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Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught

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Micky Rosenfeld

Micky Rosenfeld

Truth is famously the first casualty of war, and the Israeli war on Gaza is no exception. Yesterday Jon Donnison of the BBC pulled the rug out from under the Israeli government’s pretext for the Gaza onslaught with a series of tweets about a conversation he’d had with Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld about the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in June.

The boys were not killed by Hamas, Rosenfeld told Donnison, as he reported on Twitter:

This version of events is so important, because what the Weapons of Mass Destruction were to the Iraq war — a dubious pretext — the three teens are to the Gaza onslaught. Let’s review.

The three teens were abducted on June 12. That same day Israeli authorities received a desperate phone call from one of the boys that contained gunfire at its conclusion. The supposition that the boys were dead was advanced when Israeli authorities found the car in which the abduction had taken place, with evidence they’d been shot.

The information about the gunshots on that desperate last phone call was widely known in the media, but as we reported, the Israeli government issued a gag order against these facts being published. And over the last two-and-a-half weeks of June, the Israelis launched extensive raids across the West Bank, locking down Hebron, supposedly to find the boys. But the major focus of the raids was rooting out Hamas affiliates and arresting them. In fact, the purpose of the raids seemed to be to break up the recent unity government between Hamas and Fatah, which Israel has vigorously opposed.

The boys’ bodies were found on June 30, in a shallow grave in the West Bank; and again the deaths were exploited to punish Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said then, “Hamas is responsible… Hamas will pay.”

By June 16, Hamas increased rocket fire into Israel in response to the crackdown in the West Bank. Israel ramped up its attacks on Gaza conducting 6 airstrikes that wounded two.

On July 7, eight days after the teens bodies were found, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, and it has now killed about 900 people in Gaza, most of them civilians.

As in the case of Weapons of Mass Destruction, many observers and journalists never bought the Israeli story. We didn’t. Annie Robbins picked up reports that Israeli authorities believed that a rogue faction of Hamas was responsible for the killings weeks before Donnison’s tweets– on June 16, she reported Hamas’s denial, calling the Israeli allegations “stupid.”Allison Deger also reported as much. Max Fisher was on to the dishonest Israeli strategy at Vox.

Now Rosenfeld’s statement is going all over the world.

Joseph Dana has been all over the revelation.

Hamas didn’t kidnap the 3 Israeli teens, this piece and many others in the US press could use a correction:  …

So has Ayman Mohyeldin:

This would be an imp shift for Israel which blamed Hamas entirely in justifying why it launched gaza war

And New York Magazine is even more cynical about this matter than we are. From Katie Zavadski’s story, It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All:

Repeated inconsistencies in Israeli descriptions of the situation have sparked debate over whether Israel wanted to provoke Hamas into a confrontation. Israeli intelligence is also said to have known that the boys were dead shortly after they disappeared, but to have maintained public optimism about their safe return to beef up support from the Jewish diaspora

As Donnison said, we can only hope that the three-teens pretext is broadly examined, not just in Israeli and Palestinian public life, but in the American media. It is hardly the first time that a false story about endangered security has been used to justify Israeli violence, from the Lavon affair in Egypt in the 50s to Moshe Dayan’s confession about provoking Syrian attacks that were used to precipitate the Six Day war. The only good news is that many in the west are now seeing through the tactic and beginning to question the veracity of Israeli government sources.

Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is senior editor of and founded the site in 2005-06.

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146 Responses

  1. just on July 26, 2014, 11:05 am

    Thank you MW.

    (isn’t it interesting that Lerner and Rosenfeld are the spokespeople for the IOF and IP with their perfectly proper British accents? Coincidence? Nah. It’s part of the illusion that Israel is civilized.)

    • just on July 26, 2014, 11:16 am

      fyi: CNN about to do a bit about Americans serving in the IOF…

      David Meyer and Daniel Flesch are the two former servants to the state of Israel.

      CNN anchor just thanked Flesch “for his service”. Nice slip, Ms Anchorlady.

      • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 9:21 am

        There are 1,000 Jewish Americans serving now in the IDF. As of Feb of 2011, 32 Jewish Americans had died in US military uniform in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Forward article)

    • Justpassingby on July 26, 2014, 11:24 am

      what the H are these warcriminals doing in western MSM at all!?

    • bilal a on July 26, 2014, 11:33 am

      You haven’t lived there , or read british colonial history, if you equate civilization with a British accent, but of course the American public emotes otherwise.

      As for Israelis, Boris and Natasha seem a more veritable representation, which may have been the hidden intent :

      “Hello suckers. Allow me to introducing myself. I am Boris Badenov, world’s greatest no-goodnik …Sharrup you mouth!”

      • just on July 26, 2014, 11:54 am

        “but of course the American public emotes otherwise.”

        exactly my point!

        I got my education on the evils of British colonialism, etc. at a VERY young age…and learned ALL about the evils of Hitler, too.

        In many ways, I have been blessed by the many experienced and passionate voices around me.

      • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 9:30 am

        Except for a short time when France supplied Israel with hi-tek weapons, the two countries primarily guilty of aiding and funding Zionism are England and USA. Pretty much, the USA is now the only staunch supporter, funder, diplomatic cover for Israel. US recently was the lone nay vote at the UN for authorizing ICC to look into Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. I think, with all the internet activity about Gaza babies being murdered by the IDF and Israel’s air force, and the simple fact many millions of Americans who fund Israel with the largest chunk of foreign aid, with even more to come to buy Israel more Iron Dome (8 of 10 Iron Dome units were 100% paid for by US tax payers), maybe, just maybe, the US main media and (let’s hope against hope) US Congress will actually have to become accountable for being whores of AIPAC matrix. Remember what Petreaus said to Congress? US rubber-stamping of Israel paints a target on US backs around the world? While Israel is slaughtering Palestinian women and babies, a poll of the Jewish Israeli public shows 86.5% favor more massacre with US-gifted weapons.

      • Kate on July 26, 2014, 12:35 pm

        >You haven’t lived there , or read british colonial history, if you equate civilization with a British accent

        My first thought too – starting with the Irish, who had the great misfortune to live next to England, British colonialism was as racist and vicious as any other version, worse than many. Calling oneself ‘civilized’ is just a way to assert your superiority to anyone with less technology and/or a different culture.

      • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 9:39 am

        @ Kate
        I understand your meaning, and agree–Kipling et al. But British culture is also famous for human refinement, same as Jewish culture is. I will just say to keep it short that Zionism is the dark side, same as Brit colonialism is the dark side. Just curious, what contemporary country’s culture and history should be the best available model for what we mean by “civilized?” Iceland? Finland? One of the Scandinavian countries? Switzerland? Ireland? Can I get some help here?

      • Mooser on July 28, 2014, 11:40 am

        “But British culture is also famous for human refinement, same as Jewish culture is.”

        Right, but there’s no need for conflict! Just follow the old advice “Talk British, think Yiddish” Or maybe it was “Dress British, talk Yiddish“.
        Still damn good advice, old chap! Had it from the Vicar himself.

    • John O on July 26, 2014, 11:47 am

      I’ve not heard Lerner speak, but Rosenfeld sounds – like Mark Regev – to be Australian. Back in the old days, I distinctly remember Abba Eban sounding like a posh Oxbridge-educated Englishman, which of course he was.

      • Sumud on July 26, 2014, 1:02 pm

        He’s not Australian, sounds more British to me.

      • lysias on July 26, 2014, 5:15 pm

        Abba Eban was indeed Cambridge-educated (where he got a triple First, whereas I only got one First at Oxford), but he originally came from South Africa.

      • SQ Debris on July 27, 2014, 2:17 pm

        They could also be South African “refugees” from the fall of Apartheid.

    • Stephen Shenfield on July 26, 2014, 12:20 pm

      Parts of the Israeli power elite even today have a certain “British” flavor because Israel grew out of the British mandatory regime in Palestine. There was a lot of continuity. Key figures among the founders of the IDF were influenced by pro-Zionist British officers (other British officers took the other side) and especially by the British military expert and historian Basil Liddell Hart.

      • gracie fr on July 26, 2014, 4:04 pm

        ….Not to mention the Israeli’s conveniently adopted the British colonial
        “State of Emergency”….to quell Arab unrest…..(sic)…..

    • Marnie on July 26, 2014, 1:01 pm

      It’s all an illusion because they know the west is so prejudiced, but will respond to the white guy with good english and believe anything that he says.

    • Tuyzentfloot on July 26, 2014, 3:02 pm

      (isn’t it interesting that Lerner and Rosenfeld are the spokespeople for the IOF and IP with their perfectly proper British accents? Coincidence? Nah. It’s part of the illusion that Israel is civilized.)

      Moviemakers know that you need to deliver a ridiculous line without sounding silly you need british shakespeare actors. That is why Star Trek had captain Picard.

      • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 10:02 am

        Yep. Wonder if Star Trek writers had Israel hive in mind when they thought of the Borg. It sure fits, eh? Who’s the queen bee, Joan Rivers? Please get on Twitter and tweet your thoughts to her. She needs entertaining.

      • Tuyzentfloot on July 27, 2014, 4:41 pm

        You want me to get a Twitter and Facebook account in order to entertain someone who gets her information about IP from Netanyahu’s cartoons?
        Hm. I’ll think about it..

        As for the hive mind.. I have my thoughts. Larry Derfner wrote about the warm cosy feelings Israelis have towards each other during wartime. ( )
        I think that’s to be taken seriously. The attraction of the warm ultranationalistic womb of Israel. I Think of the bonding between soldiers at war time.

    • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 6:26 pm

      Wel not just that… English (as in the UK or even AU) are generally considered to be more intelligent (or maybe credible is a better word). No… Don’t ask me to defend that! I don’t get it! It is why a lot of marketing to North Americans now contain actors or voice overs of British accents though.

      • Susan A on July 26, 2014, 9:53 pm

        Micky Rosenfeld: from north London UK; Peter Lerner: Born South Africa, educated at a high school in the UK and uni educated in the US and SA, hence that indiscernible accent, though clearly not Israeli; yes, I couldn’t quite place that accent so made a point of looking him up; there’s another one who’s been on UK TV recently beginning with an ‘H’ who was also born in SA. (I looked him up too). Regev, of course, is Australian. NONE of Israel’s main official spokespeople/ apologists were born in Israel, i.e. police spokesman,(Rosenfeld) Military spokesman, Lerner, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, H…… and of course, the bane of British TV, PM spokesman, Mark Regev. They want spokespeople who sound like ‘our’ people. And I get what just is saying…. the west is so much more ‘civilised’ didn’t you know? We have a ‘conscience’. Said’s classic orientalism. But anyone with half an active brain can see through it all these days; the demonstration in London today was huge, with all kinds of people of all ages taking part, and this was despite the fact that there were a lot of demonstrations in other places in the UK today too. What’s needed now is for those people who attended the demos to get out on the streets regularly wherever they live in order to educate civil society and to promote BDS. At least two people I know weren’t on the demo, but did their regular stalls with others, one in east London and another in west London to continue that regular presence, and one of those still couldn’t resist turning up at the end of the demo in Parliament square; that’s dedication and commitment!

      • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 10:25 pm

        Ah well at least they get the privilege of having two states while doing their best to deny Palestinians of having one.

        What’s the point of having privilege if you don’t exercise it.

      • Kris on July 26, 2014, 11:12 pm

        Maybe Israel uses spokespeople with British/American accents because in the WWII movies we’ve all watched, the people who sound like Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni are playing the Nazis.

      • Taxi on July 27, 2014, 1:38 pm

        LOL, Kris! That’s so true.

      • Blurto on July 27, 2014, 12:07 pm

        You will also note that Regev’s expression never changes. His tone of voice changes only marginally when he is shown to be wrong or inconsistent. He would make a good ventriloquist doll. Does he have any thoughts of his own, it’s hard to tell.

      • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 10:11 am

        @ oldgeezer
        I doubt many Americans are listening to Paul Mason, who’s broadcasting very near Gaza:

  2. Boomer on July 26, 2014, 11:06 am

    How sad, how many deaths were avoidable. Too many successful politicians, it seems, are sociopaths.

  3. can of worms on July 26, 2014, 11:17 am

    Article on “killed teens” repeats the very exclusion of verifiable evidence it claims to remedy

    Don’t know they were either kidnapped or killed much less by whom or how.

  4. Justpassingby on July 26, 2014, 11:23 am

    Israel attacked Gaza due the Fatah and Hamas grouping!

    • annie on July 26, 2014, 7:51 pm

      jpb, that was the crux of it, but it was a little more than that. netanyahu was sort of backed up against the wall by his right flank at the time of the kidnapping. so he was using the kidnapping to score some political points.

      recall, at the time of the kidnapping, the prisoner exchange was viewed by the right/settlers as the” the greatest setback during Netanyahu rule“. (albeit that line/quote has been edited out of this article, but i quoted it before and know it was in here):

      but listen to the other things amos harel says (my bold) including how punishing hamas enables the public to “release steam”:

      But the campaign against Hamas also has a political context. The Shalit deal is seen by Israel’s right wing as the Netanyahu’s government’s great disgrace, due to the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the abducted soldier. The deal still hangs heavy over Netanyahu. Earlier this week he was challenged by far right minister Naftali Bennett, who pushed forward the bill restricting the release of terrorists. …..

      ….the right wing and settlers feel great rage. The prime minister must ride this tiger if he doesn’t want to be caught in its fangs. Punishing Hamas enables the Israeli public, most of which is in favor of a military strike on Hamas, to release steam. In days like these, even usually restrained politicians tend to rant and rave…..enthusiasm is running high. The operation provides lots of photo ops for the prime minister and the ministers. It has also completely turned around the political agenda, in which Netanyahu had been on the defensive in the midst of a crisis in Likud, along with his failed attempts to influence the election of the new president.


      But as time goes by and the abducted youths are not found, the frustration rises. The IDF is powerful and has unusual capabilities. When the result is not achieved, however, armies tend to look for other ways to express their ability.

      ….The emphasis on striking the “civilian infrastructure” looks like an exhibition.

      In the army too there must be officers who are beginning to question the benefit of such acts. In the security cabinet discussions, the attorney general is taking a moderate, skeptical approach in a bid to restrict reckless moves.

      Israel had better remember that when an operation continues, things tend to get complicated and could lead to trouble — the loss of soldiers, or the killing of Palestinian civilians. Israel is trying to impose a new order in the West Bank, which is not directly associated with the abduction.

      • peeesss on July 27, 2014, 12:46 am

        Annie, some questions , doubts. I do not believe Netanyahu is , somehow, less to the right than his Likud partners. To keep his coalition he privately gives them assurance as to his priorities while he , at times , publically , seems to accept some western powers benign conditions. As for prisoners, he agrees to release some knowing that at the opportune time ,he will conveniently re arrest them. . He has said in the past , we can always bring in prisoners/hostages but we cannot concede land . Never give up the land is his most fervent belief. Difficult to reacquire in this day and age. Netanyahu has taken on his father’s persona with a guile that is needed in the 21rst century. . The old man , a proud terrorist , has been known to sprout the most racist rants about Palestinians and proudly stated before his death that his son, Bibi, will , surely follow his lead. Eretz Israel, no Palestinian State, accept being slaves or the ethnic cleansing from Eretz Israel will be the final stage for the remaining Palestinians. Do not doubt that Netanyahu does not aspire to achieve those goals while covering his political tracks.

      • annie on July 27, 2014, 2:09 pm

        peese, maybe the term ‘right flank’ was the wrong term. i meant his domestic adversaries he’s got in his cabinet who thinking he’s too soft. i am not claiming they are worse than him, they are the settler/religious nationalist.

        they bitch and moan (passed the law re trading prisoners) so he (also) carries out the pogrom to gain political pts. treats palestinians like chess pieces for his own gain. thinks nothing of killing , abducting – anything to boost public opinion. here’s another example of what i am talking about

        If social unrest appeared in the news, I would not be surprised to hear about Hezbollah Katyusha rockets falling on Kiryat Shmona the next day. This would immediately shift public discourse back to security. I could not rule out that the Katyushas on Kiryat Shmona were a response to the IDF Air Force provocation of their fighter jets crossing the border deep into Lebanon. I told them that I didn’t have the knowledge, but my intuition as an analyst told me that.

        Everyone was quiet. Everyone was quiet. No one said a thing. And then we broke for a buffet lunch.

        At the buffet, a corpulent man approached me. He said, ‘‘Shalom, my name is XY. I was a media adviser for the minister of defense. This is exactly what we did.’’

        the public froths, the pols throw them bones. if people get killed they could care less.

      • Justpassingby on July 27, 2014, 3:20 am


        Dont agree, this was to punish palestinian grouping, first israel attacked WB and now they attack Gaza

      • annie on July 27, 2014, 2:12 pm

        Dont agree, this was to punish palestinian grouping

        my opening said “, that was the crux of it,” in response to “Israel attacked Gaza due the Fatah and Hamas grouping!” which of course has obviously been the main thrust of this whole thing. if you don’t think netanyahu was also using it to score political pts, you’re a fool.

        this episode, of hamas and fatah joining in unity, came in the context of the end of the 9 month wait til the end of the ‘peace process’ and to move forward palestinians united ahead of heading to the UN/ICC. it was a calculated move going forward netanyahu could not stand.

        and, others things were going on domestically designed to annex the WB, expand the settlements, and jack up the pols domestically just like god guns and gays are used here. so dividing fatah and hamas was primary, but it was not the sole objective, there was more going on than that politically on the domestic front.

      • Justpassingby on July 27, 2014, 2:20 pm


        You also said this after: “but it was a little more than that.”
        It wasnt, this attack on WB and Gaza would never have occured if it wasnt for the grouping.

      • annie on July 27, 2014, 3:03 pm

        jpb, WB and Gaza would never have occurred if it wasnt for the grouping

        no shit sherlock. it doesn’t mean there wasn’t more going on domestically at the same time and netanyahu used the pogrom to boost his domestic approval. you act as tho without the unity deal netanyahu wasn’t in the shits and taking massive flack for the 1000 to 1 trade, which was why the knesset had just voted to prevent such actions in the future. so, he killed 2 (or 3) birds w/one stone using the pogrom to round up hundreds of those same prisoners. none of this happened in a vacuum and had it not happened in the context of the unity deal and the kidnapping they would have found another way to arrest them.

        “but it was a little more than that.”
        It wasnt

        like i said, a fool. when harel writes “Israel is trying to impose a new order in the West Bank, which is not directly associated with the abduction.” it is a no brainer. it’s also a test run/training for the annexation. if all you have is a hammer all you see are nails. whereas sometimes in life people actually multitask, complicated concept i know, but it happens.

        go ahead and take the last word, i could care less.

      • Justpassingby on July 27, 2014, 3:41 pm


        Israelis have been killed by palestinians before, that doesnt mean, as we see now, that Israel attack both WB and Gaza. This is an attack not only on Gaza but on the WB, its obvious why. It is spelled WB/Gaza grouping.
        No need to be using insults btw.

  5. Qualtrough on July 26, 2014, 11:27 am

    Confirmation of what most sane people already strongly suspected. It won’t make a difference, if the kidnappers so much as met someone from Hamas at one point in their lives that would be enough in the eyes of Israel to make them close associates and therefore marked for death.

    Meanwhile, remember those two boys who were killed by Israeli snipers? The deaths that may have motivated the kidnappers to seek vengeance a few days later? Anyone here thing anyone will be held responsible for their killings? Rhetorical question, sorry.

    • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 10:30 am

      @ Qualthrough
      Have not yet heard a single person on US main media TV mention those two poor Palestinian kids shot dead by IDF snipers while walking innocently in the street over Nakba Memorial day, on May 15 last, merely for being non-Jewish natives of the land.

  6. John O on July 26, 2014, 11:50 am

    Another big question is – to what extent did Netanyahu knowingly exploit the distraught parents of the three youths for political gain?

    • just on July 26, 2014, 12:07 pm

      He fully and completely exploited the entire sad event. He lied to the parents, to the Israeli people, and to the world. Worse, he got away with the lies.

      He then turned his venomous lies on the Palestinian people and the newly formed unity government. He’s still getting away with his lies.

      • John O on July 26, 2014, 12:23 pm

        Of course he did. But the lie will be exposed sooner or later to the whole world and then he’s toast. It reminds me of the phone hacking scandal here in the UK. It was widely known that Murdoch newspaper reporters had hacked the phones of celebrities to obtain salacious gossip. But when it emerged that they had hacked the phone of a murdered schoolgirl, the Factor S (as my medical friends call it) hit the air-conditioning big time.

      • ahbrooks on July 26, 2014, 12:40 pm

        It will be exposed but I doubt he’ll be toast because of it. Politicians lie all the time and survive when their lies are exposed. And politicians who’ve managed to whip their nation into a war frenzy are practically untouchable.

      • piotr on July 26, 2014, 7:22 pm

        So this is how you get “sick buildings”? Factor S distributed through central air-conditioning? People in posh offices getting a larger concentration of stench than hoi polloi in cubicles. Top executives emerging from the headquarters with distinctly green complection, only to be greeted by parapazzi waiting in the fresh air outside.

    • can of worms on July 26, 2014, 12:29 pm

      “To what extent did Netanyahu knowingly exploit the distraught parents?”

      Well. John O. I don’t want to stir up the hornet’s nest, but did the distraught parents really look ‘distraught’ (in any single one of the pics or vids you personally saw)? I am sincerely asking.

      But, yes, he exploited the distraught Jewish Israeli public. I agree.

      • John O on July 26, 2014, 12:43 pm

        Yes, it did occur to me that they might have been persuaded to “do the state some service” (to paraphrase Othello). But that, to me, is getting into the realms of conspiracy theory. Much more likely that they were used by one of the most cynical politicians on the planet.

      • rpickar on July 26, 2014, 2:19 pm

        John O,

        Open up your mind to “conspiracy theory”. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

        Please read and review the links below and use your judgment.

      • philweiss on July 26, 2014, 2:32 pm

        I havent had time lately to lie on the couch and read books, one of my favorite activities. But the two comments above are a true literary pleasure. Thank you John and Robert

      • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 6:30 pm

        I don’t think you would look that happy even if convinced that you were doing the state a service. I think they were given high hopes for recovery of their kids alive. Obviously speculation on my part but no worse than others. I also think the peaceful statements and appeals that they made upon the recovery of the bodies spoke to the sincerity. If both sides have been listening to them then the GoI likely would have had to work harder to use it as a pretext.

      • Kathryn on July 26, 2014, 7:49 pm

        You might be interested to do some investigation into “Operation Northwoods” as well as “Gladio”. These sorts of tactics have been used for a very long time and the US/NATO is still using them today and Israel uses them too.

      • rpickar on July 26, 2014, 12:54 pm

        Can of Worms:

        Your comment is excellent and insightful.

        Take a look at these links and feel free to make up your own mind.

      • libra on July 26, 2014, 6:40 pm


        I would advise a quick Google search on before lending it too much credence.

      • rpickar on July 26, 2014, 10:18 pm


        Take a look at photo#3 and #4 here

        and ask yourself if it looks real. Doesn’t the body have contours, such as face, chest, abdomen, and especially feet? Doesnt it look much too flat, like a straight-edge?

      • ejran on July 27, 2014, 5:18 am

        It’s not just This is just one effort among many, because official investigations can’t be conducted. Because then, as now, a gag order was in place. Because not one victim’s lawsuit has been allowed to be heard in a trial by jury. Because people feared for their lives and their jobs.

        To me, it’s all about this. Comprehend this, and all of Israel’s actions are clear. If only the world could understand, truly understand, the extent of Israel’s false flag attacks. Fortunately for Israel, the convenient accusation “conspiracist” is usually enough to dismiss all these “theories”. Someone here wrote, the truth will come out eventually. Well, lies can persist. It is very easily to fool the masses. Conspiracy is very real. Conspiracy is very serious. History has uncovered many.

        Jerry Mazza wrote, “What Bush did, what is still being done, is in keeping with Hitler’s axiom: If you tell a lie, make sure it’s a big lie, and keep telling it till everyone believes or has to believe it for fear of seeming unpatriotic. And so it’s time to take the gag off, one way or the other.”

        Like Robert said, read and make up your own mind. See what your mind tells you makes sense. Once upon a time people were persecuted for saying the earth is not flat.

    • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 11:23 am

      @ John O
      He claimed it was HAMAS who did it, and he claimed he was looking for the suspects, while he concentrated on rounding up HAMAS in WB, whom he blamed for the kidnapping murders. He knew the hitchhiking kids were dead from the one kid’s phone call; he said the parents’ just heard blanks being fired. Now it’s come out that Hamas did not do it, just as Hamas said. For theres reasons, your question seems stupid and rhetorical.

  7. Donald on July 26, 2014, 12:11 pm

    A local Jewish center of worship has this Netanyahu quote on its webpage. I don’t want to single them out, so I won’t give the link, but here’s the quote–

    “From Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to Hamas:
    “We, the people of Israel, owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You have succeeded where we have failed. Because never before, in the history of the modern State of Israel, has the Jewish people been so united, like one person with one heart. You stole three of our most precious children, and slaughtered them in cold blood. But before we could discover the horrible truth, we had 18 days of pain and anxiety while we searched for them, during which our nation united as never before, in prayer, in hopes, in mutual support.
    And now, as you continue to launch deadly missiles indiscriminately, intended to maim and murder as many civilians as possible, while you take cowardly refuge behind your own civilians – you continue to inspire us to hold strongly onto our newly discovered unity. Whatever disputes we Jews may have with each other, we now know that we have one common goal: we will defeat you.”

    • Donald on July 26, 2014, 12:15 pm

      An interesting turn of events. I just put that speech into the advanced search google feature and according to the link below, that speech is a hoax. This is from some Islamophobic blogger who wishes it were true–


      So I put that up as an example of Netanyahu’s cynicism and how he was misleading American Jews, but instead it might be a hoax, though apparently the local temple thought it worth putting up on their site.

  8. Bumblebye on July 26, 2014, 12:16 pm

    Despite being found in shallow graves after being missing for 18 days (in temps of 30 – 40c, or 80 – 100+f), their autopsies apparently showed no decomposition. So would you believe the NuttyYahu brigades found and then concealed the bodies until a convenient moment presented itself to plant them on a farm belonging to relatives of the men they’ve accused of the murders? Or would that be just a tad too cynical?

    Edit – oops, should be in reply to John O!

    • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 12:21 pm

      Unless you believe in miracles it’s apparent that someone kept those bodies refrigerated. Could have been either side but I highly doubt it was the Palestinians as it would make no sense to do so (and refrigeration is hard without power… generators hard without gas… etc)

    • John O on July 26, 2014, 12:31 pm

      Possibly too cynical – I’m sceptical of the source of this story. On the other hand, the deafening silence about the whole affair (possibly as a result of the gagging order) speaks volumes. Where are the men the Israelis fingered? Has any attempt been made to arrest them? Indeed, have they been apprehended already? Have they been killed? Are they being sheltered somewhere in the West Bank? The whole thing stinks.

      • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 12:50 pm

        What’s your basis for scepticism on the source?

      • Bumblebye on July 26, 2014, 1:39 pm

        John O

        “Rabbi Yaakov Roger, a member of the Chief Rabbinate and Rabbi of ZAKA, the rabbi at the morgue of Forensic Medicine, said in a conversation with Behadrey Haredim that for the first time, since receiving the case where bodies lay in the warm weather, worms were not found on their bodies.

        “I testify that the three saints were not controlled by maggots,” says the rabbi, and is surprised. “Beyond the bullet holes there were not any signs of abuse or damage.”

        “According to doctors at the Forensic Institute, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon,” says the rabbi.”

        Who had the resources to hide these youths bodies for this length of time in refrigerated conditions that prevented decomposition? Who benefited (in their own twisted ideology)?

      • tree on July 26, 2014, 2:32 pm

        If the source for the condition of the bodies was a medical examiner then the speculation would indeed have merit, but I don’t think that a rabbi seeking to create 3 sainted martyrs out of the boys is a reliable source.

        “According to the doctors …there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon,” is clearly a false statement by the rabbi since there is a very clear scientific explanation for such a condition and any forensic scientist would know it. One would think that a rabbi for a forensic unit would know that as well. I would lay greater odds on the idea that the rabbi was simply myth creating.

      • Bumblebye on July 26, 2014, 3:28 pm

        I’m sure the rabbi asked a very careful question, such as, “is there any scientific explanation for their bodies being in this condition after being in shallow graves in those temperatures for that many days?” to which of course, the answer would be no.

        “for the first time, since receiving the case where bodies lay in the warm weather” suggests that a specific question of that nature may have been asked, in order to convey the particular message.

      • oldgeezer on July 27, 2014, 1:07 am

        Well I can’t refute your speculation but prefer mine over it. Quelle surprise!
        But seriously there were initial reports of their rescue and recovery which were quickly denied (just as easily they were rumours). There’s no pattern of this Rabbi turning victims into martyrs.

        In any society things leak out. A little hole there. A little hole here. It’s like the times of Israel storing quoting security officials about Hamas adhering to the ceasefire. A hole in the lie about Israel only responding. Israel had every motive to want to drag the west bank search as long as it could before turning it’s forces on Gaza.

    • just on July 26, 2014, 12:32 pm

      Good points.

    • a blah chick on July 26, 2014, 1:11 pm

      I’d heard that there was no “insect activity” on the bodies, which would have been impossible had they been lying there all that time.

      I tend to shun conspiracy theories but in this case, I don’t know, too many things just don’t add up. Victor Ostrovsky, who wrote “By way of deception,” said earlier this year that most of the Mossad operations are “false flag” ones. Critics dismissed that because he is not friend of theirs. After all would Israel kill their own just to get back at Hamas?

      Silverstein has a post up in which he says that there is an unwritten policy in the IDF not to leave men behind to be taken, and that, if necessary, kill them. He says a soldier named Guy Levy was almost taken prisoner via a tunnel in Gaza and that the other soldiers blew up the tunnel in order to kill everyone.

      I use to be surprised by the level of their brutality, not anymore.

      • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 1:43 pm

        I don’t personally think Israel killed these kids to precipitate a conflict. It is clear that they used the incident as a pretext to move against Hamas in the west bank though. And not terribly a big stretch to think they could have done something to prolong the period during which they could carry those actions out. ‘Finding’ the bodies would have removed the pretext.

        There were initial news reports the bodies had been found which Israel denied.

      • Ellen on July 26, 2014, 2:09 pm

        I do not want to think that Israel could be behind the murder of their own to create a pretext to attack Hamas and Palestinian civilians.

        But nettyanhoo did warn the Palestinians would pay a severe price for the unity agreement. He had something in mind.

        And too much just does not add up. Israel has named two suspects. It is not easy for two men to overcome three . Possible, but not easy. So why would they go for a difficult target of three?

        The US FBI had a hand in the investigation as one of the murdered boys held US citizenship. It was the FBI that identified the sophisticated weapons with silencers for the terrible murders.

        And then it was civilians who found the bodies conveniently buried on or very near the property of an accused suspect. That does not make sense.

        And evidence is that they boys were buried weeks after the murder?

        All this on top of the enormous politicization of the killings to wage war.

      • lysias on July 26, 2014, 5:18 pm

        Whether or not Israel was somehow involved in the murder of the three teenagers, I am convinced Israel was deliberately provoking the Palestinians to do something violent when those two Palestinian teenagers were killed. And doing something like that may well have been what Netanyahu had in mind.

      • Citizen on July 27, 2014, 11:39 am

        Not hard to think the kidnapping & murder of 3 Jewish hitchhikers was pay back for the two Palestinian teen shot dead in the street by IDF merely for walking in the street on May 15, Nabka Day. This event was caught on a store camera & went viral internet, but was never shown by US News TV. US mainstream has never to this day shown or discussed the video. In contrast, it has endlessly told John Q PUBLIC about the 3 jewish hitchhikers.

      • rpickar on July 26, 2014, 2:23 pm

        You’re getting warmer, a blah chick, old geezer and Ellen!

        Please read the links that I posted above.

      • tree on July 26, 2014, 2:51 pm

        Silverstein has a post up in which he says that there is an unwritten policy in the IDF not to leave men behind to be taken, and that, if necessary, kill them.

        The Israeli policy is called the Hannibal procedure:

        From Haaretz in 2003:

        For years, the army denied the existence of this directive, and the military censors did all they could to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. There were occasional media attempts to ignore the censors and make the order public, but the veil of secrecy made any serious public discussion impossible. But then, two weeks ago, Dr. Avner Shiftan, a doctor at Poriya Hospital in Tiberias, told Haaretz Magazine (“Better dead than abducted,” May 9) that he had encountered the order in the course of his military service in southern Lebanon and had tried to get it annulled. This time Military Censorship didn’t blue-pencil the report. In the wake of the Haaretz article, a lively debate developed on Israel Radio current events programs and on Channel One’s “New Evening” program, which in turn elicited passionate responses from soldiers presently serving as well as former soldiers. Dozens of them contacted the three media outlets, described their encounter with the order and expressed their objections to it. Some of them said that its spirit still prevailed among field commanders.

        The testimonies indicate that the so-called Hannibal procedure was fully activated when three soldiers – Sergeant Benny Avraham and Staff Sergeants Omar Sawid and Adi Avitan – were abducted in the Har Dov region along the Lebanon border on October 7, 2000. At 12:50 P.M. that day, a Hezbollah squad attacked the Israeli soldiers’ security vehicle with rockets and automatic fire, snatched the three soldiers and took them into Lebanese territory. The abandoned vehicle was found half an hour later and the Hannibal procedure was invoked. Attack helicopters were sent into action and opened fire at cars in which the army thought the abducted soldiers were being held.

        “It was only after some time that I understood exactly what happened there,” says Haim Avraham, Benny’s father. Avraham heard about the Hannibal procedure two weeks before his son was abducted.

        “I visited him in the army and he told me about the procedure. He told me that the order was that if a group of soldiers was abducted, the vehicle had to be stopped at any price, even if this cost the soldiers’ lives. I was appalled. I asked him if he would be willing to shoot at his buddies. He said it was an order. After the abduction, one of the officers told me that in order to stop it, they intercepted 26 vehicles in the area. I remember the number clearly. At that moment, I didn’t grasp the meaning of what he was saying, but after some time I connected what the officer said with what Benny told me and I realized that the implication of the procedure is that if my son was in one of those vehicles, they would kill him straightaway.”

        Avraham is unwilling to accept the logic that underlies the order. “It’s shocking to think that a soldier will execute his pal,” he says. “True, an abduction presents a serious dilemma in terms of the price the state will pay, but hard as that is, I prefer a captive son to a dead son. That way I still have hope. The reason for the existence of the order is that the army doesn’t have the necessary determination to rescue soldiers from captivity. Something is wrong with our code of ethics.”

        more at link:

        Officially the procedure is no longer operative, but who knows if its still used unofficially.

  9. Sumud on July 26, 2014, 12:30 pm

    ‘Micky Rosenfeld’ sounds like a Runyon character.

    What’s he doing living in the Middle East?

    • John O on July 26, 2014, 12:47 pm

      Rosenfeld seems to have broken the official omerta. He may now want to emigrate to Sicily for his own safety.

  10. ahbrooks on July 26, 2014, 12:37 pm

    Where can I get a good chronology of events leading up to Hamas resuming rocket fire? I had thought Hamas fired its first rockets July 7 or 9, but here you say June 16. Actually you say they “increased” rocket fire on that date, which suggests they were firing before. There seem to be a lot of different timelines floating around.

  11. Pixel on July 26, 2014, 12:41 pm

    The WMD of the Gaza onslaught, indeed.

    GREAT line.

  12. Pretext on July 26, 2014, 1:16 pm

    It will be interesting to see if the chain of command retaliates against Rosenfeld’s career for falsifying their story.

  13. Mooser on July 26, 2014, 1:25 pm

    “The WMD of the Gaza onslaught, indeed.”

    Indeed! Could’na done better myself. But of course, you know that!

    But once again, we will need to reserve judgement until the experts weigh in. Any time you are ready, Hophmi.

  14. Kay24 on July 26, 2014, 1:32 pm

    The media is not covering these new revelation, nor does it bother to readdress or retract what was being said by them earlier, regarding the deaths of these kids.
    The mere fact that Israel has been quiet about this made me almost sure, that the claims by the biased journalists somehow did not ring true. It was a devious move by Israel to politicize the deaths of these kids, and use it as an excuse to wreak havoc, death and destruction on Gaza.
    The apologists should really feel offended that the leaders they keep worshipping and showing loyalty to, has turned out to liars who have slaughtered civilians and babies, based on those lies.

  15. Peter in SF on July 26, 2014, 2:15 pm

    As far as public information is concerned, this is not Rosenfeld going against the official line, it’s Donnison saying that Rosenfeld is going against the official line. Does Donnison have a recording of Rosenfeld saying these things? If not, expect Rosenfeld to deny it.

  16. Taxi on July 26, 2014, 3:14 pm

    Why should we believe anything Micky Rosenfeld says? Why would even a “one cell, hamas affiliated” commit a kidnapping at a time when the Palestinians were making positive strides towards unity and further international recognition? Where’s the motive here?

    Of course it’s still plausible that a rogue khkhkhamasite would be behind this kidnapping, but it’s just as plausible as:
    1- The hitchhikers and driver were involved in a fatal car crash and the mossad made mince meat out of it.
    Or, on a more macabre note:
    2- We know that the zionist project commits murder against jews in the name of ‘state enhancement’, read bombing synagogues in Arab countries for state demographic ‘enhancement’ – so why wouldn’t the leaders of the zionist project be suspects in this case too?

    Netanyahu has not presented any evidence, and I don’t think he ever will. I doubt any israeli security agent, be they police or military or intelligence, really knows what they’re talking about either. Information on this case is in the hands of the very, very few – and they wouldn’t ever give it away to anyone – not even to their wives on their death beds.

    • PeterAgur on July 26, 2014, 6:14 pm

      Why do you spell Hamas with a K? Shouldn’t that be an H?

      • annie on July 26, 2014, 8:24 pm

        that’s how rt wing hebrew speakers pronounce it.

      • wondering jew on July 26, 2014, 9:05 pm

        Ali Abunimah debating with JJ Goldberg made an issue of the pronunciation of Hamas. It is a common thing for Arabs to make fun of the way Jews pronounce Hamas. Kind of like shiboleth. (Has nothing or little to do with right wing, it has to do with ethnic origin.)

      • lysias on July 26, 2014, 9:42 pm

        Ali Abunimah debating with JJ Goldberg made an issue of the pronunciation of Hamas.

        Only because Goldberg criticized his pronunciation of “chutzpah”. Otherwise, I’m sure he would have had the good manners not to say anything.

      • Tobias on July 26, 2014, 10:02 pm

        It might have to do with ethnic origin viz native Hebrew speakers but not fluent English ones. Members of Congress who are at it now and the usual pro Israel talking heads and media folk on the MSM who put the k in, do it by design, or edict. I’ve long suspected it’s a Frank Luntz idea. Kkhamas sounds more sinister than Hamas. And while Hebrew speakers might pronounce it with a k, there is noting Hebrew about the Brits and Australians that the Israelis wheel out as their PR defenders on US media. And speaking of Ali Abunimah and JJ Goldberg, Abunimah absolutely eviscerated Goldberg.

      • Djinn on July 26, 2014, 10:51 pm

        Has absolutely nothing to do with ethnic origin and everything to do with making the Palestinians seem more “other” to western audiences.

        Half of the Israeli spin doctors that use it were born and raised in the UK, USA or Australia what shared ethnic quirk made all those accents pronounce that word the same way?

      • wondering jew on July 26, 2014, 10:56 pm

        Djinn- NonArabs cannot pronounce the H of Hamas that is halfway between an H and a KH and they pronounce it as KH. It is making fun of nonArabs.

      • Taxi on July 27, 2014, 12:16 am

        Spot on Djinn!

        Zios are perfectly capable of pronouncing the ‘h’ in ‘hi how are you’ – but insist on using khkhkhkh for hamas and hizbollah.

        Khkhkhkhkhkhamas khkhkhkhizbollah Khkhkhkhkhkhamas khkhkhkhizbollah Khkhkhkhkhkhamas khkhkhkhizbollah!!!!

      • Sumud on July 27, 2014, 2:20 am

        Goldberg wasn’t great but Abunimah came off as rude in this interview, you can make your point without being rude.

        The chutzpah/Hamas pronunciation thing was downright adolescent.

      • Shingo on July 27, 2014, 3:04 am

        I agree. Abunimah was clearly very emotional and behaved as such. I couldn’t listen to it. He’s normally far more articulate.

        JJ Goldberg is a imagery. He’s written some excellent pieces for the Forward, and had Abunimah read them, he would have had less reason to be do confrontational. Still, the Goldberg I read and the Goldberg in this podcast seemed like 2 different people. He was spouting Hasbara of the kind that doesn’t show up in his articles.

      • Mooser on July 28, 2014, 11:46 am

        “(Has nothing or little to do with right wing, it has to do with ethnic origin.)”

        When it comes to “ethnic origin” there’s no fooling Yonah! He see’s right through any political pretensions to the heart of the matter.

      • Taxi on July 27, 2014, 10:56 am

        Look, folks, it’s really very simple: if a hebrew speaker can say ‘ham’, then they can say ‘hamas’. If they can say ‘his’, then they can say ‘hisbollah’.

        But they don’t, do they?

      • Mooser on July 28, 2014, 11:48 am

        “But they don’t, do they?”

        ROTFL(MSJAO) Taxi! You think it’s hard to get ’em to say “ham” just try and make ’em say “Ham and cheese”!

      • eljay on July 28, 2014, 12:00 pm

        >> Look, folks, it’s really very simple: if a hebrew speaker can say ‘ham’, then they can say ‘hamas’. If they can say ‘his’, then they can say ‘hisbollah’.

        FWIW: My Croatian dad – whose English was very good – had no trouble pronouncing the letter ‘v’. But for some reason – and even after over 40 years in Canada – the word ‘veal’ came out as ‘weal’ every single time.

    • Shingo on July 26, 2014, 6:31 pm


      I think it’s taking things a bit far to suggest the Israelis themselves killed the boys. That would’ve far too risky.

      The Qwamseh’s have a history of sabotaging Hamas’s political efforts. This suggests two scenarios:

      1. The Qwamseh’s were opposed to the unity agreement, especially the compromises Hamas made under the terms of that agreement, including the moderation of their position.
      2. The Qwamseh’s may be double agents, just like Abu Nidal. Nidal hada sima tr k record of undermining the PLO and even attacking them.

      During the 1982 ceasefire between Israel and the PLO, a member of Nidal shot the Iseaeli ambassador in London. Up to that point, the PLO was driving Begin mad because they were sticking meticulously to the ceasefire. After the shooting, Begin declared the crime a breach of the crasefire. When he was told the PLO had nothing to do with it, Begin said they are all PLO and ordered the invasion of Lebanon as he had been itching to do.

      As with this conflict, the narrative was instantly changed to the claim that Israel were responding to rockets from Lebanon and had no choice but to stop them.

      • lysias on July 26, 2014, 6:41 pm

        Wasn’t the attack on the Achille Lauro also ordered by somebody who turned out to be working for the Israelis?

      • just on July 26, 2014, 8:11 pm

        It’s all clear as mud.

        What I do know is that the Met’s rendition of the opera “The Death of Klinghoffer” may not be broadcasted/simulcasted.

      • Taxi on July 27, 2014, 12:33 am


        What you say is true but that doesn’t absolve the mossad from being prime suspects in the heinous death of the 3 teen settlers.

        Also, on a side but related note: Al Mayadeen TV battle analysts are now saying that the idf this time round has a new policy of shooting dead any idf soldier caught in the throws of a hamas capture on the battlefield. Apparently on four separate occasions, hamas was in the throws of capturing an idf soldier when captured and capturer were all intentionally sprayed with idf bullets or dealt unpinned hand grenades. Looks like Netanyahu is going for zero idf soldier-capture in Gaza so as to make his eventual withdrawal from Gaza ‘less complicated’ and also so that his name will not be associated with missing soldiers in the minds of the israeli people.

        They do kill their own for political opportunism, shingo.

        As far as I’m concerned, as long as they’re NOT producing evidence to damn the Qwamseh members with, mossad remains a prime suspect in my books.

      • Mooser on July 28, 2014, 11:50 am

        “I think it’s taking things a bit far to suggest the Israelis themselves killed the boys. That would’ve far too risky.”

        I’m sticking with “love triangle, ending in tragic murder-suicide”. Happens all the time around here, why not there?

    • oldgeezer on July 26, 2014, 6:49 pm

      Interesting to see regev interviews over a period of a few years (youtube of course). He has been working hard over time to increase the number of k’s. Totally fake.

  17. Shingo on July 26, 2014, 3:25 pm

    By June 16, Hamas increased rocket fire into Israel in response to the crackdown in the West Bank. Israel ramped up its attacks on Gaza conducting 6 airstrikes that wounded two.

    This seems to be false. According to the Timrs of Israel, Hamas fired no rockets until AFTER this airstrikr by Israel.

    The first rockets were not fired by Hamas until the 29th.

    • Tuyzentfloot on July 26, 2014, 5:34 pm

      Quite. There were earlier rocket strikes but not by Hamas.

      • oldgeezer on July 27, 2014, 12:15 am

        During the ceasefire period Hamas enforced the ceasefire as well and arrested members of Islamnic Jihad for firing rockets. I’m not sure of their success rate in nabbing them but they don’t ignore it. To blame them for the failed ceasefire is spin on a major scale.

      • Tuyzentfloot on July 27, 2014, 11:48 am

        J.J.Goldberg said that during the Westbank crackdown Hamas anticipated that the IDF was going to attack and went underground. This ment that the other armed groups were no longer being policed. To what extent it’s proven or deduction I can’t say but I think it is very credible. That is why I also think it likely that Hamas didn’t place the rockets in UNRWA facilities(there are two reported cases of rockets in UNRWA facilities).
        What it does not mean is that Hamas would have directives like “when firing missiles always make sure you’re more than 100m away from any UN facility “. There is a spectrum in how far you go.

    • ziusudra on July 27, 2014, 2:21 pm

      Greetings Singo,
      … fired Missiles; Airstrikes by Isr……
      Three Isr. boys were killed in the West Bank.
      Gazans are locked up in Gaza. I don’t get it?
      PS Let’s hope that Hamas holds out for substantial
      bargainings chips as Stop the Blockade since 2007
      & open the Rafah Border.
      Netanyahu has perhaps played & preyed his final vile card?
      Enter High Echelon Zios & place Netanyahu on de bench for
      good. He served Zionistan well.

  18. DaBakr on July 26, 2014, 4:47 pm

    so….just ignoring “Hamas affiliated” when the ‘lone wolf’ sobriquet is applied?

    Such non-news. This is what has been said all along. Hamas promote kidnapping in general. And an “affiliated” group goes out on its own for a ‘fishing’ expedition and winds up brutally murdering all three youths in cold blood thereby assuring that Hamas will not only distance itself but with nothing to negotiate-they can simply deny any responsibility.

    So Hamas didn’t ‘order’ up the kidnapping. Just like Fatah did not ‘order’ the killings of the Fogel infant, Mother and child.
    And Donnison making this stupid point now- now that the full extent of Hamas’s tunnels into Israel is known-is like quibbling about who ‘invented’ terrorism or who knew in advance about the King David Hotel. What friggin difference does it make unless you believe that Israel is under obligation to live with tunnels under its southern flank.

    And as for “a lot of questions to be answered…about 3 boys”. Right. # Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free while 3 Israelis who brutally murdered a lone Palestinian boy are in jail. Is it ‘fair’ that the world at large not figure in the additional killings of 2 Palestine boys on Nakba day or a 20 yr old Israeli girl a few months earlier? It may not be ‘fair’ but its how the media simplifies concepts for mass audiences. But letting Hamas off the hook because the “affiliated” clan/family was not official Hamas makes little sense if one imagines the boys didn;t thwart their abduction with a call-and then what role would Hamas have likely played once successfully kidnapped? Anyone think the Qwamseh’s did it just for the cash?

    • Shingo on July 26, 2014, 6:10 pm

      Hamas promote kidnapping in general.

      So has Israel. Does that mean Israel is to blame for the kidnapping of the 3 teens.

      And an “affiliated” group goes out on its own for a ‘fishing’ expedition and winds up brutally murdering all three youths in cold blood thereby assuring that Hamas will not only distance itself but with nothing to negotiate-they can simply deny any responsibility.

      The group has a track record of operating against Hamas orders and undermining Hamas politically. They could well have been opposed to the unity deal and wanted to sabotage it.

      This is not the first time we’ve seen this. Remember Abu Nidal, the well known terrorist who was exposed as a double agent working for Mossad? He was an arch enemy of Arafat and called him a Jew. It was his group that shot the Israeli ambassador in London, an event that was used by Begin to justify the invasion of Lebanon. Begin insisted it was a breach of the ceasefire.

      Of course, just like today, hasbarats everywhere insist it was to stop rocket attacks from Lebanon, which is BS.

      So Hamas didn’t ‘order’ up the kidnapping. Just like Fatah did not ‘order’ the killings of the Fogel infant, Mother and child.

      Just like Netanyahu did not order the burning alive of Mohamed Abu Khdeir.

      And Donnison making this stupid point now- now that the full extent of Hamas’s tunnels into Israel is known-is like quibbling about who ‘invented’ terrorism or who knew in advance about the King David Hotel.

      Rubbish. The existence of the tunnels is no bigger deal than the existence of Israel’s F16s. They are are both instruments of war and Hamas’ tunnels are every bit as legitimate as Israel’s weapons.

      What friggin difference does it make unless you believe that Palestine is under obligation to live under occupation?

      Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free while 3 Israelis who brutally murdered a lone Palestinian boy are in jail.

      Correction. Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free, while dozens of homes have been demolished, 500 Palestinians arrested and 200 still in prison, 12 Palestinians murdered, and a 1000 home raids by Israeli security forces.

      While 3 Israelis who brutally murdered a lone Palestinian boy are in jail. Their houses are still standing and based on prior events, will receive a lenient sentence.

      It may not be ‘fair’ but its how the media simplifies concepts for mass audiences.

      What do you mean “the media”? When the video was released, Liberman and the ISraeli government dismissed it as fake. Mehane and your compatriot, Zach, spammed the thread here referring to it as a Palywood production.

      Michael Oren appeared on CNN alongside further incriminating footage showing the Israeli forces shooting at the youths and tried to suggest the boys might not even be dead or that they were shot by Palestinians. He tried to argue that the fact they fell forward suggested they were not shot at all but merely lost their balance.

      Media my ass!!

      letting Hamas off the hook because the “affiliated” clan/family was not official Hamas makes little sense if one imagines the boys didn;t thwart their abduction with a call-and then what role would Hamas have likely played once successfully kidnapped?

      What evidence do you have that the abduction was thwarted or that the Qwamseh’s had any other intention other than to kill the youths? The phone call shows there were gun shots in the background as the phone call was being made. That means the other boys were already being killed as the phone call was taking place. If the gun shots were a reaction to the call, the boy who made it would not have been able to finish his sentence.

    • eljay on July 26, 2014, 6:57 pm

      >> Hamas promote kidnapping in general. And an “affiliated” group goes out on its own for a ‘fishing’ expedition and winds up brutally murdering all three youths in cold blood thereby assuring that Hamas will not only distance itself but with nothing to negotiate-they can simply deny any responsibility.

      It’s a pale imitation of what Zio-supremacist Jews have been doing on a much greater scale in Palestine for decades.

    • Mooser on July 28, 2014, 11:54 am

      “Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free”

      Don’t you read the papers, DaBakr? It was a love triengle, which resulted in a murder-suicide. (The quote is above-thread) You know how it goes, Dabakr, the love which “dare not speak its name” but which “frightens the horses” if you get my drift.
      And certainly Israel is awash in guns.

  19. Kathryn on July 26, 2014, 5:40 pm

    Israeli genocidal policies is what this new Gaza war was all about since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. The media was used to justify Israel’s war on the Palestinians in regards to the three Israeli teens as self defense. The media is a weapon, it always was. They must build public support in order for Washington, London or Tel Aviv to launch their wars of aggression. Without it, they will only anger their own population because they will only say no to war. That is one outcome those in power will try to avoid at all costs because once they lose credibility with their own citizens, their agenda automatically collapses.

    In his new documentary, ‘The Lab,’ Yotam Feldman explores how Israel’s weapons industries interact with the country’s politics, economy and military decision-making. Israeli weapons, military technology and know-how become more valuable because they have been field-tested in its wars and combat against Palestinians and neighboring countries.

    Former IDF General of Northern Command Amiram Levin speaking at a conference of officers and arms manufacturers: “I want to move on to speaking of Gaza, speaking of Lebanon, and any other places we will occupy in the future. Since we want to maintain equilibrium as a developed country, punishment as a strategy should be the main element. In punishment you have room to maneuver, you decide if you slap them once or twice, in front or from behind, whether to strike property or leaders, but the main objective of units in the field is to kill the enemy. Before he makes contact, while he makes contact, and when he retreats. That’s the most important thing. Quantity is more important than quality. One mistake the army makes is judging each case individually, whether the person deserves to die or not. Most of these people were born to die, we just have to help them.” @ 4min 47 sec

    • michelle on July 26, 2014, 7:40 pm

      ” …. and any other places we will occupy in the future”
      speaks volumes
      G-d Bless

      • RoHa on July 26, 2014, 10:47 pm

        Good catch, michelle

    • ejran on July 28, 2014, 6:38 am

      Thank you for the link Kathryn. This movie is extremely important.

  20. Jim Martin on July 26, 2014, 6:00 pm

    Gaza “onslaught”?? Am I reading corporate media here? Why aren’t you using the proper terminology, identifying the players here?

    The title should be “Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Israel’s Gaza slaughter”

    You see how that is accurate and honest? No hiding who the perpetrator (Israel) is as though Gaza is being butchered by some unidentified mysterious force.

    And do you see how “slaughter” appropriately describes the mass murder of Palestinians Israel is committing?

    TLDR: I thought this site was better than the pro-Zionist corporate media. Israel is perpetrating a slaughter in Gaza and the title ought to make that plain, that not obscure it.

    • just on July 26, 2014, 6:19 pm

      “The title should be “Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Israel’s Gaza slaughter””

      good point.

      • piotr on July 26, 2014, 7:43 pm

        I did not realize that there is a significant difference. And I am not the only one. This is from “Electronic Intifada”: “Israeli onslaught against the defenseless people of Gaza”.

      • just on July 26, 2014, 7:55 pm

        There isn’t to those that seek truth, but to the average Joe or Jane with poor comprehension of the entire disaster– it just might not be direct enough.

        EI’s title is perhaps more clear to the uninformed as to where the blame belongs. The WMD linkage is brilliant, though. Kudos to Adam and MW.

        (oh hell, GW is promoting Little League on PBS– I am going to have more nightmares tonight!)

  21. Citizen on July 26, 2014, 6:06 pm

    Wolf Blitzer reports Palestinians are attacking Israel.

  22. mijj on July 26, 2014, 6:11 pm

    hopefully, we’re developing an ability to distinguish between fiat assertions of truth and materially substantial, independently-verifiable-hard-evidence based truth. And let’s hope this developing instinct will seep into the BS surrounding Ukraine, MH17 and the lust for confrontation with Russia. The entire strategies are very much related.

  23. lysias on July 26, 2014, 6:29 pm

    Israeli police spokes Mickey Rosenfeld also said if kidnapping had been ordered by Hamas leadership, they’d have known about it in advance.

    I think that must mean either that Israel has an informant in the Hamas leadership or that they are somehow able to monitor their discussions. (Of course, it could be disinformation meant to sow discord within the Hamas ranks.)

  24. just on July 26, 2014, 6:42 pm

    And the defamation of Qatar by Oren/Israel begins with a vengeance. Telhami reminds us that Qatar used to be criticized for being too cozy with Israel…he speaks about the help that Qatar has given to the destroyed Palestinian territories. Elgindy says it’s essential that Qatar plays the role of interlocutor…since Egypt is kaput…and nobody (Israel and the US) will speak to Hamas.

    Oren still sounds/looks desperate– Elgindy and Telhami are just staring straight ahead. Oren basically says that it’s not up to Hamas to agree to a ceasefire.

    (Next up: Turkey will get slammed anew. Just wait for it.)

    Never mind that we have assets in Qatar…another stab in the back by Israel, another bit of proof that they do not seek peace.

    • Kay24 on July 26, 2014, 7:46 pm

      I watched this too. Oren sounds more and more desperate. He is lashing out at all Arab nations involved in these cease fire talks, sounds like he resents them, and does not want them helping the Palestinians. He wants the Palestinians to be alone, and suffer without any attempt by other nations, to stop the bloodshed.
      Oren is looking more and more angry and frazzled.

  25. wondering jew on July 26, 2014, 8:17 pm

    The Netanyahu government reacted to the reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah with alarm. They feel that the Bush administration made a mistake in 2006 when it allowed Hamas to run in the Palestinian elections and they now wish to remedy that mistake. They do not want elections if Hamas is going to run in those elections. The kidnapping of the teens required a crackdown on Hamas in the Hebron area. Whether these kidnappers were independent operators or not, that’s how you solve a crime by rounding up the usual suspects and being tough. The nature of the military occupation of the West Bank is such that it is past the point of police cracking down in the inner city, it’s worse than that: it’s a military occupation. But most of the crackdown (40-80% of the crackdown) merely used the kidnapping as an opportunity to solve the Hamas problem rather than to solve the kidnapping.

    Most things that I’ve read indicate that war with Gaza was not near Bibi’s thoughts and that evolved or devolved from the crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank. Further I think Hamas’s weakness on June 11th (the day before the kidnapping) needs to be asserted. They couldn’t pay their workers and the result of Morsi’s overthrow in Egypt has been a fundamental body blow loss to Hamas. In other words Hamas’s reaction to whatever crackdown was occurring on the West Bank was not necessarily as rational as it might have been in a previous period (say November 2012) because now its back was against a wall and it was their irrational response to the west bank crackdown which caused the situation vis a vis the rockets to get out of control.

    Again I wish to report my anecdotal experience of that small segment of the Israeli public that I experience and to assert that the tunnels are something that they have not digested. The report of a planned attack to occur on the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana is now part of the story and an integral part of the Israeli understanding of the fight against Hamas. Further the closure of Ben Gurion airport last week was a symptom of the fact that rockets from Gaza are just plain intolerable.

    It is impossible to fight a war against Hamas without fighting a war against Gaza. One can eliminate certain tactics of the war (particularly assassination of Hamas operatives or officers or leaders when they’re surrounded by family), but if you fight a war against Hamas it’s going to be a war where many Gazans will die. The ugliness brutality and violence to human lives done in such a war seems to me too high a price to pay, purely on a PR level, particularly when there is no long range strategy (other than that horrible phrase: “mowing the lawn”.) Again I have to add that the introduction of the threat of the tunnels is jarring enough, new enough to me, that while i’m sure that eventually I’ll calm down and see the tunnels as a threat that could be handled differently than an invasion where a thousand Gazans die, the threat is too new for me to close the file with a few pithy (“I’m with Avraham Burg” or “I’m with Amram Mitzna”) phrases. I must still digest this new phenomenon and read more about how such threats can be handled before I will be calm about this revelation. Less new, but nonetheless disturbing was the grounding of all those airlines last week, revealing a new vulnerability. This too needs to be digested.

    But Cast Lead was extremely brutal, extremely murderous and extremely harmful to Israel’s PR and I knew that a repeat would be also murderous and brutal and harmful to Israel’s image, that was why I was against this war to begin with.

    • seafoid on July 26, 2014, 11:25 pm


      The tunnels, the closure of BG airport and all the dead soldiers are what make this so different to cast lead and show israeli control of erez israel is over. There is no deterrence when the people under the stairs can shut down the airport. It is a pity Sharon didn’t live to see the collapse of his gaza plan.

      Israel will have to digest the news and try some carrot . Stick is self defeating.
      There will have to be a purge in the IDF too. Get the siege people out. They add nothing. Yossi israeli freaked out this week.

      • wes on July 27, 2014, 12:36 am


        cast lead was the carrot,this is the stick.all that has been missing was the cash in si senora better open your eyes.

      • seafoid on July 27, 2014, 2:07 pm

        Israel’ s golden age just died.

      • Mooser on July 28, 2014, 11:57 am

        “Israel’ s golden age just died.”

        Israel had a “golden age”? Nobody tells me anything.

      • eljay on July 28, 2014, 12:25 pm

        Maybe it wasn’t golden, but just gold-plated. Ersatz bling for an ersatz “moral beacon”.

  26. concernedhuman on July 26, 2014, 8:23 pm

    In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post Monday, the former MIA division head for the Mossad, Rami Igra, questioned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s assertion that the three Jewish teens abducted in the West Bank Thursday were taken by Hamas.

    “The facts are very simple,” he said by phone.

    “These kids have gone missing against their free will, but no one has claimed responsibility, and their bodies have not been found. There have been no facts presented to the public that they have been abducted by Hamas, so we need the correct information.”

    Until such conclusive verification surfaces, Igra said, Netanyahu’s claims have more political than factual undertones.

    “The fact that he is naming who abducted these kids is more political than based on fact,” he said.

    “Netanyahu says that the people who did this are part of a terrorist organization, and we all agree. But at this point, while it could be true, it is premature.”

    Igra continued: “At this stage, there are only indications that they have been abducted but no evidence.

    They could have been killed. We hope this is not the case and that they were abducted, but we don’t know yet.”

    In the meantime, up to 20,000 IDF, police and internal intelligence officers have been deployed in the search, he said, and are employing three main search tactics.

    “The Israeli government is telling the Palestinian population: ‘What you have done is outside the rules, so now we are going to make your life more difficult,” he said. “Palestinians have been living freely in the West Bank, and all of this has changed overnight because the goal is to make their lives as difficult as possible, to make it clear that what happened is not acceptable.”

    • Shingo on July 26, 2014, 9:25 pm

      In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post Monday, the former MIA division head for the Mossad, Rami Igra, questioned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s assertion that the three Jewish teens abducted in the West Bank Thursday were taken by Hamas.

      Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering why this is suddenly coming out now? There as another interview that Yuval Diskin, former head of Shin Bet, as also highly critical of Netanyahu.

      Is the establishment turning against him? Is there a split in the ruling class emerging.

      • concernedhuman on July 26, 2014, 11:18 pm

        This is an old one, this came when israel sent idf in to west bank conducting door to door search and abducting Palestinians and hamas members.With a gag order on the case and the recording of SOS .

        He even said:

        “There is no question in my mind that Hamas will lead the situation, because at the end of the day no other organization could,” he said. “Gilad Schalit was not abducted by Hamas.

        Most abductions are not made by big [Palestinian terrorist] organizations, but by small, extreme Islamic fragment groups who attempt to sell or move captives to a larger Palestinian entity.”

  27. wes on July 26, 2014, 11:16 pm

    Must be getting close mondibaby.what you hiding.panic starting to set in,john and robert,by the way like your disinfo site nice colours blue and white.

    the rodents are coming,the horror,the horror

    spark anyone $10 per gram,calms the nerves

  28. Kate on July 27, 2014, 1:19 am

    Djinn says: [Pronouncing the Arabic ‘h’ in Hamas as ‘kh’] Has absolutely nothing to do with ethnic origin and everything to do with making the Palestinians seem more “other” to western audiences.

    You mean like some Islamophobes quoting ‘Allahu akbar’ as ‘Allahu akhbar’ ? (‘akhbar’ means ‘news’, so this sounds pretty funny.)

    Perhaps the reason you give for this pronunciation is correct, Djinn – but I think there’s a more innocent reason for the mispronunciation of the ‘h’ ح (which is the same ‘h’ as in Muhammad): neither modern Hebrew nor English has this ‘h’ – not many languages do – and it’s hard for non-speakers of Arabic to pronounce. In fact, since both this ‘h’ and the much less common ‘h’ ه that sounds like the English one (ham, ahead, for example) are transliterated from Arabic writing as ‘h’, most non-speakers of Arabic probably don’t realize there are two of them. A Hebrew speaker would most likely use the sound that is often written as ch in transliterated Hebrew (Chabad, for example – this is actually much closer to another Arabic sound that is transliterated as ‘kh’ خ). A speaker of English, lacking that Hebrew sound, would most likely use the only ‘h’ English has.

    Am I writing this to try to distract myself from the horror in Gaza? Yes. Is it working? No.

  29. Jekyll on July 27, 2014, 3:31 am

    Why doesn’t this surprise me at all ?

  30. oldgeezer on July 27, 2014, 5:42 am

    A recent interview with Max Blumenthal. This has probably been posted before or even the main point in an article but on the offchance. It deals with the current crisis and events leading to it.

  31. Djinn on July 27, 2014, 5:56 am

    خ is a more unusual sound for most native English speakers than ح except for possibly the Scots. My Arabic is not great by any means but it doesn’t make much sense for native English speakers born and raised in England, Australia or America, which covers most Isreali spin doctors, to go the effort of the kh sound rather than a sharp H which is not exactly unheard of in English (the sound that is rather than as a seperate letter).

    • wondering jew on July 27, 2014, 7:56 am

      Djinn- the name Hamas is (transliterated) spelled in Hebrew with a khet, and therefore those from those various backgrounds who speak Hebrew and hear the name Hamas from those who speak Hebrew, do not know the Arabic alphabet and thus pronounce it as if it was written with a khet. (sorry my laptop is not equipped with hebrew letters.) If you can give me an example of an English word with a sharp H, that would help me understand the “not exactly unheard of in English”.

  32. kalithea on July 27, 2014, 2:31 pm

    First, I wish this article were the lead story on the main page. Getting to the bottom of Netanyahoo’s deception in regards to who really killed the 3 teens and when is crucial in seeking justice for the horrific crimes committed in Gaza and on the West Bank in the past month.

    So let’s start to slice through the fat and get to the meat on this.

    Lest we forget, and we must never forget Mohamed Abu Khdeir and must ensure he did not endure that torture in vain; I’m glad Shingo brought him up in this sentence.:

    Just like Netanyahu did not order the burning alive of Mohamed Abu Khdeir.

    Did he or didn’t he, that is the question? What did he do prior to this hate crime and act of vengeance against this boy and prior to the act of vengeance and war crimes taking place against Gaza? Parsing through what he did and said prior to this crime is fundamental to mounting a criminal case against Benjamin Netanyahoo, certain war criminal.

    And while analyzing the facts leading up to this tragedy and others, we should keep in mind the following:

    1. Motive i.e. benefit to be gained by Netanyahoo and Israel, and
    2. Netanyahoo’s pattern of behavior and the grave consequences of such.

    Yes, the motive may have been to destroy Fatah/Hamas unity, but much to his chagrin, it’s going in the other direction of divisiveness, and to top that boomerang, Abbas’ leadership is in serious jeopardy. And there are other motives, no doubt behind this grave deception. But, I’m going to focus on establishing pattern of behavior, with an example of one other murder fueled by incitement, because it readily comes to mind and then I will analyze motives later and cui bono as everyone should.

    In order to establish pattern of behavior we must return to the days of Netanyahoo’s rise to power.

    Like Leah Rabin, I too believe Netanyahoo is a contentious liar, a corrupt individual and a monstrosity, especially the latter. These are her words from a letter written to a friend during 1998-99.

    From haaretz: Leah also stressed in her letters that her husband had always opposed the settlements and supported giving up the West Bank.

    So from the events happening then and Mrs. Rabin’s apt description 1) Netanyahu hated Rabin’s leadership and his own ambition appeared devoid of moral boundaries, and 2) Rabin had to be stopped.

    An Israeli film director told CNN on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played a part in creating the charged public atmosphere that led to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.

    She barely shook the Likud leader’s hand at Rabin’s funeral, then bitterly denounced both Netanyahu and the Likud in a Cable News Network interview.

    “Surely I blame them,” she told CNN. “If you ever heard their speeches, you would understand what I mean. They were very, very violent in their expressions.”

    So ff present, Netanyahu lies regarding the kidnapping and killing of the 3 boys to justify a pogrom on the West Bank that subsequently leads to a horrific campaign of destructive vengeance against Gaza and uses deception and inflammatory rhetoric inciting mobs to hunt down Palestinians and commit an unspeakable act against a young Palestinian boy.

    So, the pattern of incitement to hate and violence is there and there are other examples. And we should ask: Did Netanyahoos’ lies, vengeful pogrom on the West Bank and inflammatory rhetoric light the torch that those Zionist thugs used to set Mohamed Abu Khdeir on fire? And did these lies lead to the genocidal massacre and apocalyptic destruction that we are witnessing today in Gaza?

    I believe they did, and I think he’s evil to the core, and I believe his lies were indeed weapons of mass destruction and he should face a war crimes tribunal and we all should help push him there.

    (P.S. I will never forgive Rabin for having deceived the Palestinian people with the Oslo Accords as no doubt he knew that settlement expansion would never end and no land would ever be surrendered to Palestinians in this deal.). He was a willing victim of Zionism and it destroyed him – as it is destroying and will destroy everything and everyone in its path; if it’s prolonged.)

  33. Citizen on July 27, 2014, 3:36 pm

    FOX News special segment on Gaza, talking about Iron Dome protecting Israel, so few Israel’s causalities. Only 46 Israelis killed to date, Shiksa blonde on the beat talking: Israel’s not ready to stop. No mention to American audience that 8 of 10 Iron Dome batteries paid for by ignorant poor American tax payers on food stamps while Detroit taxpayers can’t pay their water bills. (And Walmart wants to join all the other profitable big corporations who avoid taxes by having their main PO address in the Cayman Islands).

    And nothing on what kalithea tells us, e.g, Americans not being told 3 hitchhiking teens (Israel’s WMD) not kidnaped and murdered by HAMAS, just as HAMAS said.

  34. Citizen on July 27, 2014, 3:48 pm

    Zionists lie and kill, US funds this and immunizes Israel’s accountability in the UN by its UN SC veto power. Anybody protesting is labeled an anti-semite or self-hating jew.
    Such is life currently, if you can can afford your home and TV.

  35. JaapBo on July 28, 2014, 1:12 pm

    Don’t forget the Nakba. Palestinian villages were systematically attacked and ‘cleansed’ under the pretext of security as stipulated in Plan D. I wrote an academic article about it (

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