Lieberman unveils racist peace plan: Pay Palestinians to leave Israel

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The latest shocker, reported in Haaretz. Maybe the New York Times will cover this before long, and lament its beloved Israeli democracy for even permitting such discussion. By a leading government minister who seeks to be Prime Minister.

Barak Ravid reports:

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Friday published an updated platform for his party, Yisrael Beiteinu, which includes a “peace plan” that calls on the government to encourage the transfer of Israeli Arabs to a Palestinian state by offering them “economic incentives.”

The platform, which may be another sign that Knesset elections are forthcoming, was published on the Yisrael Beiteinu website and reiterates declarations the foreign minister has made over the past year. The diplomatic portion of the platform, or its “peace plan,” does not include clear positions on issues such as Israel’s borders, the status of Jerusalem or settlement construction and the future of existing Israeli settlements.

The only subject that the plan addresses in detail is that of Israel’s Arab citizens. Lieberman repeated his proposal for land and population swaps between Israel and a future Palestinian state, but took it a step further by encouraging Israel to pay Arabs from Jaffa or Acre to move.

Rebecca Vilkomerson said in October that there are fascist trends in Israeli society; Max Blumenthal reported this in his book a year ago; the late Fouzi Al-Asmar reported these Israeli tendencies to the west nearly 40 years ago. Is anybody listening?

A leftwing site, Antifa News, responds:

Liberman proposes out loud what many still don’t dare say – the goal is to clear the country of non-Jews, and Arabs first of all.

We propose something else: clear the country of the fascists instead.

Liberman, Netanyahu, Bennett, you all have foreign passports. Get the hell out, go to Moldova, USA, the Mariana Trench, or anywhere, and just get the hell out of our lives!

Thanks to Ofer.

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It,s simple , if you are not Jewish in Israel , you are not wanted.We hate you so much we are willing to pay you to leave. I wonder if the Palestinians could pay Lie-berman to leave Palestine.They shouldn,t have to because he is an illegal squatter and a thief and a racist bigot but hell what price peace and security.I would certainly contribute handsomely to any fund that would see this war criminal out… Read more »

He’s been advocating this for a while already.

The problem is that it doesn’t matter whether you live in Israel or the Palestinian territories. As an Arab, your life is shit either way.

Better apply for asylum in the US or something.

Why would you call this a “shocker”? It seems pretty moderate, compared with what’s been going on, and what one might reasonably expect to continue. Having the Americans pay the Palestinians to leave, that’s a solution to the Palestinian question that everyone can get behind. Everyone in Congress and the White House, at least. Everyone who counts. It’s quicker and more humane than killing a few here and there, keeping the others unemployed and “on… Read more »

This is just warmed over Kahane. He tried to set up a fund to pay Palestinians to leave back in the eighties. Also all this recent hand wringing over the proposed law to set the concept of a Jewish State into stone is not really about Arabs but about those Jewish sub groups who might face more discrimination. Like that great Torah scholar, Sheldon Adelson, said democracy is not in the Bible, neither is female… Read more »

Last year, Moshe Feiglin proposed to pay each Palestinian on the West Bank $500,000 to permanently leave the West Bank. He figured with the annual cost of maintaining the wall (about $200 million/year) and all the extra security people that work at protecting Jews, $500,000 per Palestinian would be a saving. I wonder what’s in Lieberman’s offer. Lieberman a couple of years or so back proposed to swap Palestinian villages in Israel proper for West… Read more »