The killing fields

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Ayman Mohyeldin of NBC, reporting from the neighborhood of Shujai’iyeh in Gaza on Instagram, says that 81 bodies have been recovered from the slaughter of last weekend. His photograph and caption:

July 26, 2014 | Shejaiya Cemetery, Gaza. Relatives frantically digging graves in an open lot being used as a cemetery. The stream of bodies was too fast for gravediggers to keep up with number of bodies being brought from nearby hospitals. The graves were being marked with cinder blocks from the rubble of nearby buildings destroyed by Israeli shelling. All that identifies where the dead are buried are the pieces of hand-written cardboard.

Here’s another foto: cinderblocks as headstones.

Mohyeldin says:

Bodies on top of bodies next to bodies. In four hours, at least 81 bodies have been pulled from the rubble pushing the overall death toll to more than 1,000 Palestinians killed since the war began. The smell of decomposed bodies, some who had been rotting there for a week was suffocating making it almost impossible for anyone to breathe without a mask. Hospital workers were barely capable of identifying bodies and were issuing death certificates on the fly and for parents who wanted a cause of death, there was simply no time for proper autopsies meaning few if any will be able to pursue legal recourse against their relative’s killers. They had to choose between a full autopsy or laying their loved ones to rest in the few hours of a ceasefire. All of them chose to take their relatives for burial.


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There’s suppose to be a big pro war shindig Monday. It’ll be interesting to see how much they embrace their death cult in front of the world.

Disturbing to watch as a human. And as an American, disturbing to know that, once again, we are complicit in so much death.

This is the holocaust of Palestinian Arabs by Israeli Jews. This is the slaughter of innocents. This is the zionist’s brutal campaign to keep an occupation going, land theft and illegal settlements going, and to break the unity government, which was a threat to an end to these crimes, by genocide. They are massacring those standing in their way to taking over the Palestinian territories. They have penned them in like helpless sheep, and are… Read more »

It’s equivalent to over a million Americans being killed by Jewish Israelis with the help of 5th column of Zionists in USA. Keep it up. US news cries for Israel, Dick & Jane are kept ignorant, Shoah Jews are used as tools for Israel’s war crimes.

Israel (& we) have shown no mercy nor respect for these human beings.

I think shunning is in order, followed by prosecution.