Jewish National Fund lures singles to Israel with tasteless sexual joke in NYT

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Ad on page A8 of NYT
Ad on page A8 of NYT

Page A8 in the New York Times today. This is repulsive. What would your old aunt say who gets the paper? It’s against common decency. And that’s the “spirit” of Israel– humping?

The Jewish National Fund has to sell sex because the virtues of that place don’t stand on their own.

Legal discrimination, not sexy.

Ethnic cleansing, not sexy.

Brute force and violence, not sexy.

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‘J Date: Get Chosen’ LOL I remember when Shlomo Sand was touring the UK and US for his book. The same Zionist hack gave him an earful about his interpretation of the notion of ‘Chosenness’. Multiple times, this deranged Zionist said Sand was antisemitic because he implied ‘Chosenness’ was seen by Jews as an entitlement or something. Rather than whatever it supposedly ‘really’ is (a ‘responsibility’?). Anyways, I’ve read quite a few other Zionists complain… Read more »

As a fan of Cruella DeVil, I beg to differ. Definitely sexy.

Pathetic. “One hump or two. …Remember the family. ”

Geesh, some of us want to forget our relatives.

JDate and JNF’s ends intersect when they promote a hump in Israel. Like Birthright, the trip’s selling point is hooking up in Israel. The only question is whether JDate is planning for the humping to happen in a fantasy Bedouin tent or if they are planning a more comfortable setting for the over 30 crowd? The JNF can supply the other fantasy and hump when the tour takes them to the site of their prospective… Read more »

A geopolitical joke Inspired by This farmer was a simple but G’d-fearing person, living on the plains of the Crimea. One day he came home to his wife and told her that the Rabbi had said that soon Mashiach would come and take them all to the land of Israel. “This is terrible”, said his wife. “Don’t we have enough problems already? Who is going to tend to our chickens and look after our… Read more »