Boycott movement reaches new heights

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Omar Barghouti probably never heard of Lebanon’s Maxime Chaya. He began his climb of the 7 Summits (highest peak on each of the 7 continents) in 2000 with Kilimanjaro and completed the 7th by 2006 with Everest; in 2008 he reached the South Pole and in 2009 the North Pole having completed the Three Poles Challenge and the 6th person in the world to have completed it (third pole is Everest). In 2013, with 2… Read more »

We can only hope a party of our hardiest hasbarists are trudging up Everest at this very moment to unfurl a rebuttal.

Thank you, Moustafa. Especially since the icefall has killed many people this season. Thank you.

This is what Israel gets in return for making peace with its Arab neighbors. Israel makes peace with Jordan and its citizens call for its destruction under the thin guise of ‘BDS’. By the way, it’s not as though Jordan has the best record with regard to its treatment of the Palestinian people (to the extent they can even be distinguished from Jordanian people).

Shuki that is what Israel gets in return for refusing to end the occupation of Palestinian land and the oppression of the Palestinian people. BDS is not calling for the destruction of Israel, it is trying to bring an end to Israel’s appalling treatment of the Palestinian people, just as BDS never intended to destroy South Africa but rather to end its appalling policies towards the original inhabitants. As for Jordan’s record in regard to… Read more »