Israel’s water company recognizes no Green Line, no occupation

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No green lineEarlier today we did a post on the Israeli prime minister’s situation room having a radar map that doesn’t show the Green Line demarcating the occupied territories. Well there’s no occupation in this official map at the Israeli national water company either! Yossi Yaacoby is an executive at the national water company, whose name is on the map.

The photo above was tweeted last summer by Boston Globe reporter Erin Ailworth (whose coverage we critiqued, and so did she).


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Why would any arm of the bot state recognize the Green Line? The entire Jewish sector of Israeli society has devoted the best of its energy over the last 46 years to erase the border. History has ended and Israel will reign forever.

But feedback is a bitch.

>Israel’s water company recognizes no Green Line, no occupation
Odd, that, considering that it has no trouble excluding Palestinian villages in ‘Samaria’ and ‘Judea’ from getting water.

Israel’s water company recognizes no Green Line, no occupation

Pillage is one of the specific charges that has been brought in nearly every case against the individuals on trial in the ICC. The Prosecutors apparently know what to do when this happens and in the case of the responsible Israeli officials, it’s a slam dunk.

One of the first things Israel did after 67 was to transfer total management of the water resources in all occupied territories to its water company that proceeded to lay water pipes from Israel to the territories. All the water on the West Bank was and continues to be channeled to Israel and piped back to the West Bank to the settlements or to the Palestinians, which is how Israel actually controls the Palestinians’ water… Read more »

There are 130 countries that have recognized the State of Palestine. According to a recent Amnesty International survey, 86 percent of world’s states exercise universal jurisdiction over at least one kind of international crime. It’s usually war crimes, like pillage. For many years, the General Assembly has condemned Israel’s theft of Palestinian natural resources and affirmed Palestine’s right to compensation. But that’s not enough, now that it has officially recognized the State of Palestine.… Read more »