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December 2014

John Mearsheimer: What Mondoweiss Means To Me

John J. Mearsheimer on

John Mearsheimer writes the latest message in our series What Mondoweiss Means To Me: “Criticizing Israel or its American lobby is mortal combat for intellectuals, journalists, and policymakers. We have all paid a serious price for doing so. Mondoweiss has been one of the few places where one could speak the truth despite the professional risks. If you value the pursuit of truth as a tool in developing rational, humane policy, please join me in supporting Mondoweiss.” We are asking Mondoweiss readers to help to raise $60,000 by December 31. Please donate and tell us what Mondoweiss means to you.

Roger Cohen recites Livni talking points in ‘NYT’ column to blame Palestinians for peace process failure

Matthew Taylor on

In a disingenuous ‘NYT’ column Roger Cohen presents a fawning interview of Tzipi Livni and blames the Palestinian Authority for the Spring 2014 collapse of peace negotiations. The article is a recitation of standard Israeli talking points and fails to include Palestinian or American viewpoints which squarely put the failure of negotiations on continued Israeli settlement construction.

‘We want Christmas without occupation’: Israel attacks Bethlehem protesters dressed as Santa with tear gas

Kate on

Ma’an News reports: ” Israeli forces on Tuesday suppressed a peaceful march calling for ‘Christmas without occupation’ in Bethlehem. Demonstrators marched to the Israeli military checkpoint in northern Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas and hand out gifts to children in the area. Marchers held up signs reading: ‘Jesus came with a message of: Peace, Freedom and Justice’ and ‘We want Christmas without occupation.’ Israeli forces prevented demonstrators, some of whom were dressed as Father Christmas, from reaching the checkpoint and fired tear gas at the crowd. Several people were treated at the scene for tear gas inhalation. Mazen al-Azza, an activist with the Palestinian National Initiative, told Ma‘an that the march had a peaceful Christmas message, but ‘Israeli soldiers did not miss the chance to suppress it by assaulting journalists and peaceful demonstrators.'”

More holiday cards from the IDF

Mondoweiss Editors on

Yesterday we posted a holiday greeting from the Israeli military. It was rather understated and we thought we could help them spruce it up a bit. Make your own and send it to us!

What I’ve learned from living through three wars in the Gaza Strip

Alaa Radwan on

Alaa Radwan is 22 years old and has already lived through three wars in the Gaza Strip. She says there are lessons to be learned from everything, even war: “My grandmother one day told me that everything has a good side and a bad side, even a war. Everybody knows the dreadful face of wars. Those who have experienced wars, like Gazans, know best! “What good side, for God’s sake, could be in a war or a siege?” I stood still and asked myself. After three bloody Israeli wars, I found out the answer!”

Happy holidays from the IDF

Adam Horowitz on

An IDF Hanukkah greeting features a masked Israeli solider holding a drone while they light a menorah.

Israeli activists protest Palestinian home demolitions at Jerusalem mayor’s Chanukah candle lighting event

Sarah Levy on

Israeli activists came out last week to protest Mayor Nir Barkat’s ritual Chanukah candle lighting in Jerusalem and to bring a message that holiday cheer should not mask the fact that Palestinians in East Jerusalem are suffering due to his policies. While Barkat spoke to a crowd of about 80 Israelis across from the Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, protesters stood on the side holding signs that read “There’s no sanctity in an occupied city”, “Stop the ‘quiet transfer policy'” and two people stood behind Barkat’s platform and unfurled a large banner that said “STOP EAST JERUSALEM HOUSE DEMOLITIONS.”

Cindy Corrie: What Mondoweiss Means To Me

Cindy Corrie on

Cindy Corrie writes the latest message in our series What Mondoweiss Means To Me: “Please join me today in giving to Mondoweiss. We must act together to ensure the continuation of news that sheds light on all who suffer from the violence and brutality visited upon Palestinians, and on all who struggle against it. Support for Mondoweiss is a practical way to work for human rights.” We are asking Mondoweiss readers to help to raise $60,000 by December 31. Please donate and tell us what Mondoweiss means to you.

Report from Bethlehem: An American moment

Mark Braverman on

The release of the Senate’s CIA torture report was an American moment of accountability. Can we dare to imagine, that, through the exercise of creative resistance, we can bring our nation in similar fashion to question the legality and rightness of our financial and diplomatic support for Israel’s illegal activities? Mark Braverman asks

Shmuley Boteach taunts Palestinian solidarity demonstrators in NY

Philip Weiss on

The very-well-connected Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, simultaneously a friend of rightwinger Sheldon Adelson and of Obama’s ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, taunts anti-occupation demonstrators in New York over the weekend. He breaks off shouting, “Down with Palestinian–” when he sees he’s being video’d.

‘Clock is ticking’ till next round of Gaza escalation, and war

Kate on

On a day when a rocket fired from Gaza landed in southern Israel, Israeli forces shot six protesters in the northern Gaza strip, attacked Palestinian fishermen, and struck a Hamas installation, as one official described a “ticking clock” till the next offensive