Israeli ambassador’s present to Obama — settlement cufflinks!

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DermerThe new Israeli ambassador presented his credentials yesterday and tweeted, “Pic w/Pres. Obama-I look fwd to working w/you & your admin to make the bonds b/w Israel & America stronger than ever.'” And he gave the president some cufflinks.

Dermer's gift
Dermer’s gift


From Scott Roth:

The City of David is a Jewish settlement near the Dung Gate of the Old City. On occupied land, and resisted by the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, whose land it is taking.

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Why is this ethno-religious supremacist state giving the President of our secular nation a provocative propaganda “gift” like this? Well, I guess it’s better than the spit in the face that Netanyahoo gave to the pope. “dating to approximately the year 0” There is no year zero. It goes from… Read more »

I think Israeli politicians need to find a personal shopper or concierge service that can advise them on gifts. A book on the inquisition to the Pope and settlement cuff links to Obama??
Are they really that clueless on etiquette and diplomacy?

Wow! I hope international pressure forces Obama to return these. Now that would be awesome!

A ounce of manners or plain common sense tells you you dont give religious symbols, much less personal jewelry to be worn, as a gift to someone of a different faith. Not quite as bad, but somewhat like giving a Jew a necklace of Jesus on the cross as a… Read more »

We should not underestimate the significance of what the U.S. administration has been doing since the 2012 election. Petraeus out; Hillary out; Kerry in; Hagel in; Obama saying some interesting things when in Israel; two-state process renewed with some urgency; Kerry saying some blunt things; interim deal with Iran; and… Read more »