In response to ASA boycott vote, Lawrence Summers calls academic boycotts ‘abhorrent’ and then calls for a boycott of the ASA

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Larry Summers was on the Charlie Rose show yesterday and was asked about the American Studies Association (ASA) vote on the academic boycott of Israel. This isn’t the first time Summers has taken on the issue of boycotts. In 2002, when Summers was serving as president of Harvard University, he said of the divestment movement at that time that “serious and thoughtful people are advocating and taking actions that are anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent.” He used the same line with Rose, and said to target Israel “at a moment when it faces this kind of existential threat I think takes how wrong this is to a different level” (Summers didn’t explain what “kind of existential threat” Israel faces at the current moment).

Oddly enough, although Summers repeatedly calls academic boycotts “abhorrent,” and says “the way to change behavior is to talk to people,” he seems to call for a boycott of the ASA at the end of the segment:

My hope would be that responsible university leaders will become very reluctant to see their university funds used to finance faculty membership and faculty travel to an association that is showing itself not to be a scholarly association but really more of a political tool.

So much for talking. Members of the ASA have until Sunday night to vote on the boycott resolution.

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What Summers is “in effect” saying is that those actions by Israel which the ASA is protesting in their resolution, “profiling, surveillance, and civil rights violations…pervasive deprivations affecting health, education and overall security…restrictions on movement and travel…restrictions on education, scholarships, and participation in campus activities” etc. are racially-based and/or racially-entitled behaviors of all Jews. Now who’s the racist here “in effect, if not necessarily in intent?”

“Analysis || Swell of boycotts driving Israel into international isolation Western activists and diplomats are gunning for Israel’s settlements in the Palestinian territories, and if peace talks fail, the rain of boycotts and sanctions could turn into a flood. By Barak Ravid | 21:22 12.12.13 | 0″haaretz Almost daily we see new efforts succeeding.The zios can whine all they want but only disaster is in their future.They just cannot see it coming right at… Read more »

Yeah, and South Africa ended its apartheid only by jaw-jaw instead of boycott? And Hitler ended his invasions of all Europe only after stern (ethical and moral) talk-talk lessons?

Summers is in a cocoon. It is the cocoon of power and big money. BIG-BANKs are run by people inside that cocoon. So is BIG-ZION.

Mr. Summers indirectly admits to the presence of human rights abuses in Israel, but justifies those abuses because other nations also abuse. Where would the Enlightenment have taken Western civilization if reason and logic were rejected because other nations are irrational? this man’s reasoning is absurd. 100% Hasbara as i know it. Israel never has to make peace with its neighbors. Israel, as sure as the US dollar, has unlimited resources to continue to fight… Read more »

Larry Summers also called Edward Snowden a “traitor” in an interview recently.

Maybe we should boycott Larry Summers.