Caught in an honest moment, Kerry casts doubt on the ‘peace process’

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Chico Menashe is a reporter for the Israel Broadcast Authority.  He was standing next to Secretary of State John Kerry during the recent Obama press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu, and heard Kerry react derisively to Obama’s claim that Kerry’s meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu were productive.

Kerry, himself, has often characterized his meetings with both Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas as “productive,” despite numerous leaked reports that those very same meetings were rancorous and unproductive.


This is a tweet by Menashe which is date stamped 4:01 PM, March 3. That would make the tweet contemporaneous with the event. The translations of the Hebrew in blue are mine.


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I think “productive meeting” in diplomatic speech is just a tad above “frank exchange of views” that is used for encounters that are just short of a physical assault, as in this picture: Just mentally photoshop Kerry to the middle position etc. And this is a result of the search “Images: productive meeting”: So the question is if the current phase of the peace process looks more like the first picture, or like the second… Read more »

I only see 2 possible endings to this US peace charade:

Abbas caves and gives Isr everything it wants.
Or there is no peace deal at all.

I prefer no peace deal at all.
I want to see Israel keep defying the US efforts and the world more and more.

Question: Shouldn’t it be “an honest moment”?

there’s something about this i am not quite believing and here’s why. from this photo it appears they are not standing shoulder to shoulder but a few feet apart. therefore, kerry’s words would have had to travel and it looks like there are plenty of recording devices around to have picked this up. however, i do think it’s probably what kerry was thinking, and wht he may have said elsewhere. and maybe Menashe used another… Read more »

i see nothing has changed; the US is still bought by AIPAC.