with some Christmas Eve coding,

On Christmas let us begin begin to reverse the process of fragmentation

Marc H. Ellis on

But if politics is the place for (un)thinking salvation, this means our journey is ongoing. Signing away Palestine isn’t the place to begin. Rather the opposite. On Christmas let us begin again. Reverse the process of fragmentation and division and began to think how Jerusalem and the rest of Israel/Palestine can be shared.