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February 2015

The 15 billion dollar deal that will make or break Israel’s regional hegemony

Juman Asmail on

The past week has seen international efforts to prevent an Israeli-Jordanian gas deal grow. Jordan BDS has called upon the international boycott movement to stand against the deal, and on Friday, February 20th activists in Denver, London and South Africa took to the streets to join the call to action. If the gas deal goes through it will increase Israeli dominance in the region by controlling the energy supply to bordering countries, and undermine the growing BDS movement.

The importance of Palestinian recognition

Jeff Warner, Eric A. Gordon, and Yossi Khen on

Support for recognition of Palestine is a symbolic yet meaningful action to show support for the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and freedom from occupation. It is an action that Palestinian leaders have been asking for since 1988.

Cycle ’48: Remapping the Nakba

Sara Moon, Bella Crowe and Ruth Kappe on

Last week Sara Moon, Bella Crowe and Ruth Kappe left Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, and joined the Jewish National Fund cycle trail from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in order to uncover the hidden stories related on its path. Along the way they engage Israelis on their understanding of the Nakba and what it continues to mean today. Their organization, Cycle ’48, is an ongoing project remapping erased histories on two wheels.

Inflammatory posters at UCLA call Students for Justice in Palestine ‘Jew haters’ (Updated)

Alex Kane on

Posters calling Palestine solidarity activists anti-Semitic were posted on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus yesterday at multiple locations. The image on the posters is striking. It is a copy of a widely circulated image of Hamas members holding a person they suspected of collaborating with the Israeli army during the last assault on the Gaza Strip. The words “Students for Justice in Palestine” are at the top of the image, while the word “#Jewhaters” is at the bottom of the posters. “These posters are a clear example of hate speech directed against Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as supporters of Palestinian freedom and equality,” the UCLA SJP chapter said in a statement. “They rely on Islamophobic and anti-Arab tropes to paint Palestinians as terrorists and to misrepresent Students for Justice in Palestine as anti-Semitic.”

Ten year old Palestinian boy attacked by settlers and abducted by Israeli soldiers while playing in the snow in Hebron

Kate on

The ISM reports that on the 21st of February Saleh Abu Shamsiya, a 10-year-old Palestinian boy, was attacked by settler youth in the Al-Khalil (Hebron) neighborhood of Tel Rumeida. Saleh’s father and activist with the group Human Rights Defenders Imad Abu Shamsiya reported that the settlers, who looked around 18-19 years old, surrounded his son while he was playing in the snow and stabbed him in the arm with a sharp metal object about 15 cm long.

Netanyahu flips off Harry Truman

Philip Weiss on

Netanyahu’s latest defiant campaign ad suggests that Israel doesn’t need the US because the State Dep’t opposed the creation of Israel in 1948. He is flipping the bird to Harry Truman, who recognized Israel within minutes of its declaration of independence.

How two Palestinian Americans plan to PIVOT the world

Annie Robbins on

Asma Jaber and Sami Jitan, two diaspora Palestinians, were awarded the $25,000 Grand Prize at Harvard Innovation Lab’s 2014 Entrepreneurship Challenge for their visionary project, a mobile app called PIVOT. The app, which will be launched in Palestine, allows users to peel back layers of time and includes interactive audio/video features, oral histories and augmented reality.

Is flying a nationalist flag ever a progressive act?

Ellen Isaacs on

Progressives should not be picking up nationalist flags: Sierra Leone, Algeria, El Salvador, Haiti, and South Africa show that despite long and bloody liberation struggles, the maintenance of a capitalist system has not led to significant economic betterment of the vast majority of the population.

In Their Own Words: Four residents of Yarmouk speak

Talal Alyan on

Four Palestinian residents of the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria reflect on the state of the camp, what Palestine means to them now after what they have experienced and what they would want to say to Palestinians outside of Syria.

Hate in the aftermath of Chapel Hill

Imraan Siddiqi on

Imraan Saddiqi offers a startling survey of Islamophobic attacks in the US in the week since the murder of three young students in Chapel Hill, NC. He writes: The past week has shown a sharp increase in Islamophobia, which has put many communities on edge. Rather than helping squash this rhetoric, many elected officials and media outlets are using Islamophobia as a tool – which in turn is resulting in weeks like these.

Mike Huckabee’s ‘welcome to Israel’ bash was in a settlement

Allison Deger on

Sushi and wine were in abundance in the West Bank settlement of Psagot near Ramallah Monday night as former Arkansas Governor and 2016 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was honored at the start of a ten-day trip to Israel. Huckabee is in the region promoting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming address to congress.

NY City Council trip to Israel leaves out occupied Palestine

Philip Weiss on

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat explained to the visiting NY City Council delegation why it was necessary for Jerusalem to be Jewish, but a report on three days of travel indicates that the council members left out any tour of the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Leaked e-mails show that Israeli consulate, StandWithUs tried to thwart Northwestern divestment (Updated)

Alex Kane on

The Israeli consulate and other pro-Israel groups teamed up to try to thwart a divestment campaign at Northwestern University, according to e-mails obtained by Mondoweiss. Their efforts ultimately failed, as Northwestern’s student senate voted to recommend divestment from corporations linked to the Israeli army. The e-mails provide insight into the inner workings of how pro-Israel groups, many of them from outside campus, are banding together to fight divestment resolutions on campus.

How Uncle Ibrahim protected the village lands

Hatim Kanaaneh on

“Chief Complaint,” Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh’s portrait of a Galilee village Arrabeh will be published by Just World Books next week. Here is an exclusive excerpt from the book, a portrait of a legendary elder, Uncle Ibrahim, and how he tried to save village lands from being taken by the Israeli land authority

My invitation to speak at Hebrew Union College

Bruce Shipman on

“Conscience and responsibility” was theme of discussion at Hebrew Union College to which Rev. Bruce Shipman was invited, but the source of his notoriety, his assertion that Israel’s actions help foster anti-Semitism in Europe, was not addressed

White House suggests Israel is lying about Iran talks– as Obama officials shun Netanyahu

Philip Weiss on

The divide between the U.S. and Israel just gets wider and wider. The White House and the State Department yesterday said openly that the Obama administration is restricting the information it gives to Israel about the Iran talks because Israel is misrepresenting the talks in its efforts to derail them. There is “no question that some of the things that the Israelis have said in characterizing our negotiating position have not been accurate,” the White House press secretary says.