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Avigdor Lieberman: ‘Our Oscar goes to Scarlett’

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Noticing Scarlett Johansson was probably feeling alone and isolated after her departure from Oxfam, a dark horse has come to her rescue. Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has praised the starlet on Facebook, stating, “our Oscar goes to Scarlett,” continuing, she “displayed a courageous stance in the front of hypocrisy and the herd mentality.”

Lieberman added:

‘The attempts of pro-Palestinian organizations to bash Johansson for being a presenter of ‘SodaStream’ and its factory in Ma’ale Adumim did not cause the actress to fold or to apologize, but to clearly stand up for her principles in the face of those whom under the guise of false pretexts, continue classic anti-Semitism by other means.’

Not to be the only Israeli politician courting Scarlett on Facebook, Tzipi Livni also posted:

‘Hat’s off. Talented, beautiful, brave.’

Oh Scarlett, how rewarding your new company must be!

Allison Deger

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35 Responses

  1. Daniel Rich on February 10, 2014, 2:44 pm

    @ Allison Deger,

    In that case the ‘Rotten Tomato Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor’ goes to good old Libie himself, for ‘fine tuning’ his “Kerry’s Israel’s Biggest Looser Fiend Friend!” drek.

    • Krauss on February 11, 2014, 1:14 am

      Yeah, that was hilarious. Pretty obvious he’s just playing bad cop. I’m sure it’ll help the desperate rehabiliation campaign “liberal” Zionists are conducting to whitewash his reputation – they understand he is about as good as it gets.

      Also, Phil:

      Oh Scarlett, how rewarding your new company must be!

      I appreciate the sarcasm, but I must say you may overestimate Scarlett’s remaining decency. Who says she doens’t like the company of Lieberman and Livni(former Likudnik and protogé of Sharon who praised him as the “man I loved”)?

  2. AlGhorear on February 10, 2014, 2:48 pm

    I keep seeing that screen capture from the ad and realized that even though she’s supposed to be a scientist, the garment she’s wearing looks more like a bathrobe than a lab coat. I’m surprised she didn’t take it off during the video. Anything to sell occupation and apartheid.

  3. Walid on February 10, 2014, 3:08 pm

    Her politics aren’t so hot but nice top or blouse. Looks nicer and bigger when you click on her photo.

    • piotr on February 10, 2014, 3:50 pm

      I tried the same with Avigdor, and he was neither bigger nor nicer. :-(

    • Daniel Rich on February 10, 2014, 3:57 pm

      @ Walid,

      Q: Looks nicer and bigger when you click on her photo.

      R: The sweat glands or blouse?

    • Daniel Rich on February 10, 2014, 5:14 pm

      @ Walid,

      Not to burst your bubble, but this is the face you would see @ 06:00hrs. AM.

      • Shingo on February 10, 2014, 6:40 pm

        Personally speaking, I love the way women look first thing in the morning. That picture is further evidence of her beauty.

        It doesn’t change the fact she’s a hypocrite.

      • eljay on February 10, 2014, 9:05 pm

        >> … this is the face you would see @ 06:00hrs. AM.

        Pretty face, nice smile. It’s a pity she chose SodaStream over Oxfam.

      • Mondowise on February 11, 2014, 1:59 am

        omg Daniel, tooooo funny, LOL!! she looks exactly like the lie-berman in that photo! that is one scary face!!!

      • bintbiba on February 11, 2014, 9:23 am


  4. Daniel Rich on February 10, 2014, 3:10 pm
    • Woody Tanaka on February 10, 2014, 6:12 pm

      “More ‘Oscars’ for extras as Israeli soldiers pose for photos while abusing Palestinian child.”

      Fucking Nazis!

  5. pabelmont on February 10, 2014, 3:28 pm

    AL: Scarlett “displayed a courageous stance in the front of hypocrisy and the herd mentality.”

    Heard anything about “herd mentality” lately about the AIPAC/Congress/Zionists? Lotta competing herds out there.

    As to hypocrisy, well, it’s hard to recognize it. Among my herd, the anti-Zios, some at least must be hypocrites, I suppose, just as I suppose that a lot of our good Congressmen, collecting their checks from AIPAC, are a bit hypocritical on the questions of Israel. They must sometimes wonder why Republicans who always call for small government and less spending nevertheless want to spend more and more on Israel and Israel’s wars. And they must conclude that we have “the best Congress that money can buy”. Now, that’s no more than business as usual, and so, perhaps, in that way of looking at things, it’s not hypocrisy at all. (Blumenthal speaks elsewhere about movie stars acting “at least out of careerist considerations.”)

    Herd any other good ones lately?

  6. Kathleen on February 10, 2014, 4:07 pm

    She has big dollar signs imprinted on her white cheeks and her bloody apartheid ass blends right in with theirs. They can have her.

    • seafoid on February 10, 2014, 11:17 pm

      “Scarlett wins our Oscar”.
      Lieberman is so provincial.

  7. The JillyBeans on February 10, 2014, 4:45 pm

    Well that’s about as wonderful as getting an award from Pol Pot. There’s nothing nice or dignified about getting praise from a politician who has a very human rights unfriendly track record.

    What is interesting is that Kristen Davis declined the Ahava contract to maintain her Oxfam role when she was advised that the two roles were incompatible. Unfortunately she also gave us that atrocious Sex and the City 2 mess.

  8. Daniel Rich on February 10, 2014, 5:02 pm

    The following might seem off topic, but is showcases how journalism comes with its own class of acting [affronted].

    Can a man [Sam Rubin] who does this [think Sam Jackson = Lawrence Fishburne] turn around and have a/the right to be offended by this?

    To be honest, I prefer a wo/man who says what s/he thinks [because my dis/agreement with it, is not a justifiable litmus test of truth]. In that sense Lieberman is more ‘open’ than most snake oil salesmen rattling on, on TV.

  9. DICKERSON3870 on February 10, 2014, 5:05 pm

    Scarlet, go for it girlfriend! That Avigdor Lieberman is one hot hunk o’ burnin’ love. I can easily see him escorting you down the red carpet at the Academy Awards next month. As a former nightclub bouncer, he can do double duty as your bodyguard!

    Theme, by Johann Johannsson, on And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees [VIDEO, 03:21] –

  10. Semiotic Observer on February 10, 2014, 5:35 pm

    Having a few million dollars involved in her “stand for her principals” speaks volumes about her, Avigdor the bouncer, and the future of Israel.

  11. justicewillprevail on February 10, 2014, 5:52 pm

    Scarlett must be feeling a bit sick now. Being stalked by right wing fascists who want to cosy up to you, ergh. Wonder if she thinks the Sodastream dollar was worth it now.

    • puppies on February 10, 2014, 7:35 pm

      Justicewillprevail – Strange post.
      What’s not to like for a ditsy Zionist broad in being stalked by one’s most true and admiring allies, the “right wing fascists” (which would be different than 3rd-side fascists?) I think she made her distaste for any anti-fascists very clear. She is the foremost representative of the settler molls, and which of them wouldn’t swoon for Evét Liberman of Chişinau, the Defender of the Faith?

    • Kathleen on February 10, 2014, 7:57 pm

      She stayed. Chose to give up Oxfam for apar$heid.

    • MRW on February 11, 2014, 5:30 am

      She doesn’t have the awareness to assess it. Girl isn’t that smart. Common knowledge.

  12. smithgp on February 10, 2014, 6:40 pm

    Eyes on the prize, everyone! Johansson’s person and character are not our enemies. Our goal is not to vaporize her with the withering rays of our sarcasm, but to use boycott–of her movies, of SodaStream’s bubbles–to try to change her, and others’, behavior.

    Lieberman’s person and character aren’t our enemies, either. His policy is. If, inshallah, democracy comes to prevail over ethnocracy in Palestine, Lieberman will be a Palestinian citizen in exactly the same degree as the returning refugees will be. He may be a citizen in jail, of course, but if so only at the end of a fair trial. If you think the struggle for justice in Palestine is “transferist,” you may be confusing it with Zionism.

    • puppies on February 11, 2014, 5:31 am

      @Smith – Talk for yourself. Evét Liberman from Chişinau, or Kishinev, will not necessarily be a Palestinian citizen, as no one knows if an independent and fully sovereign Palestinian state will accept illegal immigrants indiscriminately. If they adhere to the jus sanguinis interpretation, also the local-born may get in trouble (but no major problem for those of the right race, as the average family has between 2 and 3 passports and fat “re-return” grants.)
      Again, talk for yourself. That Lieberman’s “person and character” are my enemies, too. Not everybody lives in an abstraction.

  13. Robert767 on February 10, 2014, 9:31 pm

    Says Lieberman who I believe is an illegal occupant of that illegal colony the invader/occupier Zionists call……maale Adunim . Why anyone gives this racist pig and enthusiast of ethnic cleansing oxygen is beyond me.

  14. Taxi on February 11, 2014, 1:18 am

    Scarlett: Big head on little shoulders.
    Avingor: Little head on big shoulders.


    Scarlett had breast augmentation to take the attention off her big head.
    Avingor had lip augmentation to take the attention off his small head.

    My point is that all zionist mouthpieces should be constantly treated with ridicule, satirized, even pilloried. They’ve been sucking the oxygen out of the world for six decades with their lies and blather – we’ve heard enough from them: we can even predict their next nauseating sentence.

    Time to smash the zionist bogus narrative with the hammers of mockery and derision. Lampoonery works cuz zionists, being uber narcissistic thieves, also suffer from katagelophobia – therefore we must attack their projected image: their Achilles’s heal. They have spent 6 decades and literally kazillion dollars on their ‘image’: a glass calf dressed in a gold-thread robe. Can’t be that hard to shatter glass now, can it?

    Zionist ideology, zionist demands, zionist concerns: non of that should ever be taken seriously – everything zionist should be indifferently dismissed; or trampled on with relentless spoof and parody.

  15. Mondowise on February 11, 2014, 1:56 am

    oh look, it’s the new obese Ken and bimbo Barbie dolls (i feel emesis coming on) strolling down the red carpet. those empty plastic freaks are sure to win over and entertain the heartless zios worldwide.

  16. Talkback on February 11, 2014, 8:13 am

    she “displayed a courageous stance in the front of hypocrisy and the herd mentality.”

    She did exactly the opposite.

  17. Maximus Decimus Meridius on February 11, 2014, 12:05 pm

    It’s a shame that so many of the comments here involve men sharing their banal thoughts about female attractiveness, but in any case, Liebermann’s opinions are absurd. Whatever one’s views on the rights and wrongs of Sodastream vs Oxfam, the fact is that Johansson chose the role which paid her (probably) millions, over the humanitarian role which earned her nothing (except positive PR). However, one looks at it, this is NOT a ‘principled’ choice. It is choosing easy money over humanitarian values. Johansson was asked to choose between her corporate sponsor and her chosen charity, and she chose the former. Of course.

    Oh, and I knew it was only a matter of time before the ‘anti-Semite’ card got played. How surprising – not – that it should be Evet Lvovovich Libermann to play it.

  18. bilal a on February 11, 2014, 12:10 pm

    I can’t get my mind around how the Nakba happened, how good liberals today defend apartheid or droning of wedding parties, or how an aggrieved victim can then become himself evil killing a Jewish settler family, it escapes me. The micro-history of the holocaust in Poland sheds some light on human nature in this regard; the cycle of subsequent occupation, collonoration, revenge, soviet extermination of Poles followed by Nazi -Polish murder of Soviet including Jews, how decades later the movement of graves to change ‘history’.

    This is a fascinating insight into history and ideology applicable to the Palestine conflict (Columbia Univ Press): The Massacre in Jedwabne, July 10, 1941: Before, During, After Columbia University Press, 2005 by marshall poe on November 8, 2012

  19. UpSIDEdown on February 11, 2014, 2:07 pm

    Yes Congrats Miss Scarlett for bringing more national attention to the real issues of the Palestinian killings and oppression. When I see a beautiful person who does ugly things I no longer see that beauty anymore instead the ugly from the inside shines through its the same with the not so beautiful their goodness makes them appear more beautiful to me.Besides her head is far to big for her body lol

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