An open letter to Stephen Harper, agent of colonialism, injustice and hypocrisy

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Benjamin Netanyahu and Stephen Harper. (Photo: SEAN KILPATRICK / THE CANADIAN PRESS)
Benjamin Netanyahu and Stephen Harper. (Photo: SEAN KILPATRICK / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

This letter was written in response to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel.

Dear Mr. Harper,

Before I begin my letter, I must acknowledge that I have the pleasure of being allowed to reside on unceded Coast Salish territories in British Columbia. The bond between my people and the indigenous people of this land is unbreakable, and from it the Palestinian movement extracts the strength the keeps it going.

I could not get myself to listen to you uttering words of utmost injustice inside a building that was built on a land that belongs to my people and represents a regime that actively oppresses them. I did, however, manage to force myself to read it, and every pixel of every word on my computer screen made me both angry for the fact that I have the misfortune of calling my prime minister, and more determined to expose you for who you are: an agent of colonialism, injustice and hypocrisy.

It is not my intention to debunk every single thing that you’ve said in front of this illegitimate body of Zionist politicians. However, I will outline to you, step by step, how the Palestinian movement is not only going to prove to you how wrong you are for siding with a settler-colonial and rogue regime, but how it will demonstrate to you how irrelevant you are on the international scene – especially when it comes to the Palestinians’ struggle to liberate their lands.

First we will amplify our efforts to strengthen the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against the Zionist entity. This movement, which has received the support of notables like Stephen Hawking and Nelson Mandela (whose funeral you so shamelessly attended), has proven by all standards that it is one of the most important mechanisms to shame the Zionist entity and inflict upon it discernible damage. From cultural and academic  boycotts to the divestment of churches and institutions to economic and political sanctions, the BDS movement is gaining unprecedented momentum that will require you and your associates in the Zionist movement decades to reverse.

Second, the Palestinian movement in North America and Europe will continue to offer unconditional support for the men and women who are standing at the frontline of the struggle against occupation and Apartheid. We will continue to support all the political prisoners and demand their immediate release from Zionist jails. We will continue to support grassroots organizations who are persistently keeping their cause alive and exerting all types of effort to equip future generations and keep them informed. And we will continue to advocate and fight for an unconditional withdrawal of Zionist forces from all the lands that belong to the Palestinians.

Third,  we will record meticulously your actions and positions and those of your friends and allies on the international scene. We will not forget the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement. We will record how you referred to Israel’s aggressive war against Lebanon as a measured response. We will record how you offered unconditional support to Operation Cast Lead which caused the death of over 1000 Palestinians. We will record how you and previous prime ministers spent hundreds of millions of tax payers’ money to support and maintain projects aiming at strengthening the Zionist project.

Fourthly we will remind you how despite all these aforementioned efforts you continue to be irrelevant on the international scene. We will keep reminding you over and again how the entire world does not regard you as an important influence on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We will keep showing you over and again how despite your efforts to pander to war criminals like Netanyahu and Peres, they will continue to view you as nothing more than a pawn they can use whenever they find you convenient. This friendship that you speak of is nothing more than a one way relationship of a prime minister who is desperately looking for the affection of a settler-colonial entity that by nature has no capacity to express emotions.

Remember my words Mr. Harper: visit Israel as much as you want, but sooner or later history will cast you to the shadows of irrelevance.

Omar Chaaban
From the settlement of Vancouver of unceded coast salish territories.

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I agree with more or less everything you wrote, but I’m still curious at this last biographical line: From the settlement of Vancouver of unceded coast salish territories So you, unlike most of Vancouver’s population I presume, feel strongly about the dislodged native population. Yet that doesn’t seem to stop you from continuating the dislocation of this native settlement in your personal life by settling there yourself. This is the left’s mirror-image of Zionism’s shizophrenic… Read more »

Omar Sha’aban, Your letter to your PM is full of hatred and contempt. I didn’t see in your letter the words “peace”, “reconciliation”, and “living together”, only anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist blatant propaganda. Your PM supports Israel but he also supports the Palestinian people struggle for independent state and he opposes the settlements in the OPT. I think you had a good opportunity to call your PM to promote peace in the region instead of attacking… Read more »

This man would fellate TWO donkeys. Hes really insane. Really.

Heres another insane minister from Australia on Israel.

Australia FM wont say settlements are illegal.

Oh Lord, is this post an attempt to buttress Omar Chaaban’s bona fides as an anti-imperialist in order to strengthen his credentials as a critic of Assad and potential enabler of more aggressive imperial intervention in Syria? There is a lot to criticize about Harper but why this particular author?

Israel is a place that desperate politicians go to to seek out their political salvation. Harper believes that by pandering to Canadian Jews, he can reverse his downward political trend and wash away his government’s scandal-laden track record. He’ll have to do better than that in order to avoid joining such failed politicians as Mitt Romney, George W. Bush and Gordon Brown – all of whom went to Israel almost precisely upon hitting the nadirs… Read more »