Jewish day school student first learned about ‘occupation’ when he got to college

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More of the burgeoning conversation among young Jews. Ali Kriegsman and Jana Kozlowski seek funding for a documentary about the Jewish Day Schools’ failure to educate young Jews about Israel. “Before coming to Penn, I never even heard the word occupation mentioned,” says one student. The students are shocked and embarrassed to enter a critical environment where others are better informed, they say. Ian Lustick, professor at Penn, is the eminence grise of the show and says that Jews have a great responsibility, by heritage and for realistic survival reasons, to learn as much as they can about the actual relations of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.

The documentary appears to have a We-still-love-Israel theme. From the Indiegogo campaign, which has raised $385 or so so far:

On a larger scale, we hope this documentary motivates Jewish communities around the country – synagogues, camps, schools, programs – to stray from a whitewashed Israel narrative and instead engage alternative perspectives and current day complexities, criticisms, and accomplishments. We believe you can love Israel with a critical eye, and we hope this piece exemplifies that breed of love – as well as the hypothesis that Israel can be *taught* with this type of love in mind.

Thanks to Annie Robbins.

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A simple start to ending this miseducation is to use West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem the same way East Berlin and West Berlin were used when that city, like Jerusalem today, was divided. What will it take for the New York Times to report with that acuracy?

Really? “We believe you can love Germany with a critical eye, and we hope this piece exemplifies that breed of love.” How far did that get Lindbergh with Philip Roth?

“American school student first learned about ‘occupation’ & Nakba when he randomly got to not college but to By that time he was a senior citizen worried more about how Obamacare was eating away at his medical insurance benefits.”

Just this morning as NPR and WNYC were patting themselves on the back for their diverse news coverage, blah blah, and asking for more money to support it, I fantasized about a BDS against (or toward ?) NPR and WNYC and NYT etc. asking them to cover Israel and Palestine… Read more »

This is interesting, despite the equivocation of the filmmakers, because it challenges the Jewish establishment’s cure-all for liberalism, Jewish education. See Marianne Sanua’s Let Us Prove Strong, her history of the American Jewish Committee post-1945. The AJC went from fretting that Jewish education was inculcating nationalist and self-segregating tendencies in… Read more »