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February 2014

Israel lobby group compiles secret dossiers on pro-Palestinian speakers

Alex Kane on

So Ali Abunimah is a “smooth” radical, Noura Erakat is “attractive” and inflammatory, and Breaking the Silence is “fringe.” The right-wing pro-Israel group StandWithUs has compiled dossiers on activist groups and speakers who work for Palestinian human rights. Alex Kane has obtained access to the files, which were made possible with funding from the Newton D. and Rochelle Becker Foundation

Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey DeYoe on

Dr. Rev. Jeffrey DeYoe just spent two weeks in Israel/Palestine, representing American Presbyterians, with an international team that planted olive trees for Palestinian farmers who would otherwise be unable to work their fields. This happened to be the two weeks in which the flap over the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Israel Palestine Mission Network’s new publication, Zionism Unsettled, was happening among those who oppose true Palestinian rights and justice.

Fadel Abu Odwan, 13, in critical condition after being shot by Israeli military in Gaza

Kate on

IMEMC Sat 22 Feb by Chris Carlson — A Palestinian child, age 13, has been seriously injured, on Friday evening, as Israeli forces east of Rafah fired at him. Al Ray reports that medical sources at Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip said Fadel Abu Odwan, 13, was shot in the pelvis, assessing his this status as critical.

Meet the Jewish students who are taking on the Jewish establishment

Philip Weiss on

Phil Weiss talks with several of the young Jews who are part of the historic Open Hillel movement that is determined to break down the doors on the official Jewish conversation about Israel. The movement has now won over two college chapters with a call to reject redlines that bar the participation of those who seek to “delegitimize” the Jewish state. And there are signs that Hillel International is respectful of the movement, which could become a wave. Above, Henry Rosen, Vassar freshman and member of the Jewish Union.

BDS and the purveyors of Israel’s democratic image

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

The boycott-divestment, sanctions movement (BDS) is unlikely to hurt the Israeli economy or the western governments’ support for Israel in the near future. Where it will have a huge impact, though, is on the cultural, intellectual and financial elite in Israel who have purveyed the country’s image abroad and are highly sensitive to world opinion. At first, the vast majority of this group rejected BDS, and called it anti-Semitic. With time however, BDS will become harder and harder for this group to dismiss with the kind of facile arguments offered by Israeli diplomacy and advocacy.

Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?

David Sheen on

Israel’s efforts to deport African refugees continues apace, and the only way to force the Israeli government to halt the process is garnering international support for their cause. Israeli journalist David Sheen is going on tour to educate and drum up global support for Africans in Israel.

Mayor de Blasio receives invitation to visit Palestine

Terri Ginsberg on

The Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism has invited Mayor Bill de Blasio to visit Palestine and witness conditions there, in the wake of his telling the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that “part of my job description” is to defend Israel

‘Price-tag’ attacks on Palestinians are as Israeli and common as matkot on a Tel Aviv beach

Ira Glunts on

Last week there was another pricetag attack on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, with cars vandalized and spraypainted messages, “Arabs = Thieves” and “No Coexistence.” These attacks are almost never punished by Israeli authorities. Because the hooligans are expressing an all-Israeli message to the minority Palestinian population that is supported by Jewish officials, members of the Parliament and the general population: “Arabs, you are not wanted here on land that belongs to us – the Jews.”

Mayor of Canadian city invites Ehud Barak to economic summit

Omar Chaaban on

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is a participant in the 2014 Regional Economic Summit in Surrey, Canada. The mayor of the city invited Barak despite the BDS call and Barak’s involvement in Israeli war crimes.

A month later, de Blasio’s AIPAC declaration continues to roil New York

Alex Kane on

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s speech to the Israel lobby group AIPAC has stirred up a hornet’s nest. 700 people organized by Jews Say No! slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s speech in a letter delivered yesterday: AIPAC is a “right-wing organization that strong-arms elected and other government officials to support brutal Israeli government policies” that no progressive should support. And on his MSNBC show Chris Hayes questioned de Blasio’s declaration. While the progressive congregation B’nai Jeshurun is said to have divided over the matter.