Israeli police and media collude to marginalize coverage of Muhammad Abu Khudair’s murder

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Front page, screenshot by Noam Livne
Front page, screenshot by Noam Livne

Noam Livne posted the above image on his Facebook page. What does it show?

In response to growing pressure, the Israeli police has announced that the suspects in the case of Muhammad Abu Khudair’s murder are “extremist Jews”. At the same time, they have played a dirty PR trick by holding a simultaneous press conference, announcing that the murder of a young Jewish Israeli woman, Shelly Dadon, two months ago near the northern city of Afula, has also been solved. According to the police, that murder was committed by a Palestinian citizen of Israel, but it’s not even clear whether the reason was nationalist. The police only say it *may* have been the case.

Why is this a dirty trick? Because of the linkage. The police arrested the suspect in the case of Shelly Dadon’s murder on June 16. They do not even know for sure whether it was an act of terror. But the suspect is Palestinian, so why not use it to marginalize the horrific, nationalist murder of a Palestinian youth by Jewish terrorists. (We know enough, and the Israeli police have provided sufficient info, to assert that Muhammad Abu Khudair’s murder was indeed committed by politically motivated Israeli Jews). 

It should be well known that when Israeli Jewish citizens kill Palestinians, parts of the public and the establishment tend to downplay any nationalist element and present the act as a purely individual criminal case, as well as emphasizing any insanity claim the defendant may advance. However, when it comes to crimes committed by Palestinians against Israeli Jews, it is assumed by default that it was an act of terror. 

Israel’s leading news portal, YNET, has swallowed the bait and published the following self-explanatory front page. This is a good example of collaboration between the Israeli authorities and the mainstream media to marginalize Israeli violence against Palestinians. Neither of the two opts for such linkage when an Israeli is murdered in an act of terror, and the crime is dramatically solved.

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And this is a window into the racist soul of that state, and it demonstrates the lies that the Zionists tell about it. Damn them all, and damn their media.

This kind of thing happens in the US all he time; the murders of young, pretty white women always trump whatever else is going on.

Thank you for highlighting this collusion.

Not surprised at all. Thanks to the internet, videos, and international media, we know better. Israel is now well known for their devious tactics, the lies to cover their crimes, and when found out, does not seem to feel remorse. I guess when the PM is also a noted liar, the nation seem to follow in his footsteps.
It is a shame that the US media supports those lies.

Take a look at the lead article in TPM. See, it’s the Jewish religion’s fault that political Zionism went astray. If only the could have kept the religion out of it!
Zionism’s theme song: “Everybody’s Fault But Mine” !! (Which is funny if you know the old Gospel song)
And Marshall is useless, with his brave announcement that he is a Zionist.