Ambassador Power to kick off 3-hour event on ‘never-ending’ genocide of Jews

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Say it ain’t so, ambassador. But here is her friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s promotion of the Nov. 17 event, which goes on from 7 pm till 10 pm (talk about never ending), with a $35 admission price for adults:


ELIE WIESEL • Nobel Peace Laureate

PROF. NOAH FELDMAN • Harvard Law School


With an Introduction by

SAMANTHA POWER • U.S Ambassador to the U.N

The premise of this event falls into the category of the statement, The world will always hate Jews. It is paranoid/self-involved, and distracts from other, urgent considerations. I wonder why Feldman tumbled for it, maybe academic funding is in play?  Because he knows Shmuley going back to Oxford?

Elie Wiesel has come out forcefully for Jewish settlement of East Jerusalem. Those settlements are absolutely against US policy. Why is Power sharing a stage with him right now? Doesn’t that send a signal of policy-nullification, yet again?

And I thought that Power– who has shown such courage and leadership during the Ebola crisis– might be distancing herself from her former political cicerone Boteach because he has become such a bizarre character: He has equated Hamas and ISIS in sensational ways, is funded by rightwing warlord Sheldon Adelson who has called for a nuclear strike on Iran that Boteach defended, has gotten into arguments with the New York Times about graphic images in a beheading ad, published a book on lust (and tweeted a lot of Charlize Theron pictures), and hectored Naomi Wolf in an unseemly manner for using the term “genocide” to describe the Gaza slaughter of last summer.

Speaking of the Gaza onslaught, in which 2100 Palestinians were killed, and 73 Israelis: at the time, Power deplored the killing of civilians on both sides, but put particular blame on Hamas and extolled Israel’s “right to defend itself.” Nothing about Palestinians’ right to defend themselves.


Thanks to Max Blumenthal.


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This paranoia based on nothing else but a self serving brain-washing would be laughable, if real people lives were not destroyed by it. Just like I would like empty a cold bucket of water over politicians proclaiming that they defend democracy by sending troops to foreign countries to destroy existing… Read more »

“Say it ain’t so?” What else, exactly, could we expect from such a tool? Here’s a snip from here linked address: The four Palestinian boys playing on the beach in Gaza City were like boys everywhere, restless for play. Their deaths are heartbreaking, and the loss their family members and… Read more »

”Power– who has shown such courage and leadership during the Ebola crisis” I don’t see how she showed courage. Political courage? No. ”Tackling ebola’ has been one of Obama’s talking points for the past few weeks. Physical courage? Not that either. Ebola is actually not that easy to contract, and… Read more »

Can someone please tell me where Jews are being ‘genocided’?

What a waste of $35. I hope that they provide beaucoup barf bags in order to cope with the hysterical hypocrisy.

Max Blumenthal tells us all we need to know about Samantha Power here..Inside a conference hall in June 2013, Power stood before 40 of the most influential members of America’s Jewish establishment and openly cried. Having just been nominated by Obama to serve as the US Ambassador to the UN,… Read more »