Jewish Federations angry at Wasserman Schultz for backing Obama on Iran deal

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Says alot about israel/jewish lobby when they only want war and no dialogue/peace.

“Honestly no one would ever have expected Wasserman Schultz, an influential congresswoman who is often flamboyantly pro-Israel, to be AWOL when AIPAC wanted something done.” On a positive side, nice Jewish girl and flamboyantly pro-Israel. On a negative side, may refuse to do something that AIPAC wants done. Can AIPAC trust humans ever again? From now on, all the political support and donations should be channelled to solely to robots. But who will be checking… Read more »

“Sources inside Wasserman Schultz’s heavily Jewish South Florida community say that the lawmaker’s opposition to strengthened sanctions has become a “problematic position” for her constituents. What a giveaway that is. The same old ‘unidentified sources’ make claims about her constituents which they can’t possibly know. If they are at all like the majority view in the US then they will be heavily in favour of no more wars, and behind Obama. But the ‘Jewish community’… Read more »

After cursory reading, it seems that human conspiracy in the House is quite a bit wider. First of all, Debbie by herself is not a powerful figure in the House but she is the Chair of DNC. So it was not her personally who scuttled the House version of the bill circulated by Kirk, Menendez and Schumer, but Sten Hoyer, hitherto co-sponsor, House minority whip. Adam Kredo thinks that Debbie was the culprit, but as… Read more »

With a little bit of luck , the warmongers will insult her,question her commitment to Yis-royal and call her an antisemite and drive her in the direction of peace seekers.

Who says planet zio is not an ally.