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February 2014

Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes

Philip Weiss on

Three acts of censorship in New York demonstrate the desperate pass to which Zionism has brought the American Jewish community: we are walking away from our greatest treasure, literacy. Two days ago I reported that the Museum of Jewish Heritage had spiked a panel featuring John Judis’s book on Truman and Israel because that book, […]

‘Can you tell who is an Arab?’ appeal is tax-deductible

Philip Weiss on

We’ve covered racist outreach in the Jewish community from the group Learn and Live before. Here’s the latest appeal, thanks to Henry Norr. The group, based in Jerusalem and LA, says that it is a tax-deductible cause in the U.S., Canada and Israel. Its purpose is “saving Jewish girls from dangerous situations.” It says it […]

New Mexico’s ‘God gave Greater Israel to the Jews’ bill is killed

Alex Kane on

The New Mexico House resolution that would have put the state on record as supporting a God-given Greater Israel was killed last night.  The House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee voted 3-1 to table the legislation. The bill says Jews have a biblical mandate to rule Israel and that a 1922 League of Nations resolution legitimized Jewish control […]

Adalah founder assails myth of ‘Jewish and democratic’ state

Alex Kane on

Hassan Jabareen knows how to capture an audience’s attention.  The founder of Adalah, the Palestinian-Israeli human rights group, Jabareen is a charismatic speaker who talks with his hands and paces around the room.  And he fuses his theatrics with razor-sharp wit and clear explanations as to why Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish […]

Scarlett Johansson’s ‘scholarship’ and ‘intelligence’ cited by Mike Huckabee

Philip Weiss on

A month ago we told you that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was boosting Scarlett Johansson for her support for settlement product, SodaStream, even as he was opposing government support for birth control because of women’s libidos. Well Huckabee is back at it. He says Johansson is smarter than 99.9 percent of the folks at […]

Dear Bibi (the letter David Cameron should have sent to the Israeli Prime Minister)

Robert Cohen on

[UK Prime Minister David Cameron was to visit Israel this month, but the flood crisis in Britain forced the trip’s cancellation. This letter appeared at Cohen’s U.K. blog, Micah’s Paradigm Shift. –Ed] Dear Bibi, I’m really sorry I can’t make my planned trip to Israel this month. I’m up to my ears in flood water […]

Conviction rate for Israeli interrogators who use torture: 0%

Allison Deger on

In Israel torturing Palestinian prisoners is against the law, but since 2001 there has not been a single conviction—even when the state admits its use. Over the past 13 years Palestinian detainees have filed over 800 petitions to criminally prosecute and in 15 percent of those trials, the state admitted to the abuse.  That’s right, zero. The […]

Israeli leftwing party embraces settlements on occupied land

Philip Weiss on

It has been said that no coalition in Israeli politics has the ability to turn against the settlements, and here is further proof. The above image was posted on the Facebook page of Meretz, a leftwing party in Israel (and heroes of J Street, the US liberal Zionist group). The two Hebrew words at the […]

Israel arrests Palestinian journalist for writing on Facebook: ‘occupied Jerusalem’

Philip Weiss on

We published this story yesterday in Kate’s list, but it is important to break it out and hope that Americans read it. A Palestinian photojournalist is arrested for describing Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, above, as mayor of occupied Jerusalem on his facebook page after Barkat appeared in occupied East Jerusalem. (“The only democracy in the […]

Hillary Clinton to do NY fundraiser with man whose ‘only agenda’ is Israel

Philip Weiss on

On March 19, Hillary Clinton will be honored in New York by the American Jewish Congress. VIP table goes for $25,000; an individual can get into Cipriani for $1,000. The Congress used to be a leading Jewish organization, but it folded four years ago and was reconstituted last year, by Jack Rosen. It’s his “show.” […]

Knesset member endorses settlement boycott

Allison Deger on

While legislators in Australia, France and the U.S. are seeking to punish those who call for boycott of Israel, the leader of the Israeli party Meretz said she practices a boycott of settlement products and supports a European Union policy to not invest over the Green Line. “I haven’t bought products from the settlements for […]

Truman feared backing Israel would involve US in ‘new world conflict’ — Boston Globe

Philip Weiss on

Our story on the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York spiking an appearance by John Judis, author of the new book on Truman and Israel, because it’s just too controversial is being passed around. Andrew Sullivan calls it the latest manifestation of intolerance. It’s distressing how some in the American Jewish community seem so […]

Great Britain’s 100 year war on the Arab world

Nu'man Abd al-Wahid on

In the first decade of this century, amidst the flames of the “War on Terror” which had engulfed Afghanistan and Iraq, the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, made a private visit to London to meet Ken Livingstone, the mayor. Two days earlier British Prime Minister Tony Blair had lectured and rebuked Chavez and Bolivian […]

Princeton restaurant promotes night of Israeli wine– from occupied Golan

Philip Weiss on

A restaurant in Princeton, N.J., is hosting a night in March for wines from a maker in Israel’s occupied territories of the Golan Heights. The restaurant is Mediterra, a taverna. Here’s the promo: MEDITERRA Wherever the Olive Grows ~ Israel – Pelter Winery Wednesday March 19th 6pm. Enjoy an Israeli inspired menu, paired with Pelters’s […]

Israel to build museum of Jewish history in occupied Jerusalem

Kate on

Land, property, resources theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing 350 settlement units to be built in occupied Jerusalem IMEMC 17 Feb by Chris Carlson — Israeli television Channel 7 has announced that the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved, on Friday, the construction of 350 housing units in the settlement of Talpiot, East Jerusalem. According […]

Netanyahu & Merkel are short on freundschaftsbezeigungen

Philip Weiss on

From Spiegel online, about German-Israeli relations being at an all-time low, because of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. I wonder if this figured at all in Netanyahu’s comment the other day about opposition “on the soil of Europe.” Recent years have seen several instances of tension between Germany and Israel. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Israeli […]

Disenfranchised: How the NYT spins the status of Palestinian land

Barbara Erickson on

In The New York Times, Palestinian land has become something else again. It is not the State of Palestine, not simply Palestine, not the occupied Palestinian territories and not really Israel either. It is all murkier than that. This should not be difficult for the Times. There is plenty of established precedence to point the way. Reporters […]

The campaign against BDS is a deliberate choice to maintain the status quo

David Schwartzman and Mai Abdul Rahman on

On February 12th, Jodi Rudoren argued in a New York Times article against the Palestinian-led Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, imploring readers to consider Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s position that BDS is “immoral”. If we take their claims at face value, than it behooves us to ask why so many Americans consider BDS […]

Museum of Jewish Heritage spikes panel on John Judis’s book as too controversial

Philip Weiss on

The Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York has spiked a planned appearance by John Judis, author of the groundbreaking new history of Truman and the establishment of Israel, as too controversial. I’m told that Judis had agreed on a date, June 1, with the programming director of the museum, Gabriel Sanders, and that Sanders […]

Montgomery bus boycott was divisive — Remi Kanazi video

Philip Weiss on

From the poet Remi Kanazi: “‘This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings’ deconstructs and debunks the multitude of talking points against divestment on university campuses and makes a clear case for cutting our complicity with Israeli occupation and apartheid. Fusing together spoken word poetry and motion graphics, I collaborated with director, animator, and co-founder of DAM, […]